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Namak Issk Ka 26th April 2021 Written Episode Update: Yug goes missing

Namak Issk Ka 26th April 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

Scene 1
Dadi is having breakfast. Saroj asks Gunjan to come and have breakfast. Yug and Kahani come there. Yug tells Kahani that you will have breakfast with me today. Kahani says Maa won’t like it. Yug says I will do what I like from now on. He takes the tea from Dolly and asks Kahani to come with him. All look on. Kahani serves tea to everyone. Gunjan asks Saroj what is happening? Yug says this is happening because Kahani doesn’t lie and plot, unlike some people. Kahani offers tea to Saroj but Saroj throws it away. Saroj says they both are on this side so we will go on the other side. She leaves from there. Dadi says this drama happens every day. They all leave. Yug asks Kahani to not be sad, they will accept us someday.

Yug comes to Saroj who is putting clothes on the rope to dry. Yug holds her hand and says listen to me, you are my strength and I need you to fight the world, Kahani is a nice girl and perfect daughter-in-law. I have chosen a girl that you would like, I need your blessing to start my new life. Saroj angrily looks at him and says anything dirty will make everything else dirty too. She leaves from there.

Kahani says to herself that if Yug comes close to me then he will be away from his mother, there will be a difference between me and that dancer Suraiya. I have to talk to Yug, I can’t separate him from his family.

Kahani comes to Yug and says I want to talk to you. Yug says not right now. He sadly sits down. Kahani holds his hand and says I know you are worried but listen to me please. Yug says I know what you would say, just give me some time and space. Kahani nods and leaves. Yug lies down on the bed and sleeps. Kahani comes back and sadly smiles at him. Kahani starts packing her bag. She comes to Yug and says I know you would feel bad but this is the right thing to do, it’s good if I leave this house. I love you a lot whether I am close to you or not. Kahani kisses his forehead and cries. She starts leaving but Yug wakes up and holds her hand. Kahani says it’s better if I leave. Yug says what about me? I have taken the decision that we should leave this house. Kahani says you can’t leave your mother. Yug says what Saroj did was right? To blackmail her son? Threaten me to kill herself so I can give up my love? I know my mother, she will do what she said if I stay here so it’s better to leave from here. My mother has taught me that a real man honors his wife and ensures that others respect her too. I will respect my mother but I will fight everyone for your honor too. I am his son but I am your husband too. I will do everything for my wife’s honor, I will prove that I am not like my father but my mother’s son. She will be proud of me someday and will bring us back with time. She will understand our love soon but we have to leave this house for now.

Saroj says to herself that I feel uneasy like something wrong will happen.

Kahani, Yug and Rani are leaving the house. Kahani and Rani come out of the house but Yug goes missing suddenly. kahani comes inside and asks where is Yug? All come there and look on. Kahani looks around for Yug. Gunjan asks where is Yug? Rani says he was here but went missing suddenly. Rupa asks where were they going? Saroj says they were leaving the house. She finds Yug’s clothes in the luggage. Saroj says if he was leaving with them then where did he go? Kahani says he is not seen anywhere. Gunjan says you were leaving the house with Yug? Rupa asks her to tell the truth. Kahani looks at Saroj. Kahani says I got married to Yug and nobody would accept it so we wanted to leave the house. Dadi says she is lying as Yug is not here. Juhi asks where is Yug? Dadi says she must have kidnapped Yug. Kahani says Ronak or Iravati could have done it. She looks at Saroj and says you have the reason to kidnap Yug. You never wanted Yug to be with me, you couldn’t see him leaving with me so you… Saroj slaps her hard.

The episode ends.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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