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Saam Daam Dand Bhed 25th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Vijay Rushes Home To Save Family

Saam Daam Dand Bhed 25th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Bulbul warns escaped prisoners that they don’t know Vijay, he will not spare them. Boss says he spoke to Vijay and realized his helplessness. Vijay rushes towards home worried seeing news of escaped prisoners and Resham’s pleas to save them from goons. Family watches news about escaped prisoners and their faces and realize they have hostaged them. Bulbul thinks how will she protect family from these goons. Boss points gun at Bulbul and warns her to not act oversmart. Sadhna, Vasu, Angad, and Agastya stand in front of her and warn they will not let Bulbul happen anything. Resham and Gayatri helplessly join them Boss laughs that he saw similar film long ago with song Ek Dusre Se Karte Hain Pyar Hum.

Door bell rings. Boss says he is sure Vijay cannot reach so early, asks

Bulbul to go and open door. She opens. Drama artists come and say they came as per her order. She says she does not need their help now. They ask to pay their fees. She agrees. They ask to pay right now. She asks to wait and tells Boss she has to give them money and asks Angad to give some money. Angad says it is in drawer. Bulbul picks money, writes a note and hides it in money.

Sadhna starts bleeding due to hand injury. Vasu asks Bulbul to do something. Bulbul goes to bring first-aid box and cries. Goon’s heart melts seeing her and sends Vasu. Bulbul continues crying that family’s condition is because of her. Vasu consoles her. Boss comes and takes them away.

Vijay speeds his bike towards home when it breaks down. He runs towards home and sees already police entering, thinks he should stop them, else goons may kill his family. Inspector rings bell and is about repeat when Vijay pulls him aside. Boss brings Agastya out on gunpoint and finds no one. He then doubts Resham. Bulbul says Resham jijaji is mentally unstable. Police surround house and discuss they should not spare escaped prisoners. Vijay warns not to shoot. He asks inspector how did they know about goons barging. Inspector shows Bulbul’s note for help and says drama troupe artists gave him this.

Sadhna says Resham needs medicine on time, else his condition will worsen. Resham acts. Bulbul says he needs good before having medicine, so she will prepare food for him and even them, aloo parantha and moongal pakoras. Goons get tempted and permit her. She takes ladies along.

Vijay calls Boss and informs his bike broke down and he will be late. Goon warns not to act oversmart, else he will kill his family. Vijay says he has already made arrangements for them to escape to Bangladesh. Bulbul on the other side shows jalagota/cathartic to family to mix it in goons’ food.

Precap Bulbul mixes cathartic in food and serves goon. Goon asks her to have first.

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