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Story of my life- new ff (Promo)

A promo to my first story
It all begun approx 5 yrs ago, my life got a new twist with a new turn.
She came in my life as a storm and messed up my life totally. We use to fight like anything not even a single point of view of ours would come to agree at each other… We never left any chance to make each other feel embarrass…. but ever since we know there would be time a we won’t be able to live our life without each other but as said destiny plays its own game. A man around 29 was thinking while sipping his coffee…….

Bonjour everyone!!!!
Hello Namaskar Satsrikal and Good Evening everyone….👋
From last few months I am stocking all the tu (telly update) writers in tu world and on a serious note u people are just amazing nd ur write-ups are just fab….. From last few months whenever I use to get time off from travelling nd busy clg schedule i used to come to telly updates and read few fan fictions…
Talking about fan fictions I seriously don’t watch tv serials so I don’t know which is good and intresting one so I don’t have any idea i should pick which one to write my first…
So just giving this as a try…. Hope u like it
All replies and comments are most welcome…
Hoping for the best

Eagerly waiting to start writing
Hope u accept me in ur tu family
Signing of,
Take care bye see u soon❤


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