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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 25th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Kabeer writes a love letter for Naira

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 25th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Naira saying there is someone. Kartik checks and says there is no one, who will come in our room, it maybe your stress, sleep now. They sleep. Kabeer hides there. Its morning, Naira says we will serve smiley parathas. Suwarna says I will call Shubham. Manish says he is sleeping. Aryan wakes up and calls out Suhana. Kabeer says Suhana left you, have medicines, everything will get fine. He asks Aryan to sleep. Aryan sleeps. Kabeer says your sleeping is imp, I can stay back here, you help me, I will help you.

Kartik signs Naira. He serves parathas. Naira makes smileys. They serve everyone. Naira asks Kartik to call Aryan and Kabeer. Kabeer comes. Naira greets him. She asks about Aryan. Kabeer says he is sleeping, he is better now. Bhabhimaa prays. She gets

shocked and calls out everyone. Naksh asks what happened. Kirti says we are playing since night, I wasn’t getting sleep, I will sleep during day. Naitik says just 2 mins, Kirti will lose. Kirti says Papa will lose. They finish the game and laugh. Naitik asks what happened. Kirti goes to Naksh. They all laugh. Naksh asks why are you laughing, scold them, does anyone work all night. Naitik says we got fresh by playing game, Kirti your husband is jealous, as we didn’t let him play with us. Naksh says now I will play alone. They smile. Akhilesh asks Kabeer to have breakfast. Manish thanks him. Suwarna says its good Aryan got you. Naira asks Kabeer what will he have. He says anything.

She says fine, I will make Naira special. He smiles seeing her. He starts dreaming. Suwarna asks will you have tea or coffee. He says anything. Naira gives him paratha. He smiles. Naira asks is it fine. He says its very sweet, did you make it. She says no, I just made tea. He asks for tea. She serves him. He thanks her and says tea is perfect. Kartik asks which smiley are you making for me, make Naira special. Kabeer gets angry seeing them holding hands. Kartik asks Kabeer did his hand get hurt. Naira asks how did this happen. Kabeer recalls cutting his hand to write a love letter. He says Aryan raised hand on me when I asked him to forget Suhana, he pushed me, maybe I got a cut by glass or stone. Suwarna says so sorry.

Kabeer says Shubham is like my brother. Kartik thanks and says you are a good friend. Naira blows over Kabeer’s hand. Kabeer thinks if you love me so much, I can’t live without you. His imagination ends. Kartik asks shall I apply medicine. Kabeer says its a small wound, I will manage. Naira says you and dad have to go to police station, Shubham maybe needed there, I will wake him up. Kabeer says I will make him ready, you get the food. He goes and says you should come fast, you will be glad seeing my gift. Surekha says this guy is good and caring. Kartik and Naira ask Akhilesh not to get sad. Manish says yes, we have to help Shubham come out of this depression. Lav and Kush give letter to Naira. She gets shocked seeing it. She reads the love letter written by blood. Kartik and everyone ask what happened. They see the letter. Naira goes.

Kartik goes after her. Dadi says what happened to people. Manish says people are so foolish. Baisa ties a thread to Kirti’s hand and says this is for you and your child, this thread is for Shubham. Kirti thanks her. Baisa says forgive me, I come to you at wrong times. Kirti says its fine, our room was upstairs before, we will be careful, sorry. Baisa says no, I m sorry, this happens between husband and wife, my Saas used to get angry on such things, she burnt my back once when me and my husband were…. forget it. Kirti hugs her and says I understand, when two people share secrets, they become friends. Baisa says we will be friends. They hug. Naksh comes and smiles seeing them. He clicks their pic. He observes something in the pic…..

Naira cries in washroom. Kartik hugs her. She asks is that man mad. He says world is full of mad people, we can’t control such things, its better we ignore this, maybe someone played a prank, it may not be blood, maybe its color, don’t worry, trust me. The water tap breaks. They try to stop the water. They recall the similar moment and smile. She says life is strange, it reminds something that ends all problems. He says life rocks. They wipe each other’s face. Chukar gai…plays…. Kartik air dries her hair. They hug.

An injured man comes to Naira and apologizes. He says the person was wearing Naira’s face mask, just forgive me, else your fan won’t leave me.

Update Credit to: Amena

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