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Shakti 25th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Harman loses Soumya and gets shattered

Shakti 25th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Soumya asking Harman why did he cut his palm. Harman says if you had gone then I would have give my life. He asks her to talk to him whenever he gets angry, or beat him, but don’t leave him. Soumya says lets go home. Harman says but we will go somewhere first. They go to restaurant. They feed food to each other. Soumya bites his finger teasing him. Harman says my one hand is cut, if this is not enough. Soumya says she is reminiscing old days and says when I used to ask you, how much you loves me. Harman says I used to tell that I can leave this world and make new world for you. They talk about their happy life. Soumya asks him to hold her here. Harman says you are doing masti. He runs behind her and is about to fall, he realizes that it was his imagination. He asks the tea seller

about Soumya. He says she was here and went in some bus. Harman asks him details of the bus, but he says he don’t know. Harak Singh tells that his son has ruined his life. Varun looks at Surbhi angrily holding his face, as she slapped him. Maninder laughs seeing his condition.

Jasleen asks Preeto to do something. Preeto says why did Soumya leave, didn’t she trust me and gets worried for her. Jasleen asks her to relax and says Soumya will be found. She calls Harman. Harman is thinking about Soumya and recalls his anger for her. He imagines Soumya walking towards him and gets happy, but she is not there. He sees Soumya coming from the other way and then she disappears. He shouts her name. He again sees Soumya and then she disappears. Harman shouts Soumya and is sad. Jasleen calls him. He throws his phone on ground and sits down shattered.

Harak Singh drinks wine and asks Veeran to make again. Veeran says not again. Harak Singh says I can take 10 pegs. Veeran refuses to give. Motilal asks Harak Singh to stop drinking. Harak Singh says your daughter is my daughter, she had promised me to get us rid of Soumya, but today she asked Harman to open the ghatbandhan and go to Soumya. Motilal says I can understand, but this is not the solution to drink. Harak Singh blames him for supporting kinnar. Motilal says I didn’t mean that. Harak Singh scolds him and says can’t you stop your daughter. He breaks his friendship with him. Motilal is shocked.

Preeto meets Surbhi, Nani, Saya and kinnars with Jasleen and tells that Harman is not picking the call. Saya says she is trying to locate Soumya and Harman. Jasleen says we all shall search them in different places.

Soumya is in bus and reaches Ludhiana. Everyone searches Harman. Jasleen and Preeto find him sitting on road. Preeto asks where is Soumya and why he is sitting shocked? Surbhi asks where is Soumya di? Preeto asks him to say. Harman says she left me and went. He says I was late to come here.

Soumya gets down from the bus, walks a while and drinks water kept on side of road for the passerby. Jasleen asks Harman to come home. Harman says how can I return without taking Soumya. Jasleen says we would have found her if she is in this city and says we will go home and plan how to search her. Preeto asks Saya and others to go to their homes, and pray for Soumya. Saya says where did she go? She would have come to me. Soumya sits on side of road and thinks Nani, choti, Saya and Preeto must be worrying for her and must be searching her. She thinks I am in the strange place and can’t tell them. Two men see her and asks why she is crying, from where she came. Many people come there. Other man says she seems to be married and asks if her husband left her. Soumya says my husband is good. Man says we shall call Police.

Preeto returns home with Harman. Harak Singh asks him to give his share. Preeto asks him to shoot at Harman. Harak Singh shoots at him. Everyone is shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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