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KKB (A mysterious love story) (Part 21)

Part 21 lekar agyi:

Manvi(in mind): Where did I get stuck?

Manvi: actually doctor, when she was coming from a businessman trip, she saw an accident and has been having nightmares about it ever since.(kya mast jhoot hai toh)

Doctor: okay, anyway I’ve prescribed some medicines. And she needs bed rest.

Manvi: okay

Doctor goes

Manvi: I’ll get the medicines but first there’s something to be done.

Mitali(furious): don’t worry, I’m going to see that maid. Today she’s gone.

Mitali goes.

Ranbir: I never thought that she’s like this. She looked strong and independent.

Manvi: she is, but everyone has a weakness. I’ll go and get the medicines.

Everyone goes. Ranbir is about to go but he sees something shiny(💍) he’s about to see it, but(hona hi tha apun ka story hai, itni jaldi bhi kuch  samne nahi ayega) Prachi holds his hand shocking him.

Prachi(mumbling): please don’t leave me, everyone left me, please don’t leave me.

She keeps mumbling.

Ranbir: Shhh……calm down, I won’t leave you.

He couldn’t believe it, a woman who never smiled in front of anyone, who made herself seem strict and strong was actually going through all this.

After 2 hours

Prachi slowly opens her eyes and sees Ranbir staring at her. They share an eyelock. Eyelock breaks. Prachi realises something.

Prachi: Where is Manvi

Ranbir: downstairs

Prachi: okay, don’t tell her I woke up

Ranbir: why?

Prachi: Pleaseeeeeeeeeeee

Ranbir: why?

Someone knocks on the door.

Manvi: ohh, you woke up. Here have some khichdi and Karela juice(🤢🤢🤮🤮)

Prachi(determined): I am not eating this, absolutely noooooooooo

Manvi: I’m done with your tantrums.(To Ranbir) make her eat this, I literally done!!!!!

Prachi: I’m not eating this plain khichdi and this bitter karela juice!!!

Manvi goes

Prachi: I am not eating that!!!!

Ranbir: Kha lo na(eat it)

Prachi: nahi khaungi nahi khaungi nahi khaungi!!!(won’t eat won’t eat won’t eat!!!)

Ranbir: Yeh kaisa bachpana hai yaar?(what kind of childishness is this?)

Prachi: Dekho pehle toh tum mujhe……(look first of all………)

Prachi was about to fall down from the bed but Ranbir catches her.(Tujhe kitna chahne lage hum plays in bgm)

Precap: Manvi-Sunny nok jhok

Surakshit raho savdhaan raho, goodbye, phir Milte hai. Writer bohuuuut jyada lazy hai 😪😪😪😪😪😪😪😪. Btw falling down from bed har roz moi ke saath hota hai.

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