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Our Limitless Love (A Riansh FF….) Lo…. Ch-18

……………….. The concern………………

When she Inspected the house and was sure that no one is inside she was coming back to her car to head back home, but she saw vansh approaching them.

Ridhima:- are you ok?( Firm)

Vansh:- yes, thanks.

Ridhima:-for? (Smirks )


Ridhima:- expected!

Vansh (sees her hand) :-looks like you need first aid ,should I? (Sounding concerned)

Ridhima:- you are sounding concerned, it doesn’t looks good that you are concerned for me, you go home! (Taunting hims and smirks) .

Vansh:- don’t take it as my concern, it’s not concern .As per your question and order is concerned for me and I am not concerned for g*ld d*****s you know but through religion of humanity I care.

Ridhima gets pissed off and says.

Ridhima:- no need, you may go home. I’ll do it, though I am a doctor I can handle my own self very well .thank you, for your concern of humanity.

Vansh:- doesn’t look like that you are a doctor , does it?

Ridhima:- excuse me. what do you mean. are you doubtng my profession? (Angry).

Vansh:-looks like that someone is angry on my question .I am asking you because the way you were fighting inside and tackling those goons it doesn’t look like that you are a doctor , it look like you are more than a doctor! . (Doubting her).

Ridhima :-nooo… Oo (stammering) . Nothing like that.

Vansh:-ok.we will find that out later.let me bandage first.

Ridhima:-firm no.

Vansh:- (jerks her in anger) I will and I don’t need your permission.


Vansh:- so.. Rrry… I didn’t mean it. I am really sorry just if you don’t mind can I bandage don’t argue please.

He saw her shirt was covered with blood.

Vansh:- you are bleeding excessively let me help you. don’t be Adamant it’s not going to help you. just let me help you after that you can continue with your long lectures and taunts. (Smirks)

Ridhima:- don’t you get it .I said no means no, you just go, please go .

Vansh:- I am asking you politely, answer in polite manner and still vansh raiSinghania ,ok.don’t try to mess with me again and don’t ever try to talk to me again in the tone. and I am going to bandage you.

Ridhima:- please don’t argue with me. I don’t want to argue with you ,please I am want to go home and bandage myself please go you are wasting my time also and your time also. Don’t you hate me ?

Vansh:- of course, I hate you. do have a doubt in that ?

Ridhima:- then please go.

Vansh:- youuu( cutting him)

Ridhima:- go. Please. The more you are going to argue with me the more time this wound will remain open and the more time this wound will be open the more chances will be of it to be infectious for me, please go! (Convincing him)

Listening to her he started walking in anger towards his car Ridhima was relieved that he is leaving fit and fine, because she was not fully assure that no one is inside the house, there could be someone hiding but she hasn’t seen.

But she saw a man aiming at him from the window ,she ran shouting.

Ridhima:- vanshhhhhh

Vansh turned to see and was shocked to see her bleeding near stomach and lying on the ground.

Ridhima’s manager:- mammm.

Ridhima:- amay you go home and bring bhai (to vansh) you leave. ( weak and stammering voice ).

Vansh panicked seeing her condition he said” enough,stop ordering us. lets go to hospital ur stomach is bleeding and do hell with your lectures, just be quiet!

Ridhima:- Just leave before they harm you,just go. Amay will handle!

Vansh:- keep lecturing we are going to hospital that’s final.

Ridhima :- yo…. She faints.

He picked her in his arms and headed towards the hospital meanwhile he also called Kabir and informed about her.

Kabir also panet listening to him and the rushed to he hospital.

At hospital,

Kabir:- vanshhh…. What the doctor said?

Vansh:- nothing yet.

Kabir was blanked it looked that the ground beneath his legs shaked.

Vansh :-take care of her, I need to go. ( low voice)

Kabir nods as he thought he needs some rest.

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