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I am your better half ( Unit: 2)

Sejal: Oh god I wish her real king will come soon . Hmm am impatient for it

This was when Ridwait was leaning towards Ridhu for hug but

Sejal:Ridhu come here

Ridwait: (Ohho this Sejal what’s her problem man.)
Aru he gulped this word and without any changes he continued Ridhu it’s not at all fare sweetheart why are going with Sejal I think am not to your level Ridhu saying this sobbed ( crocodile tears rolling)

Sejal: This terrible guy, yuck now this Ridhu is forgetting …. is. How can she not understand him I will beat him man, he is crossing limits. She is only to her King which is not you so called prince charming 😏😏. Oh when she…. gone.

Rid: Oh why you are not a piece of Dirt man have some self adoration man.

Ridwait : Oh sure that’s why am here with you having a queue of girls who is beautiful but am already married she is the only person am not forgetting

Sejal: I know man am a psychologist and what the thing I got to know yewww it’s terrible she was going to beat him.

….: Babe don’t get pissed off. No need of thinking about him you are my heart and when you beat with disgustby something you be sure your one and only King is there to be the end of him.

Tell me who’ s he

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