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Anuama FF – Will Vanraj see Kinjal? Ep: 24

Vanraj was looking for his children all a round and didn’t see the 3 of them there.He went to search and found the 3 standing there and talking.

Vanraj: Why are the three of you standing here?

Samar: Actually bhaai was waiting for his best friend who stays near by.He said he will here in 5 mins,so we thought of accompanying him.

Vanraj: Why do you want to see his friend?

Pakhi: We don’t want to see his friend. He was standing here alone so we gave him company.

Vanraj: Oh!!So come fast.All are waiting for you to have food.

Samar:Yes paapa we will come along with him.You can have food.

Vanraj nods and walks away Kinjal comes out from a hut like place and asks Toshu why he asked her to go behind when he was not afraid of his dad?

FB: {Samar and Pakhi were supporting Kinjal and teasing Toshu. Pakhi sees Vanraj coming and tells them. Toshu asks Kinjal to go and hide behind the hut.First she refuses and teases him. Later when he pleads her she goes and hide behind the hut.Toshu asks Samar and Pakhi not to tell pappa about Kinjal at that time. They agree.}FB ends.

Toshu: I will directly tell Paapa about our relation. I don’t want him to know about this before hand as he will feel betrayed.

Pakhi: Tell it to him tomorrow itself,so that we can celebrate holi with bhaabhi here.

Samar: Yaa bhaai tell paapa or first you tell mummy.She will tell paapa so that paapa will not be that furious.

Toshu: Ahh!That’s a great idea we will call mummy here now and introduce her. Sweety call mummy and come.

Pakhi goes to call Anupama.

Pakhi: mummy can you come with me?

Anu:Where to?

Pakhi: Actually Toshu bhai and winter is standing out there and Toshu bhai asked me to call you and go.

Anu: Ok,Iwill come.

Pakhi and Anu goes to the place where Kinjal,Toshu and Samar was standing.

Anu sees Kinjal and hugs her.

Kinjal: Anu aunty! Are you Paritosh’s mother?

Anu: Ah!Yes… How do you know Toshu?

Kinjal:He is my classmate.

Toshu: By the way how do you know each other?

Anu: I was her dance teacher.She was one of my favourite students.

The three siblings stands looking at each other

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