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Hello my jelly mols 🐣if u want an os on your favourite songs dm me !!! So this os doesn’t have a song sorry🥺🥴😁🤪

Riddhima’s Pov

Vansh took me to a buisness party where there were those idiotic wives who would anyday b*t*h about thier in-laws and husband’s i was listening to them our husbands joined us later they were too listening to us when Mrs mehta asked me

Mrs mehta: so Mrs Raisinghania fell me about your family like you are a new one here who recently got married we’d love to listen.

Me: my family of it is amazing ive a loving dadi,a loving chachi-chachu, a loving deewar, two loving sister in-laws and a loving husband so everything is great .

I passed a genuine smile the husband wanted to laugh but couldn’t and all the wives and especially Mrs mehta just gulped done her entire champagne made an excuse and left

Mr shekhawat: vansh i must say your wife is just like you

Mr mehta: that is so true how much ever i work for her she is not satisfied .

They left in search of thier complaining wives when vansh turned towards me

Vansh : i wonder why were you so sad with our  marriage earlier

Me: because I didn’t know what my future held for me and now i love you , I’m sorry if i hurt during those days i was just angry coz u understand right? and im not like them b*t*hing about family everywhere

Vansh : i love you riddhima, dont be sorry it takes time to adjust.

Me: i love you too i hugged him tight

Then a girl came and broke with her cranky voice

Girl: Mr. Raisinghania how are you

Me: Ahaana you?

Aahana: riddhima you ….you are his wife

Me: yes i am Mrs. Riddhima vansh Raisinghania

Vansh: wait you both know each other

Ahaana/ me : yes

Ahaana: so mr Raisinghania mr shekhawat and us are waiting for you there

Vansh:  ya I’ll be there , riddhima come

Me: vansh I’ll just use the rest room

I went to the rest room came back and saw ahaana getting flirty with my husband how dare she i took another glass of champagne and went near them

Vansh: so tell me how do you both know eachother

Me : sbe was an unwanted batchmate and still is.

Ahaana: haha same.

Me: ahaana u know na that champagne’s stain never goes

Ahaana : aww thanks for the tip.

Me : you will need it

And i splashed champagne all over her dress everyone in the party were aghast

Me: now listen to me carefully he’s my husband , don’t cross ur limits do u get that.

Ahaana: how dare you insult me .

Me: u called for it.

I stomped off from there leaving her crying over her Gucci’s and dolce Gabbana’s, and everyone laughing

Vansh came running behind me

Vansh: riddhu u fine?

Riddhima: u r mine and only mine u get that i live you

I hugged him tight

Vansh : i live you more .

Riddhima: i want to eat pani puri now

Vansh : as u wish

Riddhima: ya.

So that is it hope u guys liked it don’t forget to dm ur favourite songs.

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