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Riansh FF (IMMJ2) I am dying in your love – Episode 5

The next day Morning 8:15pm at a Cafe

Waiter : hello mam what do you like to have
Riddima: A coffee with :
Extra Sugar
Extra cream
Two cubes of ice
With a dash a cinnamon
Half spoon of butter
Pinch of salt
Few drops of vanilla
Extra mixed coconut milk
A cube of ice cream floating on the coffee
With coco powder sprinkled
With choco chips
And chocolate syrup and chocolate ganash
Waiter : ok mam

After having her favorite coffee she leaves to VR Mansion with sejal and abhi ram to take them with her to the farmhouse she owns everyone sit in the Jeep with riddima and they drive to farmhouse after they reach riddima , ishani , ragini , siya and sejal go to kitchen and prepare lunch everyone have their lunch and keep a competition of cycling and who will they should give their partner a punishment and partners are

Kabir – Ragini
Ishani – angre
Siya – abhiram
Vansh – riddima
Sejal : so what about me
Riddima : you are special seju atlast who will be left they will competate with you

All start racing and winners are
Riddima (as bcoz of vansh starring at her he doesn’t won )

And the competition starts between the four
And the winners is riddima and abhiram but abhiram gives up as he is tired so its between sejal and riddima and obviously riddima wins .

And its evening ishani prepares for everyone tea and hot chocolate for riddima everyone have it and riddima says that
Riddima : guys today night we will play a lot of games be ready

Everyone : yayy

At night
Riddima : so guys let’s play never have I ever
Sejal : but I doesn’t drink champagne , wine or alcohol
Riddima : I know that so what I replaced it with kachi punch ingredients are bitter gourd , green mango , salt , lemon , pepper

Everyone : yuck !!!!!!
They start the game and riddima starts saying different things like
Riddima : never have I ever drink
Everyone drink the punch except riansh
Riddima : never have I ever go on a date
Everyone drink except riansh
Riddima : never have I ever scare someone
Everyone drink
Riddima : never have I ever love someone ??
All drink and riansh are thinking but vansh drinks it atlast
Everyone except riddima : vansh bhai fallen in love ????? Seriously how is it posible ???
Riddima : guys stop pulling my best friend’s legs
Ishani : I doesn’t Know about riddima very well so sejal , abhiram and siya could you
Explain about her bio , characteristic , habits behaviour
Sejal starts saying : she is a chirpy , naughty loving , caring and will always makes pranks
On others and she is carefree & free-spirited

Siya : but she is also has another side which is filled with bravery , self-respect , attitude when she gets any time fooled or betrayed she will not leave them without taking revenge in a smart manner

Abhiram : she has some crazy , different features like best poet and love guru of her college prankster of her all time school and college from age 4 she is a champion in cycling , running and basketball and will do anything in a unique way and when upset she will go to beach and will relax herself and she is soo childish that she will play in rain and never stop pranking and till now she didn’t love anyone or date anyone, she likes chocolates , icecream date and surprises she also a nice dancer & can read others mind

Vansh thinks to confess his love as he like her very much but decides to not as he doesn’t know about Riddima ‘ s opinion

Riddima decides to play truth or dare
Everyone start playing

And the bottle lands at vansh and the back of the bottle to riddima
Riddima : truth
Vansh : well so do you love anyone
Riddima : why do you love me ????(smirk)
Vansh : no just to know my bff loves someone or not
Riddima : yes
Vansh : what ? When ? How ? Why ? Who ?
Riddima : vansh come on you have only one chance to ask (smirks )
Vansh : tum toh ek bada sa chor ho jaldi milta nahi kisi ne pakad sakta nahi (you are a thief you will never get caught )
Riddima : thank you (smirks )
Vansh (in his mind) : tum chor hone ke bina hi meri dil ko cheen liya(you are thief thats why you stealed my heart )
Riddima : what are you thinking vansh
Sejal interrupted them to continue the game and this time it is kabir and ragini so
Kabir : truth or dare
Ragini : truth
Kabir : ragini before me you date anyone or been in a relationship or got engaged
Ragini : I should be honest so I date 2,3 people but doesn’t been in a relationship or got engaged .

It’s sejal and riddima now
Riddima : truth or dare
Sejal : truth
Riddima : do you love anyone
Sejal : yes and I will introduce him to you all very soon
Riddima : so continue game guys
It’s now abhiram and siya
Siya : so abhi truth or dare
Abhi : dare
Siya : propose someone
Abhi : what ??
Siya : yes you heard it right
Abhi : ok
(He proposes siya and siya gets surprised )

It’s now between ishangre
Ishani : truth or dare
Angre : dare
Ishani : go and get my makeup kit
Angre agrees and gets the box and asks her why she want it
Ishani : so now I will do your and you should do cat walk that is your dare

With a lot of hesitation he agrees everyone laugh and game continues till 12:00 am and everyone go to sleep

The next day when riddima is walking she sees someone and stares at him and says

Riddima : you !! After a long time did you miss me or got betrayed ??????

Precap : unknown : do you remember me riddima sweety

Yours question : 1.who is that person ???

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