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Samaina – The blossoming love story (shot 7)

As the school ends, Swati waits for a long time in class for Naina. As Naina didn’t turn up, Swati was bit anxious. So she thought of reaching hostel to search her. Swati is on her way to hostel. She sees hema and kamya.

Swati : hema , did you see Naina ? It’s been a long time. She left soon from the lab ?

Hema : No Swati , we all left . Some liquid had fell over Naina so she went to wash the stains in her dress. We then left. I am not sure did she leave or not.

Swati : okay hema thank you. I guess she could have reached hostel.

Swati reaches hostel and searches for her everywhere. But she couldn’t find Naina anywhere. So she again reaches school to look for her .

Munna and pandit are sitting in ground and talking . Swati runs in a hurry.

Pandit : what happened Swati . You look worried ?

Munna : whom are you searching for so deliberately. Your hero is
infront of you 😉

Swati : ohh yaar. I am searching Naina . I don’t know where she went after lab sessions.

Pandit : oh god, we will also come with you wait. We can search her . May be she is still in lab

Swati : but I asked peon , he said that everyone has left from lab.

Munna : we can check again come.

By the time they reach school its nearly 6 o clk and almost every one has left the campus now. They search for peon . He has already left for the day. Swati starts to cry thinking about Naina.

Munna : Swati , don’t worry. Naina could have got struck somewhere in class room or lab. We can find her now. Please don’t cry. I can’t see you crying.

Swati looks at him .

Pandit : come let’s go to principal room. There will be some one. We can get keys from them.

They three reach office room. Luckily they found lochan sir there.

Lochan sir : At this time what are you doing here guyz and Swati why you look worried. Is everything fine ?

Swati : no sir. Naina is missing.
She narrates the whole incident to him.

Lochan sir : Oh god, wait I will take the lab keys, she might be struck there.
He takes the lab key from the key stand and they leave. Lochan sir opens the lab and they rush inside to check Naina . Pandit finds her lying unconscious and shouts .

Lochan sir : I guess she was scared of left alone and fell unconscious. Bring some water.

Munna : I will bring sir.

Swati tries to wake up Naina and she fails in her attempt. Lochan sir sprinkles water on her face. But Naina still remained in a unconscious state. So lochan sir said , we will take her to near by hospital. I will inform principal and hostel warden. They rush to hospital.


Sameer is waiting for Munna and Pandit in his usual spot. He waits for a long time and since they didn’t turn up. He decides to leave. By that time Munna comes there.

Sameer : haarae yaar. I am waiting for you both for the past 2 hours.
What happened Munna? Where is Pandit ? Is there any problem.

Munna says everything to Sameer.
Sameer asks Munna to come and they immediately leave to hospital.


Naina is still unconscious in hospital. Doctors check her and treats her.

Swati : Lochan sir , what happened to Naina. They are not saying anything. I am so scared.

Lochan sir : Don’t worry Swati . Nothing will happen to her. I am sure. Do you have Naina’s home number. We have to inform her parents .

Swati : I don’t have sir. Warden mam will have. She is on her way to hospital.

Sameer and Munna reach hospital.
They wait anxiously outside the room. A tear drops from Sameer’s eyes unknowingly. He feels some pain and prays to god that Naina has to be fine.
Chief Doctor comes out and says that Naina is out of danger. She has inhaled some toxic chemical. So she fell unconscious. We have given her some medications. Within an hour she will be fine and then you can take her home. Nothing to worry. Swati cries happily that her friend is fine and there was another soul who was desperately waiting to meet Naina. Yeah it’s none other than Sameer.

Warden mam reach hospital and asks Swati and lochan sir to come so that they can inform about Naina
After half an hour, a nurse comes out and asks for some medicine from pharmacy, Munna and pandit leave to buy the medicines.
Sameer stands outside the room and thinks about Naina. Suddenly a voice interrupts his thinking , nurse says that Naina has got conscious. Sameer happily cries and goes to see her.

Naina Smiles seeing Sameer ❤

Sameer : Naina are you fine ? What happened to you suddenly. How you fell unconscious .

Naina : I don’t know Sameer. I just when to clean the stains in my dress and then suddenly I fell down.

Sameer : It’s okay . You have scared me a lot and now that I am happy seeing you fine ❤

Naina : Sameer shall I say something, I am so happy now. Because you are near to me na.

Sameer holds Naina’s hands and says even I am happy Naina to see this cute little smile back ❤
And they have a eyelock ❤❤❤

Sorry guys. I know that I am very late this time. I had an hectic schedule in office and weekends I had my college too. So couldn’t post. Thanks for all your support ❤ I will try to post next update soon.

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