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Quick recap of last episode:

That evening,
Twinkle reached Kannika’s place, she got a call from her mom as she narratedeverything, RT who overheard the conversation decided to go to London.
Kannika who reached back home saw sobber twinkle.
‘What happened now?’ She asked.
‘Dad and mom are coming to london’ twinkle answeredgiving her some water.
‘I don’t know why all of a sudden’
‘May be some business trip’
‘I don’t think so!!’
‘Twinki, don’t be so tensed when I am here, Ican’t see you like this’ Kannika said placing a hand on her shoulder as twinkle nodded.
‘What did that Mr.Attitude say?’ Kannika asked.
‘He is not that bad,’ twinkle replied.
‘Oh….don’t tell me you are liking him’ Kannika panicked.
‘No babe I am not likimg himbut still he is not that bad as you think,’ twinkle said as Kannika glared,’ Okay! Just saying’ twinkle added.
Sarna’s Mansion
‘Bro….bro…’ yuvi Screamed entering without even knocking the door.
‘No sense at all huh’ Kunj said with an annoyed look.
‘Cmon I am you are bro and moreover you are alone….so please don’ttake about senses with me’ He said making kunj more annoyed.
‘Tell me what happened today’ yuvi asked with huge excitement, jumping on to the bed where kunj was sitting with his laptop.
‘You know what yuvi…..’Kunj said and paused and started smiling which made yuvi go more crazy and excited.
‘Say na….’ He beamed with happiness to hear something good.
‘Its not gonna happen bro, not this girl’ Kunj said flatly making yuvi groan with sadness.


Twinj: Are we destined for Love  (Chapter 07)

As soon as the news hit RT’s ears, his blood boiled in anger. How can twinkle do this? How can she deny the alliance set by her father??

‘Did you talk to her?’ Leela asked.
‘No need of it and pack the stuff, we are going to London as I have some businessmeeting for a week, do Inform twinkleabout this’ He said with his hidden intensions.

Though leela felt something fishy,shedidn’t dare to ask further.

Kannika’s place, London
It was little late as they reached the place and both of them were exhausted aftertheir London tour.
They both always loved to roam around those streets which had no disturbances and some sort of happiness hugged them there.
Without wasting the time lets have dinner first’ Kannika said as twinkle agreed as even she was also hell hungry.

As soon as they finished their food they gathered up all their bags and spreaded it in the bed, sorting out  as well as trying them.
‘Kannika, mom informed me that they are coming here for some business work’ twinkle said with a little sadness.
‘Its fine….but somewhere I feel…’ Kannikahesitated to speak further.
‘Even I feel the same but he himself agreed to give up on this alliance, what can I do?’ Twinkle complained as Kannika gave a questioned look
‘Oh..about that Mr.Attitude..’she sighedrealising about what she was talking as twinkle nodded sadly.
Nothing is going to happen against your wish,so…chill when I am here’ she saidpatting twinkle’s cheek.

Next day,
Sarna mansion, London 
It was around 8 in the morning when the door bell rang continously.
Manohar who was sipping on his coffee got up from his place and opened the door to find Taneja’s family near his door.
‘Oh…RT….you!!! After such a longtime huh?’ 
‘Yeah…finally it took soo much of time for me to see you’ Rt said hugging him as manohar directed him inside

After all the greetings were exchanged everyone sat in the drawing room and asusual chit chat went on about how things changed but the main motive was about marriage which didn’t go unsaid.

Museum-Art gallery,London
Twinkle who had a keen interest in old antiques reached the place, suggested by KannikaDue to her work she couldn’taccompany twinkle which made twinkle to go alone.

Twinkle always had a great interest in old historic things, it fascinated her like anything. She always loved to get into past and explore thins which never failed to amaze her with utter curiosity and bliss. Looking around the museum with keen interest she reached up to the Idol Home, where the statues of great people who gave out so many great things for the world were kept at a height with a description below. Reading the lines and matching it up with a gestures of idols she moved along the long lasting rows of statues covered with complete silence and little lights

Same was with the another person who was coming from the another side. They both bumped eachother not noticing the presence as both were in their own world of fantasies.
‘Ouch!!’ Cried twinkle in a pain stumblingupon her feet where as the other person held his head wincing in shock and pain.
‘I m sorry!!!’ Uttered both together whichwas answered by both of them as the smile followed the words due to merecoincidence.
‘Sorry I was soo into it’ twinkle excused as he nodded with a killer smile.
‘Same here…Indian?’ He questioned her.

‘How come here?’
‘Its my part of interest’ she said trying to cut off the conversation as she was aware that he was complete stranger.
‘Oh…See was nice meeting you’ twinkle tried to bid adios but wasn’t sure about addressing him.
‘Yuvraj’ came the reply
‘Twinkle’ she said shaking hands with him.
‘It was really nice meeting you tooo….or Ishould say bumping into you’ He sounded in a flirting manner.
She returned a smile with a killer look making him understand that he didn’t like his last words.

Twinkle continued with her tour aroundthe place and really loved it, it had lot many things that would help for her future research.

