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Destiny is on the way!! #Riansh Os..part 2..


Hello back with 2nd part of this OS..

And I am very happy with the response you give in the first part.. Thank you so much..

And all the silent reader if you can pls try to comment as it really motivate me..😊


Episodes start..


7 years later…


A woman was working in the kitchen..

A small little girl around six years came and hugged the woman..


Girl:- Good morning mom..So what’s in the menu for today’s breakfast?


Woman:- Good morning beta..hmm…today something special? Any guesses!!🙂


Girl:- how can I forget today is Wednesday means sandwiches with milk 🥛..and puha Am I right or Am I right?🤨😉


Woman:- Yes absolutely right!! My daughter is always right.

Go get ready fast or else you will be late for school..


Girl:- hmm.. okay.but mom today I am not in mood to go to school..I am not feeling like to leave my lovely mom, alone..


Woman:- Rihu what you want Scolding? And you know na that nothing will change my mind with your buttering..so don’t try it..and go and get ready fast..


Scene changes to VR Manision..


Vansh:- Angre where is my file..how many times I have told you that my files should be kept properly..who will do this Will Riddhima come ?😡


After he said he realised what he said ..and a tear was almost out from his eyes..but he somehow managed not to cry..


Vansh:- you can leave now do this afterwards..


Angre:- yes Bhai..but breakfast?


Vansh:- you can leave..


Angre did not dare to double question him so he left..


As soon as angre left he broke down..


Vansh:- Why I am not able to forget you..why?? Why you always come to my mind why…??

Because of you I broke every day,every hour, every minute, every second..


He remembers something and took a dairy from a cupboard..and flip the pages and read a poetry..


“Don’t see a broken soul with sympathy..

It breaks you even more..

Don’t let that broken soul live alone any more..

Give it a try!

Let not the broken soul break even more,

Hold it,mend it, and finally befriend it..

Don’t let a broken soul break anymore..

You are the one who can try more ..to mend it..

By bending in such a extend to mend it completely..

Bend yourself so that a broken soul can’t break anymore..”

(By#Aayu.. originally written by me copyright includes😂)



Vansh:- After reading this I don’t break infront of family members I know they will not be able to me in this condition.. I know you are the one who will mend my soul..I am carving for you..I don’t know why you have written this but really you are the one who will mend me completely..pls if our destiny is on the same path..pls come back..


(This was not the real Vansh..this vansh was soft hearted waiting for his Sweetheart..but when his mind apply the break on his weakest point ‘EGO’ he forgets this soft hearted Vansh..)


Vansh:- Why till now I feel for you Why every night I read every poem of your’s…why I remember you..why I carve for you..I waited all these 7 years that you will return..but you didn’t..why you didn’t..😭😭


There was a hope but now I didn’t believe that now we will be able to meet..


He flip another page and again read a poem..



“Fly cry shy but don’t break …


Have some courage..


Don’t lose hope..


There is a long rope of Hope..


Don’t loose that grip of yours’s..


Coz there is a new morning every day with a new beginning..


It can be tough to do so..


But it’s not impossible..


Just believe in God…


MIRACLE’S happens ..


Just you have to believe it..

(By#Aayu.. originally written by me copyright includes😂)


I am just waiting for that miracle to happen..I just wait that all your words come true..


He was crying..yes our great Vansh Rai Singhania was crying.. crying and remembering his Sweetheart..


Scene shifts to RS mansion..yes it was a mansion a new mansion whose owner has just shifted a month ago..

She was the owner of little heart hospital..she came here with her six years old daughter (Rianshi) and his brother Neil Sharma one of the famous buisness man of London..


Rihu:- mom see I am ready..

So mis Riddhima are you ready with breakfast?


Riddhima:- Yes mis Rianshi your mom is ready..now eat your breakfast fast..or


Rihu:- else you will be late..I know mom you have told me thousands times..


Riddhima:- If I have told you thousands times then why don’t you follow..


Rihu:- Mom accha forget this I need your 2 minutes..


Riddhima:- Given now tell me as always what’s your question miss Rianshi?


Rihu:- Mom my friend always says that your father hates you that’s why he left your mom.. because of you your mom is suffering..is it..??


Riddhima:- Tell me her name how she dare to say such stupid things to my daughter..,(trying to divert the topic)..


Rihu:- relax mom I know her words doesn’t matter in my life..but I want to know?


Riddhima:- No it’s nothing like that beta..whose father will hate his daughter..I will tell you a secret but promise me you won’t tell this to anyone okay??


Rihu:- promise!!


Riddhima:- Your father is on a secret mission..and he is asked to live secretly.. that’s why he doesn’t live with us..but he loves you a lot..and more than you he loves me..😉


Rihu:- No this is not fair once I will meet him he will love me more..


Riddhima:- okay now 2 minutes are over..go driver uncle is waiting for you..take care bye bye..love you…


Rihu:- Bye mom you also take care.. hugging her..

Wait mom are you having fever..yes you are having temperature..no mom I am not going to school and you are also not going to hospital today understand..go and change I will prepare wet tissues for you..


Riddhima:- Relax beta I am fine it’s little temperature only..and it will be fine..and I am going to hospital only..so there doctors will take care of me.. okay and you are going to school..no if’s and but’s okay..


