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Love of sacrifices and trust (Chapter 5)

Episode starts with Riddhima looking at Vansh.Vansh keeps on looking at the table.
Riddhima : Thanks that you gave Riansh this much happiness,it means a lot that you arrived.
Vansh: When we have entered this relationship,then what is the means of thanks.Lets fullfill all the duties that we can.
Riddhima nodes and smiles.Teacher arrives.
Teacher: Thankyou for arriving mr and mrs Raisinghania,your child Riansh,you would be really very happy knowing that he had done really well in interview,and is selected in first chance by the school comittee,…I would just like to know that who is going to take the credit from both of you for his intelligence?
Riddhima who was smiling heartily listening to the praises,suddenly became quiet by this question.
They both didn’t answer,and teacher smiled.
Scene shifts to Riansh walking with Riddhima ,out of the office ,to the car.
Vansh was walking at a distance from them.Riansh lefts Riddhima’s hand and rushes to Vansh.
Riansh holds Vansh’s hand,Vansh stopped and looked at him.
Riansh: Daddy…I want prize .Mummaa is giving chocolate cake..what will you?
Vansh stayed quiet.
Riddhima came and lifted Riansh,
Riddhima: Riansh,chocolate cake is from both .
Vansh : You tell me Riansh,what can I do for you.
Riddhima smiled,she had not expected that much sweetness from vansh.
Riansh got down,and said: I want you to hold my right hand,and mumma to hold my left hand.And make me swing in air.
Riddhima stayed stunned and looked at Vansh.
They had never held each other’s hand from three years.
Riddhima was about to say no but Vansh held Riansh’s hand ,Riddhima did the same and they made Riansh swirl.
All three smiled.
Scene shifts to Riddhima folding Riansh’s clothes,and making his bed to sleep.
Riansh was sitting on sofa,he got down and with his small legs ,came to Riddhima ,and pulled her dupatta a little ,as if he wanted to say something.
Riddhima sat on knees and smiled at him.
Riddhima: What happened Riansh?
Riansh with a smile,hardly dared to say,his big ,sparkling eyes asked,:Mom,Daddy don’t sleep with us ? I saw a picture book,in that ,that boy’s mom ,dad and he slept in the same room.
Riddhima became shocked by this question,she turned her face because she was about to cry.
Riddhima: Riansh,I feel something has got in my eyes,I will come ..wait.
She went to washroom and cried ,holding her mouth ,so that Riansh doesn’t hear her cry.
Riddhima came back after washing face with a smile ,lifted Riansh and made him sat in her lap,and carassing his hair said,”Riansh,daddy works till late night,he wants both of us,specially you,to sleepat the right time”.
Riansh:No mom,i want to sleep with him.
Riddhima:Riansh,no bacha,please,good boys sleep early,daddy is working na.
Riansh:I will only sleep with him today.With you and him both.
Riddhima said harshly,in a scolding manner,”Enough.Enough Riansh.what’s all this,we fulffil your every request na,now do what we say.Sleep fast.”
Riansh became sad and laid down and closed eyes.
Riddhima eyes were still wet,still she slept.
Scene shifts to vansh sleeping in his room.He sees the dream,-
“Vansh was standing in front of huge glass wall,on the other side of glass wall,Riddhima was sitting on chair.It was pregnant Riddhima ,with a baby bump,gloomy face,crying eyes,she seemed to be devastated,yet a small smile on her face ,as she is smiling on her fatee,Vansh screams Riddhima ,
His voice doesn’t reach Riddhima,
Riddhima says,” Its not needed that life always gives you what you desire’.
Vansh wakes up all scared.
He looks all around,gets down of bed,drink water.With tears in eyes ,he says,”Why Riddhima..why I am still seeing that day’s dream.”
He goes with full anger ,out of his room,goes to second floor,and gets inside a room.It was his bar.He takes out wine bottles,one after other,and start drinking heavily.
His eyes ,he was crying,but was still drinking.he then took a glass and broke it in his hand.
Riddhima who was sleeping downstairs in room,she could not hearthe glass break voice,but still got up ,as something might have happened,she just felt it.She looked Riansh sleeping and said to herself,Vansh..I have to check him.
She comes to vansh’s room.Lights were on.Normally ,she would not have dared to get inside.From the three months,she had never dared to step inside his room without permission,but today ,her heart was not feeling well.So she opened the door and got inside and found no one.
On the other hand,Vansh slept on chair,with bottle in one hand,and other hand heavily bleeding,with glass pieces in it.
Riddhima started searching for him in house.She saw first floor lights on,.She had never got upstairs in 3 months.She dared to go for the first time,She said to herself,
“Why are you scared Riddhima,its Vansh upstairs,not an alien who will kill you,just check on him if he is fine then come back….you can do it.But he never allowed me to step in those rooms..But what then,I am also living in this house now..”
And she moved to Vansh’s bar room.She stepped inside,and the smell of wine,ahh it irker her.it was all over wine bottles lying on table.
She said to herself,”That much drunk..oh my god.”
Riddhima: Vanshhh.
She rushed to him and saw his hand,all bleeding.
Riddhima got scared a lot.
She rushed to bring first aid and was about to do it but he woke up. and got his hand back from her with a jerk.
Riddhima became furious,he was seeing ,like she is from some other planet and taking his hand with her.
Riddhima (furious):Mad ,I knew it that you are mad,but don’t spill your madness over me ,give me your hand,I have to do first aid.
Vansh was staring at her continuously,as if there were a lot of questions in his mind which he was trying to get answered by looking in her eyes.He didn’t allow her to touch,
Riddhima: stop behaving like a child Vansh,give me your hand,are you seriously mad.
Vansh: No..no hand.Stay away..
And he started going like n innocent child ,Riddhima stopped him and took his hand forcefully,but he took back with a jerk.
Riddhimaa(Shouted): I am your wife M VR Singhania,you accept it or not.But now I am your wife,and I have the right to do anything i want with you.
Saying this she took his hand forcefully and did first aidVansh was still staring at her.

Precap: Vansh pulls Riddhima close to her,
Vansh: I you are my wife ,then I am too your husband,I also have full right on you.
Riddhima standed stunned and still.Vansh looked at her lips,and pulled her further close.

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