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Will You Marry Me? (SwaSan One Shot) by Marsuu

Hello!!!! I hope you all remember me😋😋 I have one week off from college so hopefully will give more frequent updates. Well!! The response on my previous updates was very low like just 18 comments😣😣. If you don’t want my stories tell me honestly but i can’t bear the silence. I assure you for giving more updates but inturn you all should also cooperate by commenting.
So here let’s start with one shot. Very soon you will get other stories also. Thank you for your patience.
Let’s begin

Will You Marry Me? (SwaSan One Shot)

“He is coming back” swara sequealed jumping on the bed. She is so excited to meet someone who is very special to her. Her best friend is giving her weird looks. ” swara he must have forgotten you” kavita said looking at her crazy friend. ” my sanskar can never forget me” swara furiously shouted back. ” that we will see” kavita challenged her. Swara ignore her words and lie on the bed smiling idiotically. Kavita signed that nothing can be done of her friend. ” i hope he won’t hurt your feelings” kavita mumble looking at swara who is in her own dreamland.

Next day, swara wore light pink top and white caprey. Her hairs are left open and she excitely came out of her room. ” swara where are you going??” Her dida asked. Dida is swara’s everything, her parents, her family. Swara’s parents died in car accident when she was 3 years old. Since then dida has brought her up. ” I’m going to sujata aunty” swara shouted and ran out of the house. Swara is very reserved type of girl. She only has kavita and dida with whom she share everything. She has very good bonding with sujata and ram who are her neighbours and parents of sanskar.
” SANSKAR” this name is enough to bring a bright smile on swara’s face. He is three years older than her but still they are perfect for each other.

Swasan know each other since school time. Sanskar was swara’s first friend. She was in class first and he was in fourth standard when they first met. Being neighbours, they used to play together and sanskar used to take care of her like a little baby. Leaving her at her class then safely bringing her home. As they grow up, their relation became more stronger. When swara was in seventh standard sanskar cleared his school and move to college. There was no change in their relationship. Still they used to spend time together at home. Kavita was swara’s classmate and became her best friend in the absence of sanskar. When swara joined college, sanskar was in final year. Again he used to care for her. Everyone in the college tease them for being a perfect couple. They confessed that they love each other and soon they became the popular couple. Sanskar was a caring and possessive lover. Sanskar got his degree and his parents decided to send him to USA for his further studies. When sanskar left the country he was 20 years old and swara was 17.

SwaSan are sitting under the stars. Swara’s back is resting on sanskar’s chest and he is playing with her fingers. ” swara please say something” he requested her because since she got to know about sanskar leaving to USA, she is not talking to anyone. ” you are really leaving me?” She mumble and sanskar felt her tear fell on his hand. ” i have to go” he tightly back hug her. ” i will miss you” swara turn and bury her face in his chest. ” i will also miss you so much” sanskar said. ” but it’s just for four years i will come back” he assures her. ” what if you forget me??” Swara asked blinking her eyes.
“I can never forget you” sanskar instantly replied not willing her to think like this.
” promise??” She blink her eyes. ” promise” sanskar kiss her forehead mumbling ” love you”
Flashback ends.

Swara enter inside the maheshwari house where there was hustle bustle. Swara look around searching for sanskar. ” swara come inside” sujata said as she saw swara. ” hello aunty” swara wished moving towards the hall. Swara saw there were suitcase present. ” i think sanskar came” she thought. Next moment she heard the footsteps and she was daam sure, he is sanskar. She can feel him. “mom i need orange juice” sanskar said to sujata. ” i will bring juice for both of you” sujata said and went to kitchen. Swara lifted her gaze only to meet his dark brown eyes. She skipped her breathe seeing him after long time. They used to talk on social sites for the first year but then sanskar became busy and their connection eventually came to end. He became formal with her but she still believe that he love her.

” hello” swara said hesitantly. Sanskar got busy on his mobile. He didn’t look at swara. ” hi” anyone can guess from his tone that he was not interested to talk. Swara felt bad but she pretended to be normal. ” how are you??” She asked to continue the conversation. ” good” again a straight forward answer from him. He was literally ignoring her and her eyes got filled with tears. She can bear anything but not sanskar’s ignorance. Swara gulped her tears and ran away from the hall. If she stayed their any longer, definitely she would have cried. As sanskar felt she left, he stare her retreating figure. ” where is swara??” Sujata asked when she came. ” she left” sanskar said picking the glass of juice. Sujata felt strange as swara don’t leave like this.

Swara was not knowing but she failed to control her tears. ” he must be tired that’s why he behaved like this” swara was convincing her heart but it was not working. “I have to talk to him, he can’t be like this ” she wiped her tears and went out of her house. ” swara! Why you left earlier??” Sujata questioned when swara came back. Thankfully dida was not at home otherwise she would also have questioned her. ” i forgot my mobile” she lied. ” ohh” sujata accepted and didn’t asked further. ” aunty where is sanskar??” She asked. ” he is in his room, you can go ” sujata smile at her. Swara took deep breathe and went to his room. She knock twice at the door before he opened it. ” yes” he asked. ” i want to talk to you” swara’s voice was still heavy. Sanskar noticed that her eyes are puffy and nose is red. He knows this happen when she cry a lot. He felt pinch in his heart.