Rihu:- you are so stubborn..your name should be Ziddhima..


Riddhima:- okay mom you can change my name.. okay!! Now go or else..


Rihu :- I know I will be late.. but promise me you will take care…


Riddhima:- okay promise..


Rihu:- Bye..


Riddhima:- Bye….


As soon as Rianshi left..


The tears That were stop somehow by Riddhima start flowing..


Riddhima:- Vansh why you left me..I was afraid that’s Why I didn’t return but even you never try to find me out..

Why Vansh why..How I managed till now Rihu but when she will grow she will again ask me about her father then what will I answer Vansh..


Going to her room she took out a painting.. hugged it..and started remembering all the sweet meomories she spent with Vansh..


*I know this song is long but it relates too much so I added this you just read the English lyrics of it..these are the words that Riddhima is saying..*


Aidaan Na Kar Sohneya Allah Toh Dar Sohneya,

(Do not do this to me. Please, be afraid of God, O handsome.)


Aidaan Na Kar Sohneya Allah Toh Dar Sohneya,

(Don’t do this with me. Please, O handsome, be afraid of God.)


Tere Peeche Main Kini Royi, Ve Mai Ro-Ro Pagal Hoi,

(I’ve been crying so much for you. I got insane because of crying.)


Tu Jadon Da Gaya Door, Main Na Soyi,

(I haven’t been sleeping since you left.)


Bhool Gaye Woh Din Kyun Re Jaani,

(Why did you forget that day, dear?)


Kyun Woh Shaam Bhi Bhool Gaye,

(Why did you forget about that evening as well?)


Pehle Toh Bhoole Mujhko Sanam Tum,

Phir Mera Naam Bhi Bhool Gaye,

(You forgot my name first, and then you forgot my name, too.)


Je Kuch V Nahi Yaad Tenu, Aaja Ve Maar De Mainu,

(If you don’t remember anything about us at all. Please, come over here and take my life.)


Mera Ki Dasde Kasoor, Kyun Hoya Mere Kolon Door,

(Please, tell me what was my fault. Why did you distance yourself from me?)


Haal Humara Tere Bin O Yaara, Haal Hai Apna Aise,

Nikal Kar Paani Se Machli Koyi Re, Tadapti Hoti Hai Jaise,

(My condition without you is like a fish wriggling and suffering when it’s out of the water.)


Ve Raat O Raat Zindagi Cho Kadd De,

(Please, in the night, take me out of your life.)


Haye Rab Kare Tenu V Koi Chadh De,

(I wish you could also meet a person who would ditch you as you did with me.)


Mera Ki Dasde Kasoor, Kyun Hoya Mere Kolon Door,

(Please tell me what my mistake was. Why did you distance yourself from me, huh?)


Hai Tere Hi Karke Duniya Mein Saari,

Hum Badnaam Bhi Bhool Gaye,

(I’ve been defamed all over the world all because of you.)


Bhool Gaye Woh Din Kyun Re Jaani,

Kyun Woh Shaam Bhi Bhool Gaye,

(Why did you forget that day, sweetheart? Why did you forget about that evening, too?)


Bin Tere Ro Ro Ke Kaatni Hai Re,

Humne Toh Apni Zindagi Saari,

(Without you, I’m going to spend my whole life crying.)


Bas Ek Hum Hi Bhoole Nahi Hai,

Aayi Tumhe Bhi Na Yaad Humari,

(It’s not just me who has been forgetful, you didn’t miss me, either.)


Tere Bina Hum Kaise Hai Kya Bataye,

(How do I do without you, how can I put it in words and explain it to you?)


Haan! Humne Jo Bhoola Kabhi, Tujhe Hum Mar Jayein,

(If I ever forget you, may God take away my life.)


Haye Gal Kardi Hai Tu Das Kedi,

(What did you talk about?)


Main Ta Khushbu Vi Bhooleya Nai Teri,

(I haven’t forgotten your fragrance yet.)


Aaja Aapa Miliye Dubara, Khwaish Eh Hai Aakhri Meri,

(Come on, let’s meet again. This is my last wish.)


Rehna Hume Yaad Karte Kaha Tha,

Yeh Chota Sa Kaam Bhi Bhool Gaye,

(I told you to keep me in your memories and thoughts, but you also forgot about this small task.)


Pehle Toh Bhoole Mujhko Sanam Tum,

Phir Mera Naam Bhi Bhool Gaye,

(At first, you forgot about me, and later you also forgot my name.)


Riddhima:- Enough of remembering past and crying about it I have to go to hospital..and I have to focus in my present and future i.e Rianshi..


She left to Hospital..she was on the way when her car stops..


Riddhima:- Now what happened to this.. damm it..I am already late..

Now I have to go by walking only ..no worries it a small distance only..


She was walking when she start feeling weak and dizzy as she was having temperature..a car at a very High speed came and thuuuddddd…


She was lying there lifeless..she was injured badly..


Precap:- “I hate you mom..”


That’s it I was so happy from your comments so I posted today only and this is the second last part of this story..I will surely end this in 3 part..

Hope you like it…I added poem also do tell me how are they..

Do comments..


And one request pls pray for mennu di for her speedy recovery..

Menna di if you are reading this pls take care and get well soon..


Take care..Good night..

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