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Forced marriage with a cruel man. #Riansh OS

Hello guys. Here is a new os of mine. I hope you like it and please do tell me your opinion on the comments.
So let’s go.
Riddhima’s POV starts:
I can’t imagine that I have got married to that man who is called Vansh Rai Singhania. I can’t imagine that I have accepted that marriage or to be more accurate I got forced to accept this marriage.
I can’t imagine that we have done all the rituals and we became a wife and a husband.
I’m not able to understand what I have done with myself!!
I’m just being broken and very shattered while being at this strange room that supposed to be from now on my room.

Thank God that he isn’t here now. I don’t know what I will do with him when he will return back to the room. How I will be able to be with that man?! How I will be able to live with him as his wife?! I can’t be with him at the same room just for a couple of minutes so how I will be able to spend the rest of my life with that guy?!!
Today is the worst day ever in my life. Today is the day that I have lost on it my freedom and I have putted myself in a jail that I will never be able to get out from it!
Riddhima’s POV ends.
3 hours before.
Riddhima was being at the hale of the house while Vansh’s family were making her enter the house in a special was in welcoming her to start the wedding ritual.

Riddhima’s sadness was being very noticeable on her face.
She was observing how her step father, Rudra, is very happy with her marriage.
She was being very broken and shattered.
Riddhima to herself: I have sacrificed my freedom just because of you Rudra papa. I know that you actually don’t care about me or about my feelings, but I do. I can’t forget that you are the one who has raised me after my mom has died while I was very young. I didn’t have seen my father since I was born as he has died before mom could give the birth to me so Rudra papa is for me my only father who I know him in this world. I know that Rudra papa didn’t has thought about me at all when he has arranged my marriage with that Vansh, but I care about him. I know that he has arranged that marriage because of the money that he has taken it from Vansh and he didn’t has returned it back once again. So it was just a compromise and I’m the one who will just suffer in that compromise!
They have made Riddhima sit beside Vansh at the mandap.

Riddhima was looking at Vansh in a very sad and heartbroken look.
She was blaming him so much and she was owing so much hatred to him.
Riddhima to herself: How dare you to be that happy after marrying me forcefully in a very cheap compromise like that?! You are a very cruel man Mr. Vansh Rai Singhania. You are marrying a girl and you are sure that she doesn’t love you or even want to just know you. You are just marrying me for your own ego. You doesn’t deserve to be called a human!
Riddhima and Vansh were being at the mandap being ready for the marriage rituals.
Riddhima was being very shattered and broken while Vansh was just smiling a tiny smile.

No one was knowing what Vansh is owing it inside him.
They weren’t knowing if he is happy with that marriage or it is just a thing that has to happen and he isn’t giving it that accepting.
Vansh and Riddhima have started the rituals.
Then Vansh has came closer to Riddhima to make her wear the marriage necklace.

He was looking at her in a very special look that wasn’t making Riddhima understand him and his behaviours.
Afterwards, he has completed all the rituals with Riddhima.

He has made her his wife forever.
Everyone was clapping and throwing flowers on them.
Rudra has came near Riddhima.
He wasn’t having that much regret in putting her in that forced marriage, but at the same time he was having some caring feelings for Riddhima.
He has hugged her.
Rudra: Take care about yourself beta.
He wasn’t having any other words to say it to her.
He actually was happy that Riddhima has got married to a very rich man like Vansh Rai Singhania.
Siya: Let’s make the new couple have a picture together.
Riddhima was being very angry and sad.
She was like a body without a soul and that what was appearing when she was taking the picture with Vansh.

They both weren’t smiling.
Riddhima’s POV starts:
I’m still not able to forget what has happened from 3 hours.
I can’t forget that I have got married to that heartless man. He is so mean and cruel man so how I will manage living with him?! The man who just marry a girl in a compromise is just a cruel man who doesn’t deserve any respect.
I have heard about his ego and arrogance a lot. I have heard about how he is a very tough man who doesn’t care about anyone other than himself.
I’m having the worst luck ever in my life to be the wife of that cruel Vansh Rai Singhania.
I was dreaming to have a very caring and loving husband. I was dreaming to have a very supportive and kind hearted husband, but unfortunately sometimes dreams are totally different than reality. I was being very shattered and I was just crying continually while speculating the reason that has made me be in that huge punishment.

While I was being very shattered and being very worried while being at this room, he has entered the room.
I have gotten a fear inside me when I have seen him in front of me.
His appearance and the way he was looking with it at me has made me very afraid.

I starts to get very away from him.
I wasn’t wanting to just be near him.
I was wanting to be very very far from him.
He was looking at me in a surprising and angry way.

Vansh: Interesting, very interesting! So you think that by what you are doing you will be able to get away from me?! No sweetheart, we have already gotten married to me and you will not be able to get out from that marriage till one of us could die either me or you. There isn’t any other option dear so try to get used to this situation as you have to know how to accept your life as Mrs. Vansh Rai Singhania.
I was looking at him in a very shattered way.

Me: I would never accept that. I will never accept this marriage and I will never own any feeling to you other than hate. This marriage was just a compromise for Rudra papa’s sake so don’t you think that this marriage is a real one. I don’t accept to be the wife of a very cruel man like you Vansh Rai Singhania.
He has got very angry.

