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Riansh FF – You are precious to me (Chapter 9: revelations)

Hi I am back. Actually I am happy you all are completing my target. Thanks and my lovely readers do keep on reading and commenting. This is for silent readers too. sorry guys if I don’t update on time, actually my health is not that good at the moment. As soon as it becomes alright you will be receiving regular updates. Let’s start….

Riddhima in Vansh’s arms;

Vansh: Riddhi 

Riddhima: Vanshu, if I regret anything in my life, it would be losing you.

Vansh: ok but why are you feeling dizzy? 

Riddhima: I……. 

she fainted and vansh screamed : Riddhi

He was afraid, he was crying and that too not for someone but for his sweetheart. VR was not VR but he became Vansh. He shouted to Angrey to take the car out and they rushed Riddhima to MK hospitals.

There she was taken inside the ICU. His heart was beating fast as his sweetheart was not alright. He hated the fact that his sweetheart had to bear all the pain. He was crying. 

Doctor came outside;

Vansh: Doctor what’s wrong with Riddhi? Will she be ok?

Doctor: let’s hope Mr. Raisinghania. I think we have to get a MRI scan.

Vansh: do whatever you need to do! I want her safe! She was poisoned a few days back too.

Doctor: ok sir thanks for the information.

The doctor went and then a MRI scan was done. The reports were being assembled, while Vansh came to see Riddhima.

She was on the bed again. Just then the doctor arrived and signaled him to come out.

Vansh: yes doctor 

Doctor: see Mr Raisinghania don’t get stressed out and listen to this properly.

Vansh: ok doctor 

Doctor: Mr Raisinghania I think she is in a critical state and if she doesn’t do a surgery, then perhaps she might not be able to live for longer.

Vansh: what happened? Speak properly 

Doctor: she has a brain tumor in her brain. 

Vansh: what!

Doctor: Yes Mr Raisinghania. It’s good  that we detected it now cause if it was more delayed in detecting then her life would have been in more danger. Please keep her happy and quickly start her treatment through a neurosurgeon.

Vansh: ok thank you doctor. Can she be safe?

Doctor: m…(she was cut-off by a voice)

Voice: maybe or maybe not

This was the girl 👆🏻👆🏻👆🏻

Vansh: Riddhi! 

Riddhima: Vanshu. Don’t hide anything from me. I know that I have a brain tumor.

Doctor: ok sir then I will go and prescribe her medicine and yes do take care.

Doctor left and both were alone.

Vansh: why? why didn’t you tell me?

Riddhima: I got to know recently. That day when I was poisoned, my reports weren’t normal. That day the doctor said that I have a tumor.

Vansh: but you could have said right?

Riddhima: really ? I will come and say Vanshu your Riddhi has a brain tumor and is dying. Like this should I have said?

Vansh: haha 😆 very funny but we will save you..

Riddhima: I don’t know! If I leave you and if something’s happens to me? If treatment doesn’t work?

Vansh: shut up.🤐  I am with you so don’t worry. 

Riddhima: hmm

Vansh: Jab koi raah nhi hogi toh hm apni raahe khud bnayenge

Ek dusre ka hath thaam kar hm apni manzil tk zarur jayenge


(If there is no way then we will make our own ways. By holding each other’s hands we will reach our goal-translation)

Riddhima: ok Vanshu

Vansh: you trust me right?

Riddhima: kud se sada (more than myself)

Vansh: then what you will be recovering..

Then doctor came and gave her some medicines to be taken and an appointment was taken to the best neurosurgeon. They left to VR Mansion and on the way Angrey also knew about Riddhima’s illness.

In VR mansion

Siya and ishani: what happened Riddhima? Are you ok?

Riddhima was in tears knowing their concern and Vansh understood her state and spoke for her;

Vansh: yes she is. Now everyone don’t worry !

Vansh took her in his arms to her room. 

Riddhima: sorry Vanshu! But I was scared.

Vansh: now don’t I have the right to be angry and sad with you? Can’t I support you?

Riddhima: you can but I was afraid of you. Your condition when I go away from you..

Vansh: and who says I will let you go? I will try all the possible methods to cure you. No more talking about death.

Riddhima: This is the truth Vanshu. You have to accept it. Even if I go, you will have to live in my memories and be a good human being.

Vansh: Tumhe mere liye thik hona hi hoga

Tum zaruri ho mere liye bohot 

Tumhe mere liye phir jina hi hoga


(You have to recover for me, You are very important for me, You will have to live for me-transition)

Riddhima: I know everything but Vanshu if something goes wrong.

Vansh: nothing will happen! 

He made Riddhima drink medicine and made her sleep. He smiled at her innocent face and caressed her hair.

He went and instructed everyone to let her be.

He went to the study room where angrey was present.Vansh started throwing things and he was broken. It was visible from his face.

Vansh: why? Angrey she has been suffering and now she has to bear this also! Why does god give suffering to good people? I consoled her but only I know how much sad and frightened I am for her..

Angrey:calm down bhai! You need to be strong for her! 

After a lot of convincing vansh left for bed but was not able to sleep as he was scared for Riddhima.

Next day he took  Riddhima to the doctor and everything was explained to him but Riddhima was not told anything. Treatment was started and medicines were given to her. 

Next check-up was scheduled next week.

Then they left to office  and then left for VR mansion, while going;

Riddhima: Vanshu 

Vansh: hmm

Riddhima: shall we go to that place?

Vansh: yes sure

They both smile.

Phew 😅 done for today! Hope you liked it!
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she won’t be able to post today. Next update will be on 26/04/2021 as her badi mom has passed away.

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