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Love of sacrifices and trust (Chapter 6)

Episode starts with Riddhima doing Vansh’s first aid,he keeps on staring at her,trying his best to not blink even once,but he had to blink,his eyes were closing,due to being overdrunk.Riddhima made him stand,he was falling again and again,Riddhima hardly took him to bed,and made him lay down.He slept.Riddhima’s tears flew down to her cheeks and then on Vansh’s eyes to his cheeks.
Riddhima:Sorry Vansh..I am sorry..
She started crying bitterly.She took his hands in hers,and kissed them again and again.It was first time after 3 years that she got a chance to kiss Vansh’s hand,otherwise for one year,when they were together,hardly any hour would have gone when she would not have expressed her love to him.She sat there with a smile on her face,remembering their past,her flashback starts,
“Vansh comes back after jogging at vr mansion,he was exhausted ,he was about to go inside but stopped after hearin a voice,he went to see in the park,and behind the bushes ,saw Riddhima .
Vansh rubbed his eyes,
Vansh:Are you really Riddhima?
Riddhima laughed.
Riddhima:”Yes stupid,I am your Riddhima,”
Vansh became overjoyed,and was about to hug her but Riddhima stopped him and signed to his sweat shirt which was completely wet by his exercise sweat,
Riddhima signed to stay away and made eeww face.
Vansh: Ohh really? Won’t you hug me?
Riddhima: Noo see your condition,you are totally wet.
Vansh: ffirst tell me how you came here.
Riddhima: By jogging behind you.I wanted to make this morning beautiful by seeing your face.
They smiled.
Vansh: But I spoiled it because I am wearing this wet sweat shirt.
Riddhima nodded.
Vansh :Then I have to do something for my sweetheart.
He rushed and took up the water pipe which was watering plants,and started making Riddhima wet.
Riddhima started rushing here and there.
Vansh rand behind her,he stopped her and grasped her in his arms,Riddhima made him wet too by another pipe,and both played whole heartily,laughing and enjoying too fullest.VAnsh then made pipe raised,water fell on them as fountain.Riddhima swirled ,laughing and enjoying.Vansh then pulled her to him.She cupped his face.
They shared a kiss.
Riddhima’s flashback ended.She saw around her and came back to reality,she again started crying bitterly.
Next morning,Riddhima waked up early,cleaned whole house ,and got ready in beautiful red saree,light up the diya,and was preparing breakfast,It was the gangaur festival day,both Riansh’s school and Vansh’s office was off.
Riddhima had observed fast for Vansh’s long life.
She heard the door bell ,and went to open the door,
she then welcomed Siya,Ishani,Angre and Vidyut inside,with full happiness,and hugs.
She made them sit.They had brought a lot of stuff with them.
Siya: Happy Gangaur bhabhi,its your first gangaur.I am so excited.
Ishani: Dadi told us to bring this stuff to you,as you are not going to come at VR Mansion.
Riddhima smiled,
Riddhima: You come to this house or I come to Vr mansion,what’s the difference.You all sit,Let me bring snacks.
Vidyut: Whats the need bhabhi,we all are full except ishani.
Ishani: ofcourse,its my third gangaur afterall.
Siya: Bhabhi where is Riansh,didn’t he wake up,call him na.
Riddhima (smiling): let ,me bring him..
She turned and saw Riansh coming running and straight went to Siya and ishani and hugged them.
All laughed and smiled.
Riansh (folding hands): Namaste Siya bua,namaste Ishani bua
Ishani(shockingly): Bua????? Riansh,I have told you na,no bua or aunt,just call me Ishani.
Riansh: But mom says..
Ishani kissed him to make him quiet.
Everyone laughed.
Then Angre took Riansh in lap ,then Vidyut took him from Angre,then Siya took him back,Ishani tried to took him from Siya.
All were fighting to take Riansh,Riddhima was laughing.
Siya: Bhabhi..bhai? Call him na,,
Riddhima looks at vansh’s room which was upstairs ,and nodded.
Riddhima: You all wait,I will wake him up.
They all smiled.
Riddhima goes.
Riansh: Ishani bu..
ishani gazed him narrowed eyed.
Riansh: Ishanii…come with me to my room ,I will show you my school bag and other things.
Siya: Why not me Riansh..
Riansh: I will take you too..but one by one.First Ishani b..Ishani.
All laugh.
Ishani and Riansh went,Angre recieved a call and went out of house to recieve it.
Only Vidyut and Siya were left.
Vidyut: (hesitatingly looked at Siya): And tell..how are you doing.
Vidyut just wanted to make Siya feel comfortable as all went.
Siya: I am good,you tell.And how is Kriti.
