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Kapoor Wala Epi 12 *Argument and mystery*

Hey all ,

Before starting the episode , There will be no images for this episode.

I Don’t watch Pandian store but I know the plot .Some scenes will be imaginary of mine .I have shown argument scenes as , I have heard kathir mullai argue too much . So Sandhya Sona also argue.

Recap : Sona  crushes……. Sandhya gets hurt ……..Priya lakshmi get hurt .

Sona comes in kitchen .

Priya :Good morning Sona.

Sona : Good morning ,bhabhi. Where is Dev ?

Sandhya : He is your husband,you should know na where is he .

Sona : Fine ,I will find Dev .

Dev comes in.

Dev : Bhabhi give lunch ,I am going to Pandian store . As their will be lot of work to handle bhai and sooraj .

Sona : But Dev ,it is first day after wedding.

Dev : Sona ,I told na bhai is having a lot of work . We will surely go tomorrow for honeymoon .

Sandhya gets sad ,and goes to her room .

Saying Dev goes

Sona :  Bhabhi , I want an seperate room with Dev.

Priya : Ok Sona . I will talk to Ram about it .

Sona : K bhabhi .

After Lunch,

Priya calls Ram .

Priya : Hi ,is your work over ?

Ram : Hmmm … Yes

Priya : Have you eated your lunch ?I want to talk something important about Dev -sona and Sandhya – sooraj.

Ram : Slowly, slowly . I have eaten . You don’t worry,I have booked their ticket Sooraj , Sandhya in Manali and Dev – Sona in Goa .

Priya : Thank god ,you have handled everything . I am worried too much . Already all this happened.

Priya : One more problem is their . Sona is asking for her own room .

Ram :We will see about it. Bye .

In a Secret place ,

A man and woman are seeing .

Man : This is just a deal.

Woman : Deal .

Man : I will get her and you will get Dev .

Episode Ends .

Precap : Sameer sees sooraj drinking , honeymoon trip ,More problems , Sona get jealous . Who is the mysterious man ?Sooraj Sandhya get kidnapped.

Pls tell your views in comments .Hope you all like it .

 It is a easy guess and tell in comment.

Stay safe and keep reading FFS . 

My other FF will be uploaded soon.


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