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The magic of love, part 30

Hey guys.

I thought I will end this ff by this part, but silly me, I couldn’t so may be this might be the second last part. Here you go.


Bhavna was truly shocked and confused. She didn’t have a clue of what is happening.
Bh: Yuvraj, my flight, what are you doing, where are we going, and
Yuv: (excitedly) Yar STOP IT!! How much questions will you ask? Just stay quiet, and trust me, everything, everything will be fine, you, me Sharad, Suhani all will be happy.
She simply stared at him, there was hope in his eyes, and he was very confident and she felt that everything will turn normal again that… but…
He was still holding her hands; he took her to a taxi.
Driver: Sir, where do you want to go?
Yuvi: Community hall.
Bhavna was even more shocked. He was taking her to Suhani?? When they sat at the airport she sensed him, she felt like he was resisting himself from meeting her that is why she offered her tab for him, and she thought it might help him, but now? He WANTS to see her?
She didn’t ask him anything.
Yuvraj leaned back against his seat and closed his eyes. He was happy beyond limits, when he knew that Suhani was there at the town he decided that he won’t meet her. He was afraid to meet her because he knows by seeing her once, the bubble of happiness or imagination, which he created around himself after her leaving him, will break then and there. He was sure that he won’t be able to control himself after seeing her; and she won’t even remember him. But when he saw her video, her show, everything changed, because for her memory show she drew this:

It was the sight he made her see on their first date. Yes, that date of which she didn’t even remember when she was with him, but now, after these many months she drew it! She DREW IT! He was not able to believe his eyes when he saw the video. “Ma, you are right, true love never fails, SHE REMEMBERS ME” Yuvi thought.
He opened his eyes and saw Bhavna staring at him; he smiled telling her everything will be fine. She smiled back. He calls Sharad, told him that he missed the flight, and asked him to come to Community hall along with Pratima.
Sharad was confused by this, but agreed, he first informed Saurab about Yuvraj missing the flight, then they left for the hall.

The show was about to start ten minutes before and the audience were started to feel impatient. They were murmuring. Dr. Mishra went to Suhani, her back was facing him.
Dr: Beta, what happened? Why didn’t you start the show? It is already ten minutes late.
She turned towards him; she was broken and appeared helpless, she was sobbing bitterly. He was shocked to see her like this.
Dr: (cupping her face) Suhani, beta, what happened?
She clenched her memory book in her hands tightly.
Suh: (stammering) Un, uncle, today morning I lost… this… for… a while…. And (fast, out of tension) Uncle, I was so much tensed, I felt like, I felt like I just lost my life, it came back only when I got this book back.
She cried harder.
Suh: Uncle, uncle just see me, see what am I? I am…. I am, I am nothing, NOTHING, my… my WHOLE life depends on this book… uncle I am so hollow. I feel defeated, worthless; I am such a… such a WASTE uncle,
Suh: I am saying the truth uncle, I am nothing, and I can’t, I just can’t take it any longer, I don’t feel like living anymore.
Dr: Look, bacha, there is nothing as you think, you know you are very string, you have reached this far after your accident, this isn’t all small thing. You are very strong dear, you can’t fall weak now, you yourself says na everything isn’t same for everyone then,
She nodded her head negatively.
Suh: I can’t. I am cancelling the show.
Dr: But beta, it is for a good cause for the orphanage kids,
She broke down again, she can’t let the kids suffer for her stupidity, rather her weakness, but she wasn’t strong enough to pull her show. But she knew she had to.
She went to the sand on the table, and tried o drew, but her fingers were not with her, her heart was not with her, she cried again.
Just then Yuvraj came to the hall and he went to her.
That was it, she didn’t know what happened, abut she saw his face, she felt like her confidence coming back, her heart was filled with positivity, he appeared as a angel for her, who came to boat her confidence. She smiled seeing him and her eyes were determined, she bent down and started drawing. It was the titanic story again.
Dr. Mishra and Bhavna was happy seeing this change in Suhani and Yuvraj, his happiness had no bonds, he affected his angel so much, he smiled widely.
Suhani kept looking at Yuvraj then and there, he smiled at her encouragingly. He hopes reached the skies.
Yuv: (hopefully) Suhani, do you, do you know me?
Suh: No I don’t!

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