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Twinj: Finding Solace In You (Episode:10)

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Finding Solace In You-
A pebble hit Kunj on the head and made him shuffle inside the blanket. He peeled off the blanket of his face for the glistening sun to hit him right in the face and make him blink with blindness. What was going on, he thought confusedly.
“KUNJ FATEEN. IF YOU DON’T GET OFF MY ROOF RIGHT NOW, I’M SO CALLING THE COPS RIGHT THIS INSTANT, YOUNG MAN.” Came in a male’s shrieking voice and instantly Kunj recognized it.
“Oh shit!” He abruptly sat in place, stirring up a sleeping Twinkle with him.
Hudayfa looked onto the grass of his front yard to search for some more pebbles. He bent down to pick one and hit Kunj with it again.
“Woah woah woah, easy there. I’m up- I’m up, we’ll get off your roof.” Kunj raised both his hands in surrender. Beside him Twinkle sat up and registered what was happening. Sudden embarrassment sank within her stomach. A pebble hit Kunj’s head again. “Ouch!” He cried and reached to rub the place. “Will you stop hitting me? I said I’m up.” Kunj yelled back at the man who seemed very pissed off.
“Leave the kids alone Hud.” Liyannah walked out of the house in pure irritation. “He’s behaving like his old teenage self, bringing home some girl and sleeping with her on the top of my roof and you’re asking me to leave them alone? How old is he, nineteen?” Twinkle pushed her head into Kunj’s chest to hide away from the embarrassment. He subconsciously wrapped his arms around her securely. She felt Kunj’s chest shake with a laugh that filled the air and sounded like ringing bells. She had never heard him laugh this way before.
“Hud she’s my fiance, not some girl and I’m twenty eight, soon to be nine for your kind information.” He called out at him and tightened his hold on Twinkle.
“Did he-?” Hudayfa looked at Liyannah in pure surprise and she nodded her head in excitement. She motioned him to get inside so she’ll explain it all to him.
“Let’s get you inside before you catch cold.” He helped Twinkle up and wrapped the light blanket around her. Helping her into the room through the window and following her trail, he finally breathed in relief.
After a session of previous night’s warming up to each other, they developed a sense of comfort by a night. To make things work, her comfort zone was his first priority. He needed her trust and openness with him. For that if he had to pretend being his old self, the carefree Kunj, he’d do it. It wasn’t easy but these were his prominent options. His crudeness and brittle attitude would only make her repel way and that wasn’t something he could afford after being this close to getting what he wanted.
The clothes Kunj or rather his PA had bought her were exact her size. A bit too exact since it hugged her tightly till her weight and the skirt overflowed in a swirl. She paired it up with a loose cardigan and off course the matching scarf, to which she just rolled her eyes.
She got out of her room once she felt confident to go and found her way into the dinning hall downstairs. She spotted Kunj next to the man she saw yelling at him earlier and her face turned a shade of scarlet colour. “Assalam Aleyikum, everyone!” She greeted them as they greeted her back with equal enthusiasm.
“Twinkle, this is Hudayfa, my uncle.” Hudayfa waved a hand at her, totally ignoring the confrontation from earlier.
“So, the nikkah shall take place tomorrow. Kunj I already called Marcus and Aaron, don’t worry they’ll never speak out on this. Hud will talk to the Qazi of the nearest mosque here. I’ll cook and bake myself. And we’re all set.” Liyannah made swift instructions and seemed to have planned it out all. It was too sudden for Twinkle to get with the flow but she seemed to stare from one face to another as they made out plans for tomorrow. She was midway through, eating her breakfast painfully.
“Oh and lastly Kunj, I hope you’ve bought yourself a tux already?” Liyannah asked. “I’ve but I didn’t think anything for Twin-” Liyannah waved her hand at him to shush him up. “I’ve the dress for her.” She beamed at Twinkle with pure affection.
It took almost an hour for Twinkle to explain to Azeen on what was happening over the phone she had borrowed from Kunj. “If this is some kind of prank, I’ll cut your throat the instant you reach back here.” Azeen warned her in a deadly voice still refusing to believe her sister was marrying a brute like Kunj, that too in just a day.
“Zeen for the last time, I’m not joking. I had no other option but to accept his proposition because I did not want us begging on streets at least. Plus, they caught Faris and now I feel much safe about you. Please cooperate, you’re not making things easy for me here.” She heard her sigh across the other line.
“We could have found something else.” She protested.
“Like what? A life on the run? No, I’d never do that to us. Just trust me okay. He isn’t that bad either.” She had started to believe so after the time they had shared under the vast sky atop of his aunt’s roof.
“Yeah, whatever. I’ll still hate him. And I’m cross with you for not even waiting for me to be at your nikkah. No kidding, you just had to cross the country to Brimington to get married?” She heard her huff in annoyance and it made Twinkle laugh.
“I’ll get to you soon.” She cut the line with a smile. As she turned around, she caught Kunj staring at her from the doorway.
“I might have been eavesdropping.” He confessed.
“And I might have caught you.” She frowned at him.
“I’ll apologise to your sister in person, I promise. I’ll make it up to her.” He said with a genuine smile reaching up his eyes but somewhere he felt guilty.
The dress was full sleeved white traditional net gown, that hugged her in the right places and flowed down in a non stop tail. It was simply magnificent. Truly elegant and beautiful. “I look-” She stared at herself in the mirror. White hijaab covering her head, adorned with a crown of white roses. Specs of makeup bloomed her face.

