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Aur Bhai Kya Chal Raha Hai 26th April 2021 Written Episode Update: Shanti and Sakina demand smart TV

Aur Bhai Kya Chal Raha Hai 26th April 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Sakina, Noorjahan and kids watching the TV and it suddenly stops working. The kids ask Sakina to get it replaced by the Smart TV. Mirza comes there. Sakina tells him about the kids’ demand. Mirza asks his son Inaam to see what happened to the TV? The kids ask him to change. Noorjahan says she doesn’t like his wife and also the TV brought by her. Sakina pats on the TV and it switches on and then off. Brij is also getting the TV repaired, but the mechanic suggests him to buy a new one. Mishra scolds him for the suggestion. Shanti asks why did Mechanic come here? Mishra says he came to repair the TV. Shanti panics and asks what has happened to my TV. Brij tells that Mechanic suggested us to buy a new one and give this one to someone. Shanti says this is the first TV of the neighborhood. Mishra tells that Shanti’s life is in this TV. Shanti argues.

Mirza and Mishra come to the shop. Someone asks for the address while he is carrying TV. Mishra refuses to tell him. Mirza says you did right. Mishra says who has bought it? He says our wives shall not know, if they change their mind then we can’t buy TV from local market. Shanti opens the door, and the guy asks her about the broom, which she uses. Shanti tells that she knows the uses of broom and asks him to go. The guy goes to Sakina’s house and asks if she uses Udta Panchi broom. Sakina asks him to go. The guy thinks whom to give this TV and thinks of the number written in the receipt. Mirza comes home. Sakina tells that she couldn’t watch Swati’s third marriage today on TV. Mirza asks if anyone can be so lucky? Sakina says she was talking about TV serial. Mirza asks shall I bring smart TV. Sakina refuses. Mishra gets a wrong number and tells that he will switch off his number. He asks where are the kids? Shanti says kids went to watch smart TV. Mirza flirts with his wife and asks if he is not smart? She asks him to move. He laughs and goes. Paro gets a call and tells that she can’t come to work today, as she got it in udhta panchi jhaadu scheme. Shanti says ok. Paro then calls Sakina and tells her the same thing. Sakina gets upset.

Shanti asks Mishra to buy Udhta Panchi Broom and tells that Paro had brought brooms for them, and got smart TV in scheme. Mishra says Paro is clever. Shanti says if you had brought the brooms, then we would have got smart TV. She says we will have two TVs now. Mishra says we will adjust with this TV.

Sakina tells Mirza that Paro got the new TV. Mirza says what to do, I offered to buy, but you love your TV. Inaam tells Mirza that Paro mausi got the first smart Tv and she told that chudail ki cheekh film is coming today. Mirza says what is a big deal? Inaam says if Paro mausi don’t come then who will do the house work. Mirza asks him to find out about the TV’s money. Inaam says 31000. Mirza gets shocked.

Shanti calls the carpenter and asks him to make a big table to keep the big TV. Her son tells that it shall be hanged on the wall. The carpenter asks where is the big TV though? Shanti says she will buy. The carpenter says he buys scrap TV too and offers to give 200 Rs. Shanti says she don’t want to sell it. She tells that she wants to hang the smart TV on the wall and it will be very big in the neighborhood. Carpenter says ok, call me after you buy it. Mishra comes home. Shanti asks him to bring good Smart TV then Paro’s TV. Sakina tells Mirza that in her mother’s house, there was 4 TVs. Mirza says you don’t watch much. Sakina refuses to talk to him and tells that she shall get TV, bigger than Paro’s TV and shall come first than Mirza family. Mishra and Mirza get tensed.

No Precap.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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