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The day when it rained – Part 20

Part 20

Shefali: Naina,… I am really excited about the concert… It will be really fun right???
I nodded.
Me: you have already started preparation?
Shefali: I want the day to be special. It’s our first late night date.
Me: what?
Shefali: yaa. We will be together at night na..
Me: achaa! Then what will I do there?
Shefali: you will be with me…
Shefali hugged me..
Shefali: will take care of you. Don’t worry…
We both laughed.
I was studying and Shefali was searching her cupboard.
Shefali: Naina, how will this look?? Will this look beautiful at night??
Shefali was asking the same question for the past one hour. Just she is taking different dress each time.
Me: Shefali, you will be beautiful in anything you wear. Please, now leave all this and study.
Shefali: yaar, Naina. Please help na. Which one?
Me: either you wear your favorite color or wear Arjun’s favorite color. Problem solved.
Shefali: wow Naina, looks like you have really given enough thought on all these things..
Me: yaa yaa. When you have found the solution, tease me as you like.
Shefali: just kidding yaar.
We both laugh.
Shefali: Ok, which color did he like?
Me: Whose? Sameer’s?
Shefali: Wow Naina, I don’t even say his name, but you seem to know…
She laughed. I throw the pillow on her.
Shefai: Okk ok. Tell me, what is his favorite color?
Me: don’t know…
Shefai: why?
Me: I haven’t asked him…
Shefali: Why??
Me: Why means.. We haven’t talked about all these…
Shefali: then start talking about all these. It’s important to know each other’s likes and dislikes…
Me: Ok baba…
We both laughed and my phone starts ringing…
Me: hellooo??
Sameer: wow! Angel seems so happy today.
Me: hi Sameer.
Sameer: excited about the concert?
Me: yes…
Sameer: really?
Me: not me. Shefali.. She is excited because it’s their first late night date.
Sameer: wow.. They are really making use of the chance.
Me: yaa. Sameer, what is your favorite color?
Sameer: why are you concern about color now?
Me: tell na…
Sameer: Hmm Red. Why?
Me: mm. Just like that..
Sameer: No… There is something. you haven’t asked me such questions. What happen today?
Me: Shefali said that I should know your likes and dislikes… So…
Sameer: Why?
Me: she says it’s important to know all these..
Sameer: Arjun is a lucky guy…
Me: why?
Sameer: Shefali is so caring and understanding…
Me: so???
Me: why? I don’t care for you?
Sameer: haaa but. .
Me: but what?
Sameer: but… You don’t say anything, don’t ask anything…
Me: but Sameer…
Sameer: ya I know you don’t want others to talk about you and a big no for PDA( public display of affection).
Me: Sameer…
Sameer: leave that…. What else….
I keep quiet.
Sameer: Naina….?
Me: huh??
Sameer: you don’t have anything else to say?
Me: hmmhmm no….
Sameer: ok then. I have some work. See you.
Me: hmm… Ok.
Sameer disconnect the call. I sat still for some time. Shefali’s chatter brings me back. I asked Shefali to try two three of them and we decide on what to wear. And then she started looking for matching ornaments.

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