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A Fairy Tale Love Story (Part 20) REVEALED !!!

Hi guys !!!First of all I would like to Thank u all as the comment I got for yesterday’s episode is the highest. Hope all of u will support like this in future too. I know all are confused reading previous episode. But don’t worry. The secret will be revealed today. As I wrote it in hurry I couldn’t get time for adding pictures.

For those who didn’t read yesterday’s episode :

So Let’s start today’s episode…

VR Mansion

When Siya returned with Angre, she goes to her room. She is shocked to see Riddhima missing from room. She searched whole house but she couldn’t find Riddhima. Finally she went to Vansh’s room in a panicked state.

Siya(panicked) : Bhai…Wake up…Bhaii…

Vansh’s sleep is broken by Siya’s voice.

Vansh : What happened Siya ? Why are you waking up me this time ? I am really tired. We can talk tomorrow.

Siya : Bhai…Riddhu…she is missing…

Siya started to cry. She couldn’t control her tears anymore. Vansh is shocked to hear Riddhima’s missing news.

Vansh : What are you saying Siya…Riddhu is missing….How can be she missing….She is with u right…..

Siya : Vansh bhai…vo…

Siya didn’t know what to say as she is with Angre whole night.

Vansh : Tell me Siya. Don’t be silent. Damn’t open your mouth.

Siya : Bhai..yes we were together. Then Riddhu said that she will go to home as she is feeling very sleepy. So I didn’t stop her and she went from there 10 minutes before I returned home. I thought she’ll be in home. But I searched every where. She is no where.

Vansh : What !! Wait I’ll call Aryan and ask him whether she went to RR mansion.

Vansh called Aryan but Aryan replied that Riddhu is seen nowhere. Vansh told Aryan not to tell Riddhu’s missing news to anyone and promised that He’ll surely find Riddhu soon.

Siya : Bhai, if Riddhu isn’t at her home then where did she go?

Vansh : I don’t know but I’ll surely find my Riddhu. Will she be pranking us ?

Siya : No bhai. If she is pranking us then by now she would be infront us. But I am sure she is in some trouble. Please find her bhai. I want to see my Riddhu.

Angre comes there as Vansh called him.

Angre : Vansh, I called all her friends but she is not with anyone of them.

Vansh (painfully) : Where are u Sweetheart ? Please stop this hide and seek. I can’t bear it anymore.

Tears rolled from his eyes.

Angre and Siya tried to console him. But all their attempts are in vain. Suddenly Siya’s phone rang.

Siya took the call and stunned to hear the Voice.

Voice(in call) : Hello my BABY DOLL….

Siya : Vyom !!!!

(Yes Siya is Vyom’s real Baby doll.)

Vansh is confused as he didn’t know any Vyom but Angre is shocked to hear Vyom’s name. Siya couldn’t utter a word bcoz she didn’t expected him to come again in her life.

Angre : What…. Vyom ?? Is he back ???

Vyom(in call) : Shocked to hear my voice after 3 years, right baby doll ?

Siya : I am not anyone’s baby doll.

Angre and Vansh signed her to put the call on speaker and she does.

Vyom : Oh ! What are u saying baby doll ? Whom else will I call baby doll. I know u missed me a lot, that’s why I came back for you. Only for u.

Siya : But what did you want now ? We stopped everything 3 years ago. I don’t want anything to repeat now. I have nothing to do with you.

She is about to cut the call.

Vyom : Don’t dare to cut the call Baby doll. Your precious thing is with me. Your Riddhima.

Vansh, Siya and Angre are shocked to hear Riddhima’s name. Vansh signed her not to cut the call.

Siya : What !!!! So you kidnapped my Riddhu. How dare you ? I want my Riddhu back.

Vyom : Even I didn’t intended to kidnap her but she has a habit to come in between us. I was going to kidnap you but you gave your scarf and my goons mistakened her to be You.

Siya : I want my Riddhu back at any cost. Do you want ransom ? I am ready to give any amount but I JUST WANT MY RIDDHU BACK

Vyom : Oh, you are hurt hearing Riddhima’s kidnapping. Don’t be sad dear I have no work to do with her. And I don’t want any ransom. You have agree for my condition, then Riddhima will be freed.

Siya : If Riddhu will be freed then I am ready for your condition. By the way What’s your Condition ?

Vyom : MARRY ME….

Siya & all others are left dumbstruck hearing Vyom’s unexpected condition.

Siya : What ??? Its impossible. I can’t marry you ever.

Vyom : Then ready for Riddhima’s dead body.

Siya : No…no…I am ready….yes, I am ready to marry you.

Vansh and Angre are shocked by Siya’s sudden reply.

Vyom : That’s my Baby doll. I know you can’t refuse to marry me. I’ll be waiting for you. I will send the location within 10 minutes but don’t dare to bring police or anyone else here. Otherwise forget that you had a friend named Riddhima.

Siya : Don’t you dare to hurt her. I said that I’ll marry you so Riddhima should be safe.

Vyom : Ok dear. I won’t harm her until you do as per my orders. Anyway I have nothing to do with her. Bye…be ready to become Mrs. Vyom and don’t forget to get ready beautifully like a bride.

Siya cuts the call, the next second she is bombarded with Vansh’s questions.

Vansh : Who is this Vyom ? How are you and Riddhima connected to him ? Why did you agreed to marry him ? Tell me what is the secret of 3 years.

Siya breaks her silence and answered Vansh.

Siya : I know you are really confused and yes I hided the secret of 3 years from you till now. But now I’ll tell you everything….everything.

Vansh : Then don’t waste time. Tell fast. Riddhima’s life is in danger.

Siya : Bhai, you know well that I and Riddhu joined medical college together.

Vansh : But u discontinued your course after 2 years, right ?

Siya : Yes and that’s bcoz of this Vyom. He and I used to love each other but Riddhu had a doubt on him. But I told her that it might be only her doubt and Vyom is nice. Boys whoever used to mingle with me are suspiciously tortured but no one had any knowledge about who did this. But Riddhu found out that Vyom is the one who is doing all this and he is an addict to drugs. Riddhu showed me him using drugs and torturing people. Then I broke up with him. Everything was normal for some days but suddenly he tried to misbehave with me in classroom when no one was there but Angre and Riddhu came to save me and made him arrest. I am hearing his voice today after 3 years.

Vansh : So much things happened and no one said anything to me. (To Angre) Why didn’t u tell me Angre ?

Angre : Bhai, Vo…

Siya cuts his lines and said.

Siya : Vansh Bhai, I and Riddhu said him not to tell you anything. We know very well that you will surely take any impulsive action and it would end at something big. That’s why Angre didn’t said anything to you.

Angre : What will we do now ?

Siya : I am scared Bhai…He might harm Riddhu if I didn’t marry him. One side is my Riddhu, who is more important than my life and Otherside this Vyom, whom I hate the most. What should I do ?

Vansh : There is only one solution. MARRY HIM.


So hope all of you enjoyed today’s episode and might got little shocks too, right ?

Don’t forget to comment my dear readers so that I can write more episodes energetically.

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