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Becoming Mrs. VRS journey OS – Part 2 IMMJ2 Riansh

Becoming Mrs VRS journey- Part 2

Hi guys, thank you so much for supporting my OS, I’m glad many liked it.  @ArushiSoni asked how many parts this is, so it is 3 parts. Pls do support my FF as well along with this OS. Do let me know how you find this part in the comments section.  My FF link, first episode, do chk it out if you haven’t and comment on how you liked it. 👇



Riddhima soon started her treatment for Siya. She had all her equipment In VR mansion after Vansh had asked his men to move it here. She was skeptical on staying in VR mansion but for Siya she had to do it. She had developed an attachment towards Siya, as if they were long lost sisters. As for Vansh, Riddhima felt a bit attracted towards his gesture for Siya, she had understood how much she meant for him, not only him but the entire family. The entire family welcomed her warmly and were very friendly with her. She always longed for such a family but she had accepted hat fate had brought in for her.

Siya’s room

Riddhima: Look Siya, I’m going to teach you some exercises for you to do, so that your legs can now open up and get its sense. When I examined you earlier, I felt some sense so you’ve got to do it now! And I know you can. (smiling)

Siya: Thanks Riddhima! I will. (motivated)

Riddhima: AS this is Ayurvedic, there would be a different procedure. It will be painful, do you want to opt for that or? (worried)

Siya: Riddhima, you know in my life, I’ve already gone through so much pain. I lost my parents at a very young age, that had affected my mental health, I was teased In school when my mental health wasn’t well, I had to undergo therapy sessions, and you know the society, they think undergoing such consultant sessions is a stigma, I heard many taunts from the outsiders, which I really didn’t mind but it hurt me when my chachu and chachi (Aryan’s parents) also taunted me, being my own they did this. Aryan bhai left them and threw them out, as they even tried to harm me and send me to the mental asylum. After that, I tried committing suicide, thinking that I was unlucky for this family.

Riddhima: (tears rolled down) I’m sorry Siya, I never knew you’ve gone through so much.

Siya: Don’t worry, I talked it out to you so that it just doesn’t stay in within me. I later then realized that my family loves me a lot, I realized what and how much I meant for them, I realized how much my brother loves me. And I thought from that point that I would live for them, happily once again. My mental health became well then this accident happened! (sad) I couldn’t handle more of that so I decided to just give up, and not to respond to any treatment. My brother worked hard to get the best doctors for me, and I felt guilty for doing that but I just couldn’t. After meeting you, I felt connected to you, I felt I can talk to you wholeheartedly after dadi and Ishani di.

Riddhima: Darling, of course you. I’m proud of you for getting over your mental health issues for your family, and now you can do this too! (eyeing her legs)

Siya: I don’t mind the pain, just bring it on.

Riddhima: Okay, I will go ask your brother. (turning to leave)

Siya: No don’t (holding her hand) He won’t allow.

Riddhima: Okay.

So days passed by and Riddhima was fully concentrating on Siya. They did lots of exercises together, talked together. She was soon starting to feel movement within her legs. Vansh and Riddhima kept on clashing against each other, Vansh due to her non-stop talking and Riddhima, due to his attitude. But all in all they were getting closer, it was like they had feelings for each other but were unaware. One night Riddhima got up to get water and headed towards the kitchen.

Riddhima: (opened the fridge) where’s the extra water kept? (searching) There’s no water, oh god! I’m so thirsty. (she noticed a bottle on the table top) Let me drink that for now. (she gulped it down and made a face) This water tastes so bitter! Eww! What’s happening to me, my head is spinning! Gosh what did I drink, what if it’s poison! I’ll be dead, nahi!! Mujhe itni jaldi marna nahi hai!!!

Vansh: It’s not poison you idiot! (he came in swaying) It is…. Vodka!!! (he was drunk) You’re drunk like me!! (he laughed)

Riddhima: You lambu, why can I see two of your faces! You’ve got two faces, two noses, two mouths! (she started laughing)

Vansh: And you have two faces, two noses, two mouths! Copycat!!  (he held her hand) Let’s go! (they arrive to the pool area) Look at the moon! (pointing)

Riddhima: Wowww!! It’s come to meet us today! Yay! It’s so beautiful! (he stared at her lovingly)

Vansh: No! Wrong, it’s not as beautiful as you!! (they shared an eyelock) You’re one the most prettiest girl I have ever met, the moon is nothing compared to you! (she blushed) You blushing kills me sweetheart!