Once she was done with the strolling she moved into a book store associated with the Museum.
Picking up some lovely history books she moved out of the library checking up her bill which was not matching with her purchase.
‘Hey…stop!!’ A deadly voice came infront of her
She looked up and got scared at the huge figure which stood infront of her.
‘What?’ She tried her best to be audible out of her fear. Within no time few more giant guys surrounded her, trying to scare her or to rob her.
Twinkle was completly numb at the sight of those giant figures and all her responses got struck and she couldn’tthink of anything. All she could think of was about a saviour at that time.
‘Twinkle…..’ a voice came from behind hugging her from side before anyone canmake a move towards her, she slowlytilted her head and looked up at the person. Her body was trembling and her eyes were full of fear and angst.
‘Yuvraj!!’ Finally she managed to speak.
‘Excuse me guys!!’ Yuvi held her hand and took her away from those people who scared her to the death. It was her first encounter with something like this.

Thank you’ she expressed her gratitude after being out of that harsh situation. She took nearly an hour to get out of that trauma.
All this time yuvi was with her, comforting her.
He made her sit on a bench, in the park near by and waited patiently for her to get back to normal.

That’s ok, Are you fine now?’ Yuvi asked as twinkle nodded in yes.
Don’t be soo scared when you are out in an unknown country. You should be strong to fight them’ He started to fill courage in her.
‘Actually I am strong enough but I don’t know what happened at that time that all my nerves failed to react orelse I would have shown them the hell….’ Twinkle spoke with a rage as he started laughing making her confused.
‘I didn’t crack a joke’ she said after a while when she understood that he was mocking her by his laugh.
‘Actually you did’ He said unable to control his laugh but looking at her sad face he calmed down.

‘Thank you very much again’ twinkle said when she was about to leave as he just gestured a smile.
‘Actually thanking you is a very small thing for your help…so…can i treat you to a coffee??’ Twinkle asked as Yuvi readily agreed.

‘Order please’ a girl with a fair complexion dressed up in a formal attire stood next to their table.
Yuvi was having a clear cut look on her as twinkle looked at him in despair.
‘Yuvi…if you are done checking her out…Can you please order?’ She said glaring at him.
His face expression changed at her statement and with a notorious smile he said,’One Americano…and for you?’
Chocolate cold coffee’ she said and the girl left.

‘You just sounded like my bro…you know’ yuvi said once the waitress was out of his sight.
Hmm….by the way tell me why were you following me?’ Twinkle asked him suspiciously.
Yuvi became serious all at once and he came closer to her,’Coz I am on a string operation on you, madam now don’t act. I know you are the one who planned the series of attacks in my country and for that I am not going to spare you, I will show your way directly…’He said pointing his finger to the roof. Twinkle was hell confused and  became all serious at his words, her face was about to turn pale when he bursted out into laughter looking at her changing expression which was worth watching. Twinkle got annoyed and started hitting him on  his shoulder with a menu card.
‘Sorry….sorry….pleasedon’t…hit me…’ yuvi said shielding himself with his hands.
‘Idiot you are!!’ Twinkle scolded once she was done hitting him.
‘I know even my bro calls me the same’ He said smilingly mumbling a sorry to her again holding his ears as she smiled at his sweet gestures.
I was not following you, when you were moving out of the library, you dropped your money. I just wanted to return that to you so I came behind you to find you struck up with that robbers’ He said handing her money as she smiled back.
Within no time they grew closer and both of them had soo many equal likes and out of all they both had a huge passion for History and that bonded them more together. They both started to share their career experiences,thoughts, had a little debates on the views they had and on a whole within no time they became great friends.

Thats why it is said that a lot can happen over a cup of coffee… !!!
‘You know from the beginning  somewhere I felt that I know you….like….I felt little connected’ Twinkle said sipping on to the last sip of her chilled coffee.
‘Well….you know what, I am a little conserved type but I don’t know how I grew so close to you that to within a time span of one coffee’ He replied.
‘I don’t think you are conserved’ twinkle said as Yuvi gestured for an explanation.
‘Remember the way you talked to me in the Gallery’ she said.
That’s all fun….I Go around flirting  with all possible choices ,but only very few know me closely….like…the real me!!’ Yuvi answered.
‘So you were trying out on me then’ twinkle questioned.
‘It was past okay….I was. But now you are my best friend forever’ He convinced. ‘And….I promise that I won’t be doing that again with you’ He smiled but her expression still remained blank.
‘Sir,’ the same girl came and kept the billing book on the table and again his eyes followed her till she disappeared and that didn’t go unnoticed by Twinkle.
He earned a sharp glare from twinkle and to cover it up he slowly passed on the bill to her,      ‘Twinki, pay the bill’.
‘Idiot….you pay it’ she groaned.
Huh? Why me? It was your treat na’ He questioned being confused.
‘That was before now shut up and pay the bill, it’s your punishment for flirting with me in the library, checking out this girl again even after your promise’ twinkle said.

‘But I promised that I won’t repeat it with you, for the rest of the girls I can do it. Orelse How will I survive?’ He said.
‘Pay the bill’ she said and stood to move out.

Yuvi without understanding her went to pay the bill and was about to move out when he saw the same girl but this time he couldn’t have a look at her as he knew the consequences going to happen if he was caught.

He strolled outside a small shop and waited for twinkle to return.
She came back and handed him a pack of chocolates.

‘This is for paying my bill’ she said.
‘Thanks and by the way I don’t like chocolates much but my bro is a huge fan of it, I will give this to him’ He said.
‘Its for you’
‘Okay….I will only have’ He said bidding a bye to her.

Life is completly unpredictable but somewhere it is being predicted by our sub-consiousness. Every person we meet in out lives have a strong reason behind, no one will cross our paths without without a reason. In that we feel connected to very few people but again it depends on mortals to be together or not.

Its a twinj ff… part is also ready if i get more comments I will post tonight itself

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