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Anuama FF – Holi celebration in the resort. Ep: 26

Anupama and Vanraj supports Kinjal and Toshu. Kinjal joins them.Everyone have food and goes to their allotted rooms.

Vanraj and Anupama goes to their room and talk about Toshu.

Vanraj: I had a doubt on him earlier itself.

Anu: Even I had but I never showed it out.I didn’t want to interrogate him.I wanted him to tell me directly and he did so!But if we had caught him earlier he wouldn’t have told us now.

Vanraj: Its not because of your idea its because He had to tell this to us to get rid of my anger.

Anu: Stop boasting!It’s because of my super ideology.Now sleep we have to celebrate Holi tomorrow.

Vanraj: I am not boasting! You are the who is boasting now.

Anu: Ok!I agree come on sleep.

Next day morning all the friends and family members lined up in white the lounge for the celebration.The resort staffs have arranged the Holi colours for the guests. All the children go and take the colour and start throwing at each other.Then the elders join them.All of them start throwing colours at each other irrespective of age. Toshu apply colour on Kinjal’s face and she apply’s on his face. Toshu introduce Kinjal to everyone as his classmate and not his girl. They all greet her holi.All run around and apply colour on each other’s faces not only on the known ones but also to the unknown people.Everyone drinks Bhaang and other holi drinks.Children drank jal jeera instead of bhaang.

All the elders were out of their senses. Toshu went to baa and blabbered about his love after drinking bhaang . Baa laughed lots Toshu too laughed. All the couple have cute fights.Seeing this all the children including Pakhi  Samar and Kinju were laughing and enjoying. Toshu comes near Kinju and asks her to drink bhaang.First she refuses so laughing Toshu started crying then she drank one glass. She then drank more and more and she too lost her sense.

Pakhi: Winter.. drink some bhaang. I want to know whether I can get my 2nd bhaabhi now itself or not!

Samar: Areyy hattttt!!Get lost I don’t have anything in my mind other than dance, so if I drink Bhaang I will start dancing.

Pakhi: You big fat liar stop lying and drink it.

Samar: Oh you elephant shut up you are crossing your limit!I will thrash you!

Pakhi: Hooo..Come thrash me!

Samar: I don’t have time for losers like you.So shut up and sit there!

Samar and Pakhi starts to fight. Pakhi puts a lot of colour into Samar’s eyes.Unable to open his eyes he suffers and go and hit on a girl near by.

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