Vidyut’s expressions changed.He shockingly,
Vidyut: Siya,you know I and kriti are not in touch now.
Siya: I don’t want to have a talk about that.
Siya got up and went to kitchen.
Scene shifts to Riddhima coming to Vansh’s room and taking deep breath ,trying to open the door,she had never waked him up ,not after marriage,but today,everyone was at home,and he was too drunken last night,so she opened the gate and went inside.She came near vansh ,and stood by his side.he was still sleeping.Riddhima kept looking at his face with a small smile.She then forwarded her hand to wake him up.But then took it back with a deep breath.
Riddhima: Vansh..wake up.See ,everyone has come downstairs,they all want to meet you.
Vansh hardly opened eyes,and sat up holding head.Riddhima offered him lemon water.he looked up at her,as trying to remember last night.he saw his hand,and then again at Riddhima,as he might have remembered.
Vansh then got up and then Riddhima looked up to him.he was staring her angrily.
Riddhima: vansh..?
Vansh: Why you stepped inside my room?Who told you..
Riddhima( stunned and hesiitatingly): Vansh every..
Vansh shouted get out.
Riddhima became shockedd.
Vansh: Get out,I said get out of my room.You are no one to stand here.Remember that our marriage was just an agreement.
He told her showing index finger.
Riddhima looked down,her eyes were filled ,she kept lemon water and started going out.
Vansh picked up the lemon water glass and threw it ,glass roke.Riddhima stopped for a second,but having no courage to turn and face him off she kept moving .
She came downstairs and gave a smile to all.Then Vansh came down.Everyone hugged him too.
Vansh raised his eyebrows towards Vidyut,
Vansh: Mr Vidyut..what you are doing here?
Vidyut: me…Me ..me…..Riansh( with a huge smile) ..Riansh called me.
Riansh: No I didn’t.
Everyone laughed.
Vidyut took Riansh from ishani.
Vidyut: What is the name of your mother champ?
Riansh: My mom name is Ziddhima.
Vansh laughed heavily.
Everyone giggled slowly first,and then laughed openly.Riddhima made faces.
Vidyut: what is the name of your father champ?
Riansh: Mr Vanz Rai Singhania.
Riddhima laughed loudly.
and so did everyone.Vansh stayed silent over this question.
Then they had a talk.
Riddhima: You all enjoy,let me make lunch for you all.
Siya: wait wait Bhabhi..not you.lunch will be done by me ,Vansh bhai,Angre jiju and Vidyut..so we will make our lunch ourselves.You and Ishani didi go and enjoy,and Riansh…(taking Riansh in lap)..I will feed Riansh also.
Riddhima tried to deny ,but Siya forcefully sent them and took all the boys to kitchen.
Riddhima and Ishani laughed and reached garden to enjoy the time.
In the kitchen,
Sia: Okay one by one tell me ,who will eat what.
Riansh: Aalu puri.
Vidyut: well done champ,I will too have aalo puri.
Siya: Great,so Vidyut ,you will make Riansh’s lunch also.
All of them stayed stunned.
Siya: ofcourse,we all will make our lunch ourselves.
Siya made Vansh agree too.
Angre: I also have kept fast forIshani,thought to give her surprise during night puja time.
Siya and Vidyut teased Angre.
Vansh: i will have soup.
Siya:Me pancakes.
Siya gave Riansh to Angre,and asked him to sit there,and help all of us by instruction.
Vansh had no idea of kitchen,Siya was helping Vidyut because he was going to prepare for Riansh also.
Siya tried to crack fun,she instructed Vansh to add a lot of spices,Vansh did it unknowingly.
Scene shifts to Riddhima and ishani sitting in garden terrace.
Ishani: It feels good to have some free time ,free from all household chores.
Riddhima nodding: Ishani,you are happy in your life na,means from past 3 years,i never got the oppurtunity to talk,Angre loves you na.
Ishani:A lot,I am his life,I ..these days,I am thinking to plan a child,but he is that busy,he just avoids the topic of child.Don’t know what is bothering him.I just want him to agree,and have a cute child like Riansh,you tell,being a mother,its beautiful experience na,tell me.
Riddhima:Yes a lot,(thinking about Riansh she was just smiling then suddenly her expressions changed toserious) Ishani..you will be much more luckier than me in pregnancy,as the most needy time,when a girl need someone in life,is herhusband at the time of birth of her child.I had no one at that time by my side,but you,you will have Angre,..
And saying all this Riddhima got teary eyed,.Ishani kept her hands over her hand and tried to console her.

Precap: Vansh is about to kiss Riddhima’s lips.

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