Riddhima: Haaww! (keeps her hand on her mouth) You called me Sweetheart!! I’m going to complain to dadi! But I like it when you’re with me! (she smiled while he did the same too) I’m attracted to you! Are you? (she asked innocently)

Vansh: (nodded like a child) Since day 1. (he leaned forward, nearing to her, and kissed her on the cheek)

Riddhima: Kissy!! (she lost her unconsciousness and fell asleep)

Vansh: Good Night!! (he slept beside her)

The next morning, Riddhima woke up first and found herself besides Vansh. She held her head as the hangover was tough for her to handle. She got shocked seeing Vansh, and tried to remember what had happened. She reminisced what happened. She just wished that her friend didn’t speak anything else! She quickly got up and went to freshen up. Vansh woke up and remembered all the events, he was worried on what Riddhima would think about him. Just then he heard Siya’s scream. He rushed to her room and saw her crying and wincing in pain. His rage took over him and bashed Riddhima.

Vansh: Riddhima!!! (he shouted)

Riddhima: What happened! (she hurried in the room)

Vansh: How dare you do this!! What have you done to my sister! I’m not going to bear you here even for a minute now!  (held her hand and was about to drag her)

Siya: Stop bhai! It’s not her Ahhh! her fault. I told her to do it!! (she struggled to speak)

Riddhima: MR Vansh! You’re hurting me! (he had held her wrist tightly, and loosened his grip) Can we please talk outside! (they went outside)

Vansh: I know why you’re doing this, you’re taking revenge for last night right! For all that I had said to you! (anger)

Riddhima: Listen to me! (snapped at him) It’s part of the treatment, I had asked her if she really wanted to do it, and she agreed to it. It’s a paste, it has 72 ayurvedic ingredients, different herbs and spices mixed together that helps the legs start moving as it passes burning sensations, if she screams means there’s some sense and movement in her legs. Soon after the paste finishes its work she will start walking and will be on her feet.  And Mr Vansh, I’m not taking revenge for yesterday, why would I, I had also said what I felt for you and I don’t think there’s anything wrong in it, unless you regret saying what you feel! (she left there)

Vansh: Shit!! I got angry at her for no reason! My anger has no control…. And it’s true why would she take revenge, we just shared our feeling for each other. Not like I said I love you to her! (realizing) Do I love her?

Again a few days passed while Vansh realized that he truly loved her. Riddhima also knew deep inside that she had feeling for him but just needed a bit of help in realizing. In those days, Vansh took care of Riddhima as if handling a doll, she had become his life now. He sent apologies to her for his bad behavior towards her and she accepted. He took a step forward and became friends with her. While on the other hand, Siya was getting better.

One day, when Siya woke up, she could feel movement. Her legs were moving. She gradually placed her feet on the floor and put all her strength in getting up from the bed. Due to the stillness her muscles had become clogged up, so it was difficult. She got but almost lost balance. She tried balancing again and took steps forward, and slowly walked ahead to the door. She went down the stairs and in to the hall where everyone was busy with coffee and reading the newspapers.

Siya: I can walk!! (she shouted, which drew everyone’s attention)

Vansh: (happily ran towards her and hugged her, while the rest came to her) I can’t believe this! My princess can walk!

Dadi: where’s Riddhima, we need to thank her. (everyone was searching for her, specially Vansh)

Riddhima: I’m here dadi. (she was there with her suitcase, ready to leave) Siya’s alright now, and now I’m not needed here, so I will take your leave. As you know I have other things, in the hostel I have a few people waiting for me, my daily patients are waiting for me, my dhinglo (male doll in gujarati) Is waiting for me.

Vansh: Who’s Dhinglo? (curious and jealous)

Riddhima: Dhinglo, my sweetheart, my jaan, my love.

Vansh: You have a boyfriend!! Why didn’t you tell me all this time! (inside) How dare whoever he is to mess with my love! I’m not going to spare him, i’ll take him to a task. I love her by all means and she’ll be mine whatsoever! (jealous and possessive)

Riddhima: Oh god! Not boyfriend, (Vansh sighed out of relief) my cutie pet, my puppy, a poodle dog, white fur, cute eyes and black tiny paws and.. (cut by Aryan)

Aryan: Riddhima take a break, we know how a poodle looks like.

Riddhima: Sorry, yes my friend talks non-stop sometimes!

Everyone: Sometimes? (they all laugh while she pouted cutely)

Riddhima: Don’t say thanks please, I considered all of you like my family, God didn’t give me one of my own but he gave me an opportunity to experience being in a family for some time. It’s time for me to go.

Vansh: Riddhima, you’re not going! (to himself) She can’t leave me, I have to do something.

Riddhima: I have to go Vansh.

Precap part 3:


I love you!

Together, forever and ever!

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