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Vighnaharta Ganesh 25th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Parvati’s mata kali form is seen as a reflection in the lake.

Vighnaharta Ganesh 25th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with parvati cutting tomatoes. Totla gadsar comes and brings more tomatoes in the kitchen. Suddenly parvati sees the red color of tomatoes and she gets angry with blood eyes and slashes tomatoes mercilessly. The red color of tomatoes spills all over the floor and gadsar becomes scared of looking at furious parvati! Gadsar says mata those are just tomatoes. Gadsar is scared and thinks what has happened to mata? Suddenly parvati looks behind at gadsar and calms down and says gadsar thank you for bringing them, now go and join nandi and other gan and help them. Parvati smiles and gets back to her work. Gadsar goes and thinks what was happening?
There ganesh and kartikeya are praying in the morning to lord shiv, saying om namah shivay, om namah shivay! They both go in the

palace as mahadev and parvati stand. Mahadev says kartikeya, the time has come and now you must go for your duties in the west to fight demons. Parvati feels sad. Mahadev says parvati, I understand you are a mother and your heart doesn’t listen but kartikeya has to start doing his work now. Suddenly parvati gets angry and says kartikeya will not go anywhere, he will not go. ganesh, kartikeya and mahadev are shocked. Mhadev says but… parvati says enough is enough, I said once and my word will be listened by everyone, kartikeya will not go anywhere, in 2 days there is holi and holika’s dahan will be done, so kartikeya will celebrate holi with everyone. Ganesh thinks why is mother talking so rudely with father? mahadev is confused. There the 2 flying demons are flying over from kailash and parvati hears them, she says no very loudly and angrily! She says you will be killed, punished. Parvati picks an oval stone of the naag shiv ling and she aims at the demons and throws out from the balcony, the stone goes in air, the 2 demons stop looking at the stone scared. The stone comes flying and goes tearing through the stomach of the 2 demons and both demons fall on ground. The demons are instantly killed. Parvati comes in and looks very angry. Suddenly parvati calms down and she smiles and says why are you all looking at me like this? Go and get ready fast, I am putting the lunch to eat and then you can sleep, I will do the preparations. Parvati goes. Ganesh and kartikeya come to mahadev and say father what was that? Why did mother act so weirdly? She suddenly became too furious with her eyes all red. Mahadev says something is happening to uma, I have to see what it is. Mahadev closes his eyes and sees why the 2 demons were killed because they saw with a bad sight at parvati. Mahadev says they were demons but parvati used the naag shiv ling stone, the naag shiv ling is my form as well as nag’s form which is also very great in itself. Mahadev says I have to know what has happened to parvati.
There parvati is in her room decorating flowers inside the decorative pond. Ganesh and kartikeya are praying and saying om namah shivay. After the prayers ganesh says brother, I am feeling worried for mother, she acted so weird today and she has been getting suddenly angry since days. Kartikeya says ganesh, I think mother did this all to make me stay, she is a mother and she wanted me to stay so out of love for me, she did this. Ganesh says yes brother. Ganesh then says I will go and meet mother, I am worried.
As ganesh goes, he thinks maybe brother is right but something else is happening with mother too. ganesh goes inside and he calls parvati and says mata! Parvati doesn’t respond as he decorates the pond. Ganesh says again, mata. Parvati doesn’t respond and ganesh thinks why isn’t mother responding? Ganesh goes near parvati and keeps his hand on parvati’s shoulder and says mata. Parvati lifts away the hand of ganesh and puts it on the side and says stay quiet, I don’t want you to talk now. Parvati goes away angrily with a pot towards mansarovar lake. Ganesh says mother will take water from mansarovar, I have to go and see her. Ganesh goes behind calling mother, wait! Mata! Suddenly there is fog everywhere and ganesh says this fog came suddenly? It is coming between me and mother. Ganesh runs behind parvati and parvati starts taking water inside the pot. Ganesh comes near parvati and a spark comes out of parvati’s body and enters the lake, the entire lake looks red like blood and the form of mata kali is seen as a reflection inside the lake. Ganesh sees and is shocked, he thinks mata kali’s form?

Precap: parvati’s story of the 10 events of mata kali is recited. The burning of holika dahan takes place as ganesh, kartikeya, mahadev and all gan are present.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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