” come ” he said opening the door. ” sanskar why are you behaving like this?” She directly asked not able to bear all this anymore. ” like what?? I am like this only” he shrugs. “You don’t remember our relation??” She asked. It was ridiculous that he forgot everything within couple of years. ” that we were girlfriend and boyfriend??” His lips has smirk. ” what do you mean by ‘ were’??” She heard that word only. ” see swara it was past and many things have changed. We were kids then but now we are mature so just move on” his words broke her heart into several pieces. It didn’t took a second and tears drained out of her eyes. ” don’t cry” sanskar’s hands moved towards her cheeks to stop her tears. He can’t bear them. ” i hate you” swara jerk his hands and left the room. Both of them know she didn’t mean what she said. ” I’m sorry for now swara” Sanskar mumble.

Two days has passed and swara has not came out of her house. Kavita came to her room. ” swara let’s go out ” she said. ” i don’t want to go” swara said. ” what’s wrong with you?? Sanskar said something??” She asked.” i will tell you but not here” swara said. She don’t want to take risk if dida listens. ” okay” kavita said. They both went to the nearby park. The park is next to swara and sanskar’s house. Kavita and swara came out and swara expained her ” he said me to move on” she completed her words. “blo*dy idiot!!! I already said you he won’t remember you. Salla kamina” kavita was abusing sanskar. Unfortunately, sanskar was also in the park. He need some time alone so he was sitting at back of them. He was shocked to listen such beautiful words for himself from kavita. He least cared that kavita is abusing him but the thing that is worrying him was that swara was crying. ” i have to do something fast” he thought.

Swara is lying on the bed and staring at the ceiling aimlessly. She still can’t accept sanskar has moved on. The memories they had with each other are so fresh in her mind. Her phone beeped in the silence of the room. She picked and saw message from sanskar. ” please come to my house” she read the message and was confused why he called her when it was too late. “I will not go” she decided but her heart was craving to go. ” i should go and tell him that i am affected by him” she thought an excuse to go. Swara wore her jacket and slowly went out. She came outside sanskar’s house and he was already waiting there. There is a hall at the ground floor whose exit is towards the gate. ” thank god you came” sanskar said. He smiled at her for the first time since he returned.

” why you called me??” She was trying her best to be strong. Sanskar smiled at her because he know she is acting. ” go to the hall” he said pointing at the hall door ” why??” She asked. “Just go please”. He requested. Swara didn’t said anything and went to hall. She open the door and it was all dark. She turn back to see sanskar whether he is coming or not but he was no where. ” sanskar” she called him and the lights turn on. Her eyes widen when she saw the decoration and above that the words written infront of her. ” Will You Marry Me??” She read them.

Are these for her?. No she don’t want to again dream and it always hurt at the end. She felt presence of someone and she know he is sanskar. She turn to look at him and got another shock as he has leaned on the ground on his left knee. He has a beautiful ring in his hand which he bought for his lady love. ” what is all this?” She asked sternly. Sanskar chuckle and stepped close to her once he got up. ” i want to ask from my girl if she wants to marry me?” He said. Swara stare in his love filled eyes. ” who is your girl??” She don’t want to assume anything. ” ofcouse you” he said as if is this a question to be asked. ” sanskar don’t play with me” she said and was about to leave but sanskar held her hand and pull her closer. Swara close her eyes as her petite figure strike against sanskar’s. ” swara i do love you” he said clearly. ” but you said that i should move on” she asked. ” actually i want to give you surprise on your birthday next week thats why i was acting but now i was not able to see your condition so i planned this earlier” sanskar completed and swara was crying. Sanskar didn’t said anything just hugged her tightly. She badly need this hug from him. ” I’m sorry, i never knew you will take it so seriously” he was whispering in her ears and she was crying.

He broke the hug and wipe her tears. ” you are very bad” she said. Sanskar smile and kiss her forehead. ” i love you” he confessed. ” love you too” she said. Sanskar held her hand and took near the table where he placed the cake.

“Before we cut this, i want to know your answer” he said pointing at the question written on the cake. ” Will you marry me.?” Swara bite her lips and sanskar was waiting for her answer. ” you can ask from dida” she answered. Sanskar give her unbelievable look. ” that i will ask first tell me your opinion” he said. She is still that innocent. ” ofcouse yes!!” She said. ” thank you” sanskar kiss her cheeks. He picked the knife and they cut the cake. ” this is for our reunion” he said feeding her. ” i missed you so much” swara said. ” you know it was daam tough to be near you and act like strangers” he seemed to be pissed off and swara smile at his words. Sanskar saw her lips has cake on them. He wrap his hands around her waist and said ” close your eyes” swara got shock and she inturn widen her eyes. ” i said close your eyes not to widen them but you look cute” he said smilingly. Swara close her eyes and her heart beat increases as she felt his breathe hitting her face. ” today i will kiss at special place” he said. Sanskar slowly place his lips on her and softly kiss them. Their eyes are closed and they both remember one thing when in the past sanskar always used to kiss her cheeks and forehead but never lips.

” why you don’t kiss here??” Swara asked keeping her finger at her lips. ” one day i will do and that will be special” sanskar repied. ” why not now??” Swara is a question bank. ” because you are kiddo still and yet not turned 18″ sanskar’s reply was enough satisfactory for swara.

SwaSan open the eyes as their lips parted. Swara’s cheeks are dark red. ” finally you are grown up to kiss on lips” sanskar teases her. Swara shyly hide her face in his chest. ” now i never want to see tears in your eyes. I’m again sorry” he said but swara place her palm on his lips. ” forget the past” she smile. ” i can’t wait to marry you” he said being impatient. ” me too” she said and hugged him.
Later they talked to their parents and got married.

The End.

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