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Apna Time Bhi Aayega 26th April 2021 Written Episode Update: Kiara loses her memory

Apna Time Bhi Aayega 26th April 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

Scene 1
Vikram says how is she bro? Is she conscious? Can I meet her? Veer says she’s fine. I have to arrange some meds. I am coming. Rani says it all happened because of me. Kiara bled so much. Vikram says it isn’t your fault. She suffered so much. She will be okay. You are so brave. Vikram goes to Kiara. Rani says to Veer it all happened because of me. Veer says don’t cry, please. Have water, please. Rani says can you help me heal this blame? Veer says nothing is your fault.

Kiara opens her eyes. Vikram says Kiara.. She tries to sit. Rani says carefully. Kiara says where am I? Veer says you are in Goa. They hit you.. Kiara hugs Veer and says thank you so much. You are so sweet. I so wanted to come to Goa before the wedding. How romantic. Everyone is shocked. Kiara says I kept telling your brother Vikram take me to Goa. He was always busy. He wanted to surprise me now I know. Vikram says what are you saying? She has forgotten that Veer is married to Rani. Kiara says we came here to enjoy the time. This was our couple trip why are all these people here? Veer says you need rest. Kiara says will we go on a date tonight? She sleeps.

Scene 2
Veer says I was scared of this. She has lost some part of her memory. I have sent her reports to brain surgery. He calls the specialist. He says due to damage in her brain, she forgot her recent memory and only remembers the time when you were getting married to her. Jai says she has to suffer so much all because of you. Veer says let me take her home. The doctor says don’t tell her anything suddenly, it can damage her brain. Veer says I will talk to her. Rani says no it can be dangerous for her. Let it be.

Kiara comes there.. Kiara says why is everyone looking at me like this? See I made a list of places we would go to. I would be Mrs. Veer Rajawat soon. Let’s go to the spa. What is happening here. Why are so many people here? And Rani? What is she doing here? Rani sa sent you to take care of me? She cares so much about me. Let’s go for dinner. Vikram says you can’t eat outside. She says why? I can. Veer says I brought this cook Jai to cook for us. Kiara says I have seen him somehere. Goaliaa’s prince? Vikram says he is our cook, not a price. Kiara gives him an order hat to cook. She says Rani please iron my dress.

Jai says to Veer now you made me a cook? Veer says will do everything. It’s better than going to jail. Go and cook. Jai says see what I do now. I will tell Kiara everything.

Scene 3
Jai serves the dinner. Kiara sits with Veer. She says it smells so good. Veer says, good job chef. She says Rani please serve. Veer says this cook will serve. Veer looks at Rani. Kiara makes Veer eat. She says it increases love. Veer says this isn’t true. You eat. Kiara says please eat. Veer looks at Rani. Kiara says why are you so confused? It’s our own people. Your brother and two servants. Vikram do you have a problem if your brother’s to-be wife makes him eat? Vikram is silent. Jai says in heart I am dying with hunger. Kiara says Rani please eat. Rani says I will eat late. Veer says I have to tell Kiara everything.

Episode ends.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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