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#Riansh #Immj2 An unexpected accident giving new life (Part 14)

‎So my sweeties I missed this FF so do I think you did too .I missed you and hope you could not get time to think of FF as so much wonderful authors have marked . I am not able to reply guys sorry and thanks for your support

So let’s see Rid-driving- accident- Vansh care- anger- angre- Sianna prank- our office love of seta and Sanskar didn’t forget our Adwait and managers assistant and assistand- Mastermind-

Now who all are the prey let’s start our FF again .

Whoohoo here we go , sorry me only

Why did you beat him hard. It’s all your problem . How could you ? You are his Father.

Father: Ohho, then who was making the fire in me rise by adding tons of oil according to the level. You are the reason.

It’s been a month the boy of these had been missing or run away from them.

That day onwards all are blaming the family, family his parents ,his parents each other and all his friends on illustration that he is ignoring him. So sad.

Mastermind: Tch,tch who this new guy will save you . You know what Amina didn’t commit suicide nor wrote any suicide note.

I,I ,I killed her wrote the letter and she is alive in mental asylum. It is the state of the person whom got into sentiment and planned to spoil but I turned into my good move.

You know what I loved him from heart and what did you did you rejected his love and he committed suicide and am not that cruel to make you die while living but you won’t understand and give yourself a good death.

You know I loved him and when the news came what did you . You  you said that you did it for me but it didn’t became the way . That time the slap was blocked by Kabir and look today how your Kabir is.

It was told looking to the portrait with blood . It was Kabir’s. Tell me did he die or not

You can’t actually no one knows yes after ……

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