“Breathtaking?” Liyannah completed for her.
“It was his mother’s dress. They either sold or gave away many of his parent’s stuff. I got few of his parent’s belongings by paying good sums, to different people. This dress was one of it.” Twinkle knew whom she met by ‘they’.
The nikkah proceeded. Twinkle saw Kunj dressed in a royal blue tux.

She acknowledged a few other unknown faces next to him. It was finally the question that made her stomach twist, “Do you Twinkle Irfan; daughter of Abdul Irfan, accept Kunj Fateen son of Hussain Fateen, with dowry (mehr) of two million US dollars, as your lawful husband according to Islamic sha’riah and in the presence of witnesses?” The Qazi asked softly.
Twinkle’s head shot up at Kunj and she looked at him questioningly. He nodded at her and pleaded with his eyes to proceed. Taking a few minutes to refocus herself because now there was no turning back, “I do.” She announced in a shaking and unsure voice. Was he even in the right mind for putting that big amount? Insecurity started to take the best of her.
Kunj had written two million dollars on the marriage contract to suffice his own guilt that kept eating up at him. He wanted to make sure that if he decided to leave her, because those were somehow his plans after he got what he wanted, he wanted to make sure she had enough to earn herself a decent life. Two million wasn’t equal to scrap for him but he knew too well that if he had put greater amount than it already was, she would’ve never agreed. He didn’t want more hindrance in this marriage. It was making his patience turn lose.
The Qazi asked his question for the third time and she replied in a ‘yes’. He closed his eyes at her voice followed by the Qazi’s voice announcing them legal husband and wife. He opened his eyes to see her bent over the papers, signing them away. He let out the breath he was holding. She glanced up and caught his eye, the moment spoke so many silent words. Most of all it spoke of his triumph. Kunj Fateen always did get what he wanted. Twinkle was now his legal and rightful wife and no power on earth could refuse the reality that she was his now, not even she herself and that was a void truth. A sly smile spread across his face.
Many turns that seem impossible to occur yet crave their paths into our roads of life. Same happens with certain people who appear at the end of our roads like a blue moon; rare and unexpected. That was what Kunj Fateen’s existence was like in Twinkle’s life.
Twinkle twisted her leg to a better easing position in the uncomfortable heels Liyannah had made her wear and froze yet another fake smile on her face while posing. Taking pictures and standing painfully close to Kunj Fateen wasn’t something she considered. Liyannah wanted to capture the infatuating moments of her nephew’s wedding even if he refused to show any interest in it. She believed later some time when they both settle in life together and eventually accept their marriage as a real relation, they’d ask for those pictures.
“I think they had enough pictures posing alone, we should interfere before it’s too late. I mean who’ll forget this day when Kunj gave up his bachelor status and got himself married to such a pretty lady here.” Aaron wiggled his eyebrows playfully at Kunj and he rolled his eyes in pure annoyance.
“I never wanted anyone of you here.” He eyed him back.
“Dude don’t say that, you’re my best man. Don’t spoil it yeah?” Marcus gave him a fake hurt look.
Twinkle shifted her weight to the other foot, standing was getting really painful with each passing minute. “Can we just be done with it already? Please?” She silently pleaded and every pair of eye darted in her direction. Heat crept up her face from embarrassment. “I-I mean these heels are really uncomfortable, I can’t bear standing any longer here.” She tried to explain.
Liyannah sensed the pain she was inflected with and realised Twinkle was a plain woman. Not the kind woman who’d walk in bruised feet just to please men. She silently signalled Kunj with her eyes. He inhaled a deep breath and nodded back at her.
Hesitantly Kunj pressed his warm hand to the small of her back. Her skin tingled where it was only covered by a perforated net fabric of the wedding gown. As if testing his own control he further snaked his hand around her body and grabbed onto her waist tightly. He pulled her towards his body with a swift jolt and held her upright in place. He noted a blush creep up her face.
The strong support from his arm around her waist and her leaning in towards his stern stance, relaxed her aching feet. She sighed with both embarrassment and relief. She was never going to get used to his closeness, she thought.
Aaron, Marcus, Liyannah and Hudayfa came to stand beside them to pose together for a picture. The photographer swiftly snapped pictures one after another. Everything took their own turn to take pictures with the bride and groom. It infuriated Kunj as to why they were acting like it was a real wedding. At least to him and Twinkle it wasn’t. He realised none of his friends knew about the kind of proposition he had laid to get himself tied in a wedding bond. They never believed he’d ever fall in love again let alone marry someone after that incident happened. But only he knew that this marriage had no love involved.
Finally when the photo session was over, Twinkle huffed in tiredness. Kunj let go of her waist. Everyone walked back towards the table where the food was served. So far, she only knew about who Liyannah and Hudayfa were to Kunj Fateen but the other two guys were aliens to her. She had no idea who they were.
Kunj took a few steps towards where everyone was going but repulsively looked back to find Twinkle struggling with her tail gown. “The heels are getting stuck in the ground.” She felt his gaze on her and informed him annoyed. Kunj shook his head frustrated and went to her.
He graded both her wrists at which her eyes widened abit in sudden reluctance. He carefully placed both her hands on his shoulders blades and bent down. “You don’t want me to carry you there and give them all yet another subject to amuse themselves with, so, I’ll have to take off your sandals. You can walk barefoot right?” He looked up at her for an answer. She nodded abruptly.
He lifted up the hem of her gown to reveal a portion of her legs. His fingers touched her ankle and lingered there for a moment. Twinkle took a sharp intake of breath and squeezed shut her eyes.
His hands traced her ankle bone. Shaking his head to let go all of the disturbing thoughts, he regained back his control and unstrapped both her sandals. She took hold of her gown with her hand and leaned over his shoulder for support with another. He grabbed her ankle in a grip and took off her sandal with her another hand.
After taking off both her sandals, he held them in one hand and took her hand in another. He walked her towards the table where everyone was already seated. Marcus on seeing them, wolf whistled. “Woo hoo someone seems smitten.” He commented in a fake American accent. “About time I drill a hole in your skull with one of these Marc.” Kunj shot back a deadly glance in his direction and lifted up the sandals for him to see and get the point.
Aaron and Marcus chuckled at their friend’s irritation. Kunj might’ve muted his emotions a lot since the past few years but his habit of making sneaky comebacks didn’t leave. At times they wished they had their old carefree friend but then they thanked fate for at least having him around than not seeing him at all.
“Hi, I’m Aaron by the way. Yeah, I know we’ve bad timings but let’s introduce ourselves now than never.” He got up from his seat and reached out his hand for Twinkle to take. She waffled abit but shook his hand. Next came Marcus and did the same. She beamed a genuine smile at them. “They’re both my college buddies.” Kunj informed her silently.
“Yes, we’re. But we’re more like brothers-” Kunj cut in between and made him stop mid sentence. “I think it’s enough, we should eat.” He eyed Marcus sharply, he took his note from him and nodded. This sudden change in behaviour tugged a string of suspicion in Twinkle but she ignored it.
Liyannah and Hudayfa told them all about stories of Kunj and his friends’ college times and how sneaky kids they had been, literally giving Liyannah a high blood pressure, “-and this one time he put a sponge into my car’s gas cylinder so it won’t start and I’d ask him to take it and show it at the nearest mechanical shop. All three of them took my car downtown to the cinema to impress girls. Can you believe that?” Kunj gave a tired laugh on hearing about his disported actions back then. Everyone indulged themselves in a good whole hearted laugh.
Twinkle looked at him all amused. He was far from being that same person now. All she had come across was a repulsive, arrogant, stern, bossy, reckless and high tempered man. She wondered what caused the change. People don’t change out of choice, time and situations manipulate them into changing. What impelled Kunj to leave behind his livid self and submerged into a dark shadowy personate, was beyond her understanding.
Since Cheena asked me to announce the cast of Liyannah so here it is… Though I didn’t think much about it so excuse me if you want to imagine some other actor as Liyannah and Hudayfa.
Liyannah as Hina Khawaja Bayat.
Hudayfa as Behroz Sabzwari.

