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‘Hello…..Twinkle where are you?’ Leela called her informing about their arrival.
‘Ma, you people came so early. Where are you now?’ She asked.
‘I will send you the address, come here. We are in your dad’s old friends home’ leela said.
‘How come dad is having friend in London? That to old one!! I never heard him saying that’ twinkle enquired.
‘He is your dad’s childhood friend, who left India many years ago,Okay anyways come soon’ leela said hanging up the call.

Twinkle with no choice decided to go to meet her parents, she called and informed Kannika about it.
Kannika found it little fishy coz she knew that RT was a business person who never mixed his personals into profession but this time it was different, he called twinkle to someone’s home. She wanted to stop her but thinking it to be a family get together she brushed away her thoughts.

Brigade Orc,London.
It was a little late evening when kunj headed out of his office. He was about to get into his car when he got a call.
‘Bro….where are you? I am here to pick you up’ yuvi shouted as the huge music was buzzing in his car.
I am out of the office but I do have am car right’ Kunj said annoyingly not because of yuvi but coz of music.
How rude!! You are little bro is here to pick you up and you are behaving like this….that to with…me!!! Anyways carry on’ Yuvi said hanging up the call with a smirk on his face.

Kunj couldn’t understand anything and he got into his car. He tried starting his car but due to his hard luck it broke down. Now he understood why yuvi had called him.

Yuvi’s phone rang within seconds and looking at the caller he smiled.
‘I knew it…Yes….’ He victoriously picked up the call.
‘Yuvi, come pick me up’ Kunj ordered.
‘Okay I was in little tension so I was being rude, now I am okay. I am sorry for denying’ Kunj tried pursuing his brother.
‘Oh!! Such a drama king!! I know that your car broke down’.
‘Ah!! How come?’
‘Coz it’s my dad’s car and I know very well about it, come out near the gate’ Yuvi said as kunj smiled and moved out.

In the car,
‘Why?’ Yuvi Screamed as kunj turned off the music.
‘Coz this is a car not dj club’ Kunj said sternly.
‘Okay’ yuvi kept quiet as kunj looked a bit tired.
‘Yuvi!!! I really love you bro’ Kunj screamed in happiness as something caught his eyes.

Yuvi was confused by his words and looking at the chocolate pack, he understood why kunj said that.

‘From when you started buying chocolates??’ Kunj asked being confused. He started eating chocolates like a kid, wrapping out one by one.
‘Give me one then I will tell you’ yuvi said and kunj passed a chocolate to him.’Hmm….it’s yummy’.

‘You and chocolates are the only 2 things that can keep me chilled’ Kunj said putting it aside.
‘I know but I didn’t buy that’ yuvi said,’ a girl gave it to me’.
What!!! A Girl?? Wait….Tell me clearly’ Kunj asked eagerly.
Yuvi smiled and started to narrate the whole thing that happened.

‘So you got fooled today by her’ Kunj said after listening to his Narration.
‘Fooled? No….not at all’ yuvi rejected.
‘Yes actually’
‘What made you say that?’
‘Bro, she invited you for a coffee but at last she made you to pay the bill, her angry and punishment were just a shitty reason she made to make you pay….Few girls are gold diggers, we can’t help it out’ Kunj said.
‘Oh…Cmon, how can you think like that, she punished me as a friend….it’s like she wanted to correct me so she did that….I am surely saying this coz she gifted the chocolates which costs more than the bill I paid’, Yuvi said as kunj checked chocolate box. ‘If she really wanted to fool me by making me treat her, then why will she bother to gift me this…so..don’t talk like that about my friend’.
‘Oh….my Idiot became intelligent by meeting his so called friend, you act as if she is your best friend,’ kunj tried covering up himself not giving a chance to yuvi to point him again.
‘Yes….Sometimes we grow closer to few people within a second and for our amazement the bonding will last for very longtime….this happens very rarely’ yuvi said halting the car near the mansion.
‘Can I take these?’ Kunj asked pointing at the box as Yuvi smiled saying,’ Its for you only.’

‘Here they are’ Manohar announced to RT as both the boys entered.
‘Kunj, what happened to your phone?’ Usha asked as kunj looked for his phone which ran out of battery.
‘Sorry ma….battery drained again’ Kunj said.

Both the brothers looked at eachother in a confusion as nun of them were aware of the stranger people who were sitting next to their parents.
‘Kunj, Yuvi….this is my childhood friend, Rt and that his wife, leela’ Manohar introduced them.
Both the boys greeted them by namaskar and took their blessings.

‘Ma, I will just come’ Kunj said leaving to his room as he felt suffocated in his office attire for such a longtime. Yuvi also went behind him and after a while they both came back and all sat for dinner. Kunj was not yet present and yuvi who just came down heard a bell when he was moving towards the dinning table.

Ding Dong!
‘I will see’ yuvi said to Usha and moved to open the door.
Ding Dong!
Coming baba’ He screamed before he opened the door.

There stood a girl who felt very familiar to him, he was happy cum shocked cum surprised to see her there, within a second thoughts came  rushing into his head.
‘Twinkle!!!!’ He mumbled in an unknown mixture of feelings.
‘Yuvi!!’ Even the situation was same with her.


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