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Yeh Pyaar Nahi Toh Kya Hai 25th April 2018 Written Episode Update: KK Gets Stuck Between Family And Prabhakar

Yeh Pyaar Nahi Toh Kya Hai 25th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Gayatri tells Prabhakar that his courier came. He asks her to open it. Gayatri says I have never opened your letters. Prabhakar asks her to open it sometimes and says may be your husband can get wrong. Gayatri says you will not. She opens the letter and finds tickets to Patna. She says we are going. Prabhakar says yes. He thinks to find out about aircraft crash for KK. He feels pain in his chest and asks Gayatri to give antacid. She gives him. Purva comes there and gets happy knowing that they are going to Patna. Prabhakar gets tensed when he sees her pic in modern avatar. Anushka thinks about Siddhant and thinks why my feelings are seen on face. She asks herself to control her feelings and thinks to call and tell Prabhakar that there is nothing between Siddhant and him. Siddhant comes

to have food at the dining table. Gayatri serves them food and tells that Purva wants to have food in room. Prabhakar thinks about Anushka and tells Siddhant that he wants to talk to him about his personal life. He gets Anushka’s call and she asks him not to ask anything from Siddhant. She says if you talk to Siddhant then it will complicate the things. Prabhakar says ok, as you wish. Siddhant asks what you was saying? Prabhakar says I will talk later. Siddhant asks what did Anushka say?

Prabhakar asks why you got tensed? Siddhant says we had something old. Prabhakar says I will go and talk to Purva. He goes to her room and asks what is going on in her life. Purva says when I was designing the clothes, my friends suggested me for modeling and I tried it. She says I thought you will not like it and that’s why I have hidden it. Prabhakar says it is not wrong to do modeling, but it is wrong to hide. He asks her to do whatever she wants proudly. He says he never differentiated between Siddhant and him and asks why she thought him as backward. Purva says Anushka asked me not to hide. Prabhakar says you can trust her and asks her not to hide anything in future. Purva hugs him hesitantly. Prabhakar says I am not backward, you can hug me and pats on her face. Purva feels happy.

Siddhant is washing utensils in the kitchen and says I will wash dinner utensils daily. Gayatri checks his profile on the matrimonial site on his phone. Siddhant says I don’t want to marry. Gayatri asks whose call came which spoiled Prabhakar’s mood. Siddhant says Anushka. Gayatri says he is a sweet girl and asks him to pack his bags as they are going to Patna. Siddhant says he can’t go and handling Srikant’s case. Sweety calls Siddhant and tells about Khattar. Siddhant tells Gayatri that he will come to Patna as he had promised Prabhakar, but can’t attend Puja. Gayatri asks him to try. Siddhant says I will try.

Prabhakar is looking in the files when he gets vomiting. He goes to vomit. Gayatri goes behind him and asks what happened suddenly. Prabhakar says it is digestion problem and asks her not to make chole in night. Gayatri gives him antacid and asks him to sleep. Prabhakar says this book printing is stopped because of me. He says he will sleep in Patna under mango tree, as if he didn’t sleep since years. Gayatri smiles.

Neeta reads in newspaper and says everywhere is written that KK is a visionary. KK asks do you have a doubt. Neeta says KK is an ordinary man who can’t think of his children happiness. KK asks her to tell clearly. Neeta asks why can’t you understand that Karthik is passionate about airlines deal and asks why he is leaving it for Prabhakar. KK says I talked to everyone and they all are happy. Karthik comes and says he has already bid for the deal a week before, and says you can cancel it if you want, but you have to decide whose happiness matters to you. Neeta asks him to choose between his family and Prabhakar. KK is in fix and shocked.

Someone traps Prabhakar and lies to Siddhant. KK gets shocked and asks Rao to take out car, says we will go to his house.

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