Then he starts to get very close to me until I fall on bed and he was above me.

Riddhima’s POV ends.
Riddhima was being very afraid when Vansh got to be very close to her like that.
Riddhima: Don’t you dare to touch me. Get away from me now. I said get away from me right now.
Riddhima was being very angry on Vansh.
She was trying to control her fear and not make him feel that she is a afraid of him.
She has pushed him away from her.
Then she has seen a gun near her.
So she holds the gun.
She has pointed that gun at Vansh.

Riddhima: Don’t you dare to just think to be near me once again. Yes, we have became in that stupid and silly marriage. But that doesn’t mean that you have any rights on me. I’m not able to be just near you. So don’t you dare to use me for your desires otherwise I could merely shoot you and shoot my own self.
Vansh wasn’t being afraid at all while Riddhima was putting gun at him.

He has shocked her when he has taken the gun from her.

Vanah: Before you could point a gun on someone, you have to know how to be able to use it sweetheart. You have done a very wrong thing by pointing the gun on Vansh Rai Singhania.
He has pointed gun at her.

She was being very frightened when he was pointing gun at her.
He has smiled at her in an irritating way.

Vansh: Are you terrified? So where was that huge courage that you were having it from a couple of minutes when you have pointed a gun on me?! You are so innocent and pure sweetheart so you will never be able to defeat that cruel man like you have named me in that way. So don’t mess with a cruel man like me sweetheart.
He was just looking at her in a very confident look.

Riddhima has gotten courage to defeat Vansh.
She was standing in front of him without having any fear.

Riddhima: I’m not afraid from you Vansh. Don’t think that you will be able to scare me. You still doesn’t know me at all. You still will know how much I could be a very strong girl who could do anything to protect her own self. Trust me this marriage will disturb you a lot more than it will disturb me.
She was looking at him in a very strong look.

Vansh was giving Riddhima that tough and angry face reaction.

He was making sure to always look at her in a strict look.

But from inside him there was another feeling he was owing it.
Vansh to himself: Who tells you that I want to scare you? You are just an idiot and crazy girl who doesn’t understanding what I’m doing! This image that I’m giving it to you is just a try of me to hide what I owns it to you my sweetheart.
Vansh starts to look at Riddhima in a very caring look.

She was just very angry on him.
So she wasn’t able to control herself when she has lost her balance and she was going to fall.
Before she could be able to fall, Vansh has succeeded in rescuing her by holding her protectively.

He was making her very close to him while he was holding her.
They have gotten into an eye look.
Riddhima has felt something special while being that close to Vansh.
Riddhima( in a lower voice than before): Can you please get me down?!
Vansh has putted his hand near her lips to stop her from talking.

Vansh: Stop talking for awhile and try to understand what I’m not able to say it to you. Do you really think that this marriage is a compromise?! Do you think that I’m really a cruel man who just want to use you for his desires?! No sweetheart, this isn’t the truth. The truth is that I have fallen for you since the first day I have seen you on it and that’s why I was wanting to get married to you and by the way your papa’s money that he has taken it from me it has already got paid back to me.
Riddhima: What do you mean?
Vansh: I have paid it back to me just to make you entering this house while your self respect is protected. The image that I’m giving it to you sweetheart is just a way to hide my feelings with it. Because I know that you aren’t sharing the same feelings as I can’t show my weakness to anyone, but when I became closer to you I wasn’t able to hide that from you. I love you Riddhima. Yes this marriage is a forced marriage for you and you are believing that it is the worse thing has happened to you, but for me it is the best thing has happened in my life. You are my wife and you will always be my wife till the end of my life. You will just be the only girl that I have loved her the most and I just hope that you could be able to give me the chance to make you understand how I’m not cruel like you are thinking about me.
Riddhima was just staring at Vansh.

Then he has hugged her and she didn’t have felt on herself when she also has hugged him back.

He has smiled while he was hugging her.

Vansh: So do you have given me the chance to change this marriage from a forced marriage with a cruel man to a happily marriage with an also cruel man?!
He has said those words in a mocking way.
She has smiled a tiny smile.

Riddhima: Don’t say cruel once again. And yeah I have given you that chance to prove that this marriage could be a happily marriage instead of a forced one. I just hope that you don’t broke me after giving you that chance.
Vansh: Qubool hai my wife.
Riddhima: Qubool hai my husband.





The end of the os. I hope you like it. I have decided to give you this os until I could give to you all the os that you all want it which is the mood swings of Riddhu during pregnancy. I just decided to give this one now so I couldn’t be repeating myself and after some time I will give you all this awaited os. I just hope that you all could have enjoyed this one and please I need all of yours support and encouragement so I could be encouraged to update more os episodes. I also need all of yours prayers as my health is very critical and I’m not well at all so please just pray for me a lot and please support me a lot because all of yours support is the thing that draws a smile on my face and makes me forget about my health issues. I will be waiting for all of yours comments as the respond here is what will make me know shall I write other os or not. So please guys keep supporting me the way you are doing. Please guys don’t forget your feedback in the comment section below.

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