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On The Path Of Love (Chapter 14: Devil’s Eye On Angel) RiAnsh

Chapter 14: Devil’s eye on Angel?

Life Care Hospital,
An assistant enters the cabin and says,
“Good Morning Dr. Riddhima”
“Good Morning Shikha”
“Mam, can I ask you something”
“Yes…..of course” She replied with a bright smile.
“Mam you are looking very beautiful today, what is secret of your glowing face”
She says smiling, “There is no such secret, but a simple trick”
“What” She asked in amusement
“Stay happy and positive. When you’ll get happy in small small things and are positive internally, you’ll definitely glow externally”
“Wow mam!!!!”
“Accha…. Today do we have any appointment? Actually I have some work so if we don’t have any appointment,then I’ll leave”
“Yes mam only 1 appointment we have. Mr. Abhay Sharma is coming with his son”
“O… Ok, then once I’m done with their case, I’ll leave”
“Ok ma’am”
“Accha what is patient’s name?”
“Kabir Sharma”
After few time Shikha call Riddhima and says,
“Mr,. Sharma has arrived”
“Ok send them in my cabin” She hangs the call
“Good morning Mr.Sharma. Please have seat”
They both settle down, while Kabir didn’t even rolled his eyes towards Riddhima. He was sitting least interest, hanging his head downwards. While his father says,
“Good morning Doctor. I’m Abhay Sharma,Kabir’s father.”
“Ok…… Can you give patients details. First I have to prepare a case history and then from next appointment, we’ll look forward to counselling sessions”
“Yes sure. My son, is an alcoholic,drug addict and a short tempered person, we consulted many doctors but the condition is still the same. I have heard that you are best psychologist in city, I hope that you’ll cure him”
“Ok…. Firstly thanks for trusting me and I’ll not let your hope fade in me. I understood his case history, I would like to talk to patient alone, for few minutes.”
“Ok doctor, I’ll wait outside”
Abhay goes out of the cabin, while Riddhima tells Kabir,
“Hii…… I’m your new doctor Riddhima”
He ignores her and she still continues,
“Won’t you like to introduce yourself? I would love to know your likes and dislikes, your hobbies.
Kabir’s anger level was almost at it’s peak, he rolled his eyes up to shut her mouth, but he sees her…….. He sees her, through his creepy eyes, which is red due to alcohol. Seeing Riddhima through Kabir’s eye is complete creep. He looks her from top to bottom, her fluttering hair, her eyes, her lips, her curves and thinks,
“I have never seen a girl like her. She is like a blooming flower and I.WANT.HER”
He didn’t utter a single word all this while, so Riddhima calls Mr.Abhay inside her cabin.
“Mr.Sharma, I tried talking to him, but he didn’t respond. It’s ok, it’ll take some while, we’ll try in next sessions”
“Sure doctor”
They both leave, while Riddhima also leaves and she goes to mall.
At mall,
Vansh was standing outside a showroom and was looking at mannequin in confusion. Just then Riddhima comes and stand beside him and says,
“Pastel sherwani is a good one”
With a sudden jerk he looks at her and says,
“Yes… Hii”
“You look quiet confused, what happened?”
He was about to say, but was interrupted by Samrat,
“Hii Vansh” He says grinning
Vansh gives a fake smile and thinks,
“Why he comes in between…. I don’t like him… Indeed he is mad”
Samrat says to Riddhima,
“I’ll leave now, thanks you took leave from your clinic and came with me for shopping as it was little urgent”
“No need of thanks Samrat”
“Ok bye then….. Bye Vansh….. Bye Riddhima”
Vansh thinks,
“Thank god he went”
His thoughts were interrupted by Riddhima,
“Can we go to food court?”
“Yaa… Sure”
While walking she tells her,
“You don’t like Samrat right?”
Vansh gets shock listening to her and thinks,
“How she came to know this?”
“Where have you lost? tell… ”
“No.. No.. Who told you it’s not like that” He says stealing eyes from her.
She says controlling her laugh,
“You know what?”
“Whenever he is in front of you, your facial expressions tells everything. That too not now,right from school days” And she burst out laughing
“It’s not like that I don’t like him…. But…. Yes I don’t like him, mad he is” He says amusingly
They both reach food court, place their order and sit. She asks him,
“So now tell, you look confused today”
“Actually my sister, Ishaani’s wedding is held in next 1½ months. So we all are busy in wedding preparations. You know all my siblings, so I don’t need to introduce anyone right now. So Nitya along with all the ladies is helping Ishaani. Her marriage is with Angre…… Angre is like my brother and of course my best friend, so he is groom, I can’t take him everywhere. Aryan is busy with business works, as I have taken leave for her wedding…. ”
Riddhima says interrupting him,
“And now you are alone for all the shopping and preparations, so you are confused right. What to do? What to buy? Etc, etc”
He says leaning back to the chair, closing his eyes and taking deep breath, “Exactly… It’s very tiring, phewwww”
He comes forward with a jerk and tells her,
“I have an idea”
“No it’s ok, let it be”
“Arey…. Tell no”

Authors Note: Firstly thanks for all the comments and love, on previous chapters. Secondly I’m so sorry guys, that I updated this chapter late, I was busy with college assignments.

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