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Vansh to himself: It’s been 2 hours. Riddhima is still in the room. What had happened? Is she offended by Aryan’s sayings or something else? I think I should check her.
Dadi went to Vansh: Beta, if you will be with her, then only she will share her problems. Go. Talk to her.
Vansh: Ji Dadi
Vansh went upstairs and opened the door. He saw no one in the room but heard some weeping noises. Riddhima was sitting on the floor behind the bed. Vansh walked to her. When he saw her, she was all messed up. She had many years in her eyes. He glanced to her and wiped her tears. Riddhima was full of emotions, she hugged Vansh and cried more and more. Vansh hugged her back with worry. It was a tight hug.
Vansh: Kya hua? ( What happened?)
FB starts
Riddhima was cooking in the kitchen when Aryan came.
Aryan: Hello Riddhima
Riddhima: (smiling) You want something?
Aryan: Yes
Riddhima: What?
Aryan: 2 mins
Riddhima: ok. Go ahead.
Aryan: You know, I heard Vansh Bhai talking to someone yesterday.
Riddhima: So?
(Riddhima has started trusting him blindly in a couple of time.)
Aryan: Tch Tch….. You are so innocent, girl. He is just using you.
Riddhima: Sorry. I don’t wanna hear anything.
Aryan came closer to her. She was moving back. He pinned her to the wall and whispered.
Aryan: He married you just for fun. And you have no proof to say that I am wrong.
Riddhima pushed him. Aryan laughed and went away.
Riddhima (thinking): He was lying….. He… He was… lying. I shouldn’t focus on it.
Just then someone threw a note.
Why did you slept on separate beds?’
Riddhima angrily burnt the note. She didn’t want to spoil her first day after marriage. She started doing the chores again.
FB ends
Vansh was fuming in anger. He stood up
Vansh: He will not be spared!
Riddhima held her hand to stop him. Vansh looked at Riddhima and thought not to leave her. He wiped her tears and said not to cry. Riddhima wanted to confess feeling as Vansh wanted to do the same.
They both said the three magical words at the same time.
Riansh: I LOVE YOU…!!
They both smiled and hugged each other tightly. Riddhima kissed on Vansh’s cheek.
( Gandhi soch waalon🤣🤣)
And went to the washroom. As she went Vansh went outside to find Aryan. He was talking to Anupriya. Vansh fought his hold by the collar and pulled him to the office and locked him. Angre saw all of this happening.
Angre: What happened boss? Did he again made loss?
Vansh: No Angre. Say Riddhima that I am calling her to the office right now.
Angre: Ok boss.
Riddhima came along with Angre. Vansh looked at her. She was still not out of it. He took her to office and locked it again. Aryan was sitting on the sofa. He saw Vansh and Riddhima hand-in-hand and stood up. Aryan stared at Riddhima. Vansh gave him a tight slap and Aryan fell on the floor. Vansh was ready to punch him when he heard Riddhima.
Riddhima: Vansh! Bas, he is your brother.
Vansh couldn’t deny her. He turned to Aryan.
Vansh: Dare you say this rubbish. I am not hurting you because of Riddhima. You should thank her.
Vansh and Riddhima left from there.
Aryan: Dare! Riddhima Vansh Rai Singhania! I will show you what this boy is! I will show you what death is!

Precap: Riddhima and Kabir’s first meet!!

Thank for reading my episode. And I am going to make it a second part. And it’s its name is ” Love beyond the world”

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