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Siddhi Vinayak 25th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Vin gets attacked

Siddhi Vinayak 25th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Siddhi doubting on Mannu. She says I can just believe Manjiri here. She tries to stop Mannu from accompanying Vin. Mannu doesn’t listen and tells her that its imp event. They leave. Manjiri thinks Vin will be dying today. Siddhi sits with Vin in back seat by an excuse. Mannu says its fine, I will sit in front. Kabir aims at Vin. Manjiri calls him and asks him to kill Vin. Siddhi and Vin get between the crowd. Siddhi looks around. She sees some men there. Vin and Mannu go. Siddhi thinks why are they staring at Vin like this. Siddhi comes in between. She asks Vin to come and see his mark. She fixes the mic to Vin’s coat. Music plays. Manjiri asks what happened. Kabir says a girl is coming in front of Vin again and again, shall I shoot them together. Manjiri says I think Riddhi

is protecting her.

She says I will see that girl, just be ready to shoot. She calls Siddhi. Vin says mum’s call, talk to her, tell her what’s happening here. Manjiri asks where are you. Siddhi says I m with Vin. Manjiri says you will be with Vin to protect him, can you go away from him to talk to me. Siddhi goes. Vin says you don’t need to go away to talk to mum. Siddhi says I will just come. Manjiri says wait, I will talk to Shankar and then talk to you, stay on hold. She asks Kabir to shoot. Siddhi observes some men. She goes back to Vin. Kabir says that girl came back again. Manjiri says what, wait, I will see this Riddhi. She talks to Riddhi and says I was saying…. Siddhi says really sorry, I m busy in work, I will call you back. Manjiri says how dare she disconnects my call. The man says give us some time, wait in makeup room, there is some technical fault. Siddhi scolds the man. The man says sorry. Vin says its okay. They go in. Manjiri asks Kabir what’s this news. Kabir says everyone is going on. She says they will come out, just shoot Vin. He agrees.

She thinks to do something of Riddhi first. She calls Siddhi and doesn’t connect. Siddhi stays restless. Mannu asks her what happened to her, why is she angry, why did she scold organizer. Vin says I was surprised. Siddhi says there is no planning, is this an event or circus. Mannu says relax. Vin cracks a joke. She says very funny, some people were staring at Vin. Vin says they were my fans. They have lunch. Mannu doesn’t share Vin’s pizza. Siddhi doubts on Mannu and asks why aren’t you eating this pizza. Mannu says I don’t eat non veg today. Siddhi asks are you dieting. Mannu says no, veg pizza has extra cheese. She thinks how to stop Vin from having it. She makes coke fall over the pizza and says sorry, I will order other pizza for you. Vin says I will have veg pizza. Mannu thinks what happened to Riddhi today. Manjiri asks did they come out. Kabir says no. She says when they come out, call me. He agrees. Shankar comes.

He says there are network issues, commissioner is coming to meet us. Commissioner comes. The man asks them to come, event is starting. Vin goes on stage. Girls cheer for him. Kabir calls Manjiri. She acts that she is worried for Vin’s security. Commissioner says no one can touch him, our men are posted there in civil dress. The police officers see the sharp shooter and inform commissioner. Commissioner tells this to Shankar. He says a sharp shooter is spotted at the event, my team is keeping a watch on them. She thinks if Kabir gets caught and tells my name, they will reach me. Kabir shoots. Officers rush to stop the shooter. Siddhi moves away Vin. Kabir gets angry and says I should kill this girl first. Manjiri says I will call Vin. She calls Kabir and says stop, don’t shoot, police has spotted you, just leave fast. Kabir agrees. He leaves. Shankar calls Manjiri and says Vin’s life is in danger, just get Vin here. Siddhi asks the men to stay away. The man says I m an inspector, you have to leave, your life is in danger. Mannu says they are saying right, we have to leave. They leave. Manjiri worries.

Vin says we won’t get scared and sit at home. He gets dizzy. Doctor asks Vin not to take stress. He tells Shankar about Vin’s critical state.

Update Credit to: Amena

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