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Our Limitless Love (A Riansh FF….) Love returns?…. Ch-19

?Love returns?

While he turns to go, a nurse walks upto Kabir asks him to complete all the formalities on the reception.

Kabir sees vansh still standing so he asks him can he stay back until he completes the formality?

Vansh somewhere wanted to meet her so he agreed at once.

(For aarushi as she requested,)

Vansh goes inside the room and sees her unconscious, with machines attached to her, it seemed someone pierced his heart. He couldn’t see her like that, he knew he hates her but he loved her and somehow still loves her. He walked to her bed and caresses her face.

Vansh’s pov.

She is the same ,that same smile, same innocence ,only thing that changed in last 4 years was your personality .I don’t know whether you lied that day Or were you innocent that day but your single confession Made You Lier in front of me ,betrayer in front of me .I just don’t know after hating you limitlessly why I am just here? Why can’t I stay away from you after leaving you here?why whatever situation but I know you are the same ridhima . Why am I just caring for you ? still maybe somewhere I love you still.

Pov ends.

He was in pain seeing her condition. He couldn’t believe that he used to hate her limitlessly and is standing in front of her and talking to her unconscious state.

Suddenly he hears Kabir shouting.

Kabir:- what do you mean by I should sign this form it’s your duty to save her. I won’t sign, just save her first.( Angry, concerned)

Vansh comes out of the room and goes to him and asks him.

Vansh:- what happened Kabir? why are you shouting?

Do the formalities fast, so that they start with her treatment.

Kabir:- I have done all the formalities they are asking me to sign this from which states that if something happens to her, they will not be responsible.

Vansh took the form from his hand and signed it and asked the nurse to call the doctor.

When doctor came and asked what happened vansh grabbed his collar and shouted just save her, I signed the form that doesn’t mean anything should happen to her, I will not leave you something that happened to her, is that clear to you.

Kabir was shocked at his reaction he knew somewhere he loved her but didn’t expected that he would take a stand for her like this.

Doctor:- Mr Raj Singhania I understand your concern for her but treating weight is dropping.

Vansh and Kabir both were shocked.

Vansh:- still ,nothing should happen to her. (Concerned)

Doctor goes in operation theatre leaving them behind then Kabir recomposed himself he turned towards vansh and asked “you didn’t go ? “in a low voice.

Vansh:- I thought to wait for the doctor to come out I will go . . I will go!(Hiding his concern)

Kabirs nods and sits crying.

Angre knew the reason behind his yes to stay over there he knew he is still worried for her ,he still has the same care and affection for her, his love is still awake for her.

After 2 hours.,

Kabir:- I think you must go and get yourself changed and take rest you would also be tired go come back if you want to.! (Upset)

Vansh:- no way. (Pissed off at his demand)

Kabir:- I understand. please go and get yourself changed and take some rest. (Convincing him)

Angre thought that Kabir was right so he also insisted Vansh to come home and then come back to hospital if he wants to .Vansh agreed to their request.

So he returns back to VR Mansion.

He saw dadi, sia, ishani sitting in the hall.

This saw him disturbed dadi ,Ishani and sia saw blood and were shocked.

Dadi-sia-ishani::- Blood.?

Sia :-bhai are you ok?

Ishani :- are you wounded?

Dadi:- vansh say something!

(All three were worried)

Vansh Saw them panicking seeing blood but to calm them down he said” I’m absolutely fine”.

Dadi saw his leg wounded and his shirt covered with blood marks she asked him Worriedly

Dadi:-don’t lie, something is there that u are hiding, just say, you have deep cut on leg. What happened?

He tells everything to them how she got hurt ,how she saved him and what happened actually.

Ishani had developed a sense of hatred towards her after her betrayal four years ago. so she said “there would surely have been some purpose behind this ? at maybe she wanted to have some money again! (Sarcastically)

Sia:- just leave this topic and focus on him ,he has got hurt and we should change the bandage!

Dadi was little apprehensive after listening what happened with them she didn’t expected that she will save him after the insult she faced 4 years back

Meanwhile sia and Ishani were changing Vansh’s bandage ,he changed his clothes and went back to the hospital.

That’s all for today’s guys, thank you reading.

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The target is same.

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1. Was vansh’s care justified?

2. What do you think will happen next?

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