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Anuama FF – Vanraj to agree for toshu’s wedding? Ep: 25

Pakhi:She is our bhaabhi to be.


Toshu:Yes mummy I am in love with Kinjal and I want to get married to her.

Anu: I will support you my boy!!

Toshu:Will Paapa make it an issue?

Anu:I don’t know about that but I am there with the both you.And by the way do your parents have any idea about your relation?

Kinju: Actually mummy my mom will not have any problem .Paritosh told that first he will inform you and I thought after your response I will tell my parents.Now I am happy.I will tell my parents once I reach home itself.I am very happy that Anu aunty is going to be my saas very soon..

Anu: And I am happy that I am going to get a bahu like you.

Toshu: Can you please convince paapa …

Anu:I will try my level best,but not sure that he will agree.He may agree because it is Kinjal. I have told him many times about my favorite student.

Kinju: Thank you aunty!!

Anu: And from now on you will not call me aunty!You will only call me Mummy!

Kinju: Ok mummy!!

Anu: Haa that’s my girl!Let’s go to Paapa and tell about this.

Toshu: We will tell to him in the morning otherwise he may get angry at this time.

Anu:Come let’s tell him now.I will handle the situation.

All of them walks to the place where the party is held and meet Vanraj.

Anu: Arey yaar do you know her?

Vanraj: No! Who is she?

Anu: She is Kinju yaar!

Vanraj: Ohh!!!! Your favorite student…Ahh now I remember!

Anu: HAA!!!

Vanraj:Why did you stop learning dance?

Kinjal: Uncle, actually I had lots to study.I couldn’t manage both that’s why!

Vanraj: Oh!Now how come you are here?

Anu: Actually she is here to meet Toshu!

Vanraj: What? How come you know Toshu?

Kinjal: Actually we are in the same institution and class.

Vanraj: Ohhhh!!!!

Anu: I have to talk to you! Can you please come with me?

Vanraj: Ah sure, after you.

Anupama and Vanraj goes to a side and talks personally. The 4 of them stand there worried.

Anu and Vanraj come there.

Vanraj: I am not against any of your wish! But you have to finish your studies first.Then I will agree for your marriage.

Anu: You can love each other we have no problem but marriage will be afterwards.

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