Marcus as Ismael Sasmaz. (Personally I love him a lot<3)

Thank you very much for reading.
Hey lovelies! An early update though I’m heck busy these days but still managed to write something because it’s better to have something rather than nothing;) I don’t know if it’s worth of calling special or not but I promise if it’s not that good than I’ll make it up to you in upcoming ones. But hey, Twinj are bonded in a sacred relationship now and that’s all that matters I guess!
Coming to the comments on previous episode…
VIBHU: First of all thank you so much for writing such amazing words than about your confusion… He hid the fact that Twinkle is his inspiration and he’s marrying her for completing his drought. He didn’t want to strengthen Liyannah’s doubt about his hidden intentions… I hope everything is clear now;) And ya! I didn’t know it was Sidhhant’s birthday. Happy belated birthday to him:)
Then thanks a lot to Sunaina, Mysticfan, Yashika, Cindy, Sidmin, Presha, Riya, Zara, Shalu, Trivish, SSK, Sofia, Sia, Cheena, Msmahi, Ramya and Aayu.
Thank you very much for showering so much love guys. I really love you all so much:) Please keep loving the way you’re loving currently. It really encourages a lot. Do share, what’s your take on Kunj’s inner thoughts and Twinj’s nikkah. Also Vibhu has guessed correctly about the speciality of this episode. You rock girl:* Will try to post next one as soo Take care! n as I can. Stay awesome till next time:)
Keep smiling:-)
Love you all<3
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