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Kumkum bhagya (always there for you) Chapter 15 fan fiction

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vikram- it’s a good news

purab- (whispers to disha)atlast this alia will not trouble me

disha- ya and i think she have changed

all congratulates aldeep

after one week

alia is walking in road suddenly people start to throw stones on alia

it hits alia very hard she faints blood comes out of her body

randeep just came to talk to alia

randeep- (shouting) alia

he carries alia in arm and takes her to hospital he informs everyone

dida- where is alia

vikram- in icu

doctor comes out

abhi- is alia fine

doctor- she is not fine some stones were sharp and her blood has been very much loss we need a positive blood as sson as possible

vikram- abhi you are her brother you should have the same blood

abhi- no i have b positive

doctor- please do something fast the patient need blood within 30 mins

randeep- let me see my contacts

randeep calls everyone he knows some have the same blood but they all are out of town

randeep- i can’t arrange

doctor- fast please

randeep goes to temple

randeep- why god why first you snatched my mom then my dad why and now you are planning to snatch my love after so many trials i found my true love

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