Wednesday , September 23 2020
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Would you like Naamkarann going off-air?

Star Plus’ Naamkaran is rumoured to go off air soon. Most of the Star Plus shows are seeing a closure. Ishqbaaz is also in the line of the shows that can go off-air. Naamkaran’s storyline is going towards a climax. Neil discovers about Avni’s big lie to hide their son Mowgli from him. Neil receives a big shock. Neil gets disheartened that Avni has taken away his rights, as he deserved to be a father. Neil wanted his son in his life.

Neil was already hating Avni after knowing her survival. He didn’t imagine that Avni would be alive and living somewhere far from him, putting him in a sorrowful phase of losing his love. Neil regrets to live a saddened life when his wife and son were existing. He gets angered on his fate. He couldn’t understand why Avni had become such stone-hearted and took all the decisions alone, when it was about his life as well. Neil doesn’t forgive Avni for her lies, which he takes as a cheat. Neil decides to claim for Mowgli’s custody. Mowgli will be bringing Avni and Neil together, towards the end of the show. Would you like Naamkarann going off-air? Let us know in this poll.

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