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Rishta Likhenge Hum Naya 25th April 2018 Written Episode Update: CT Asks Diya To Distanced Herself From Ratan

Rishta Likhenge Hum Naya 25th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Yash comes to his room and sees Mohana keeping Ratan and Diya’s pic with their pic. She apologizes to Yash for not been able to understand their friendship. She tells that she don’t want them to take divorce and stay happily together. Yash tells that how this is possible. Mohana says we can try. Ratan is busy with the arrangements for statue placement. Mohana comes to Ratan and tells that her husband Yash is flirting with a girl and she is jealous. Ratan says Yash don’t know even flirting spelling and tells that it is ok and asks her to chill. Mohana asks how he will feel if he sees diya with someone. Ratan says he will be happy and asks her to tell if there is any suitable guy for her. Yash comes there and asks mohana why did she reach Ratan with a small complaint. Mohana says you

have broken my trust. Ratan says you both fight much and says I heard love is blind. Mohana says you will not understand. Yash says you will not understand as you thought of your love for Diya as friendship. Ratan says it is only friendship. Mohana asks him to look in diya’s eyes and if feels something then it is love. Ratan says I will prove now itself.

Diya asks Servant to keep flowers on stage near the statue. He comes to Diya and asks her to play game with him. He says whoever blink eyes first will be out of game. Servants are climbing on stairs and accidently slips to make flower petals fall on them. Mohana and Yash smiles.

Ratan and Diya look in each other eyes. Song plays. Diya runs from there and recalls freeing him from his love. CT looks on. Ratan scolds Mohana and Yash and says I don’t love Diya and that’s why didn’t happen anything, but her heart is broken. Diya cries hugging pillar. CT comes there and tells Diya that you loves Ratan a lot, but he don’t love you. She gives him divorce paper which lawyer sent, and says your love couldn’t make place in his heart, but your friendship have been ruling on his heart and asks Diya to distanced herself from Ratan. She says when you leave from here and from his life then do remember that there is place left for someone in his heart and in this palace. Diya cries and looks sad.

Ratan comes to her and asks her to hear him. Diya asks him to go and bring Baap Ji Sa’s statue. Ratan says if I go alone then will do mistake. Diya says we will not be together after divorce so you shall start doing things on your own. She asks him to go and bring the statue. Ratan gets upset. He thinks he has hurt Diya again unintentionally. He calls the statue shop owner and asks about it. Man says someone took it on your name. Ratan asks Servant to tell Diya that he is going to take statue.

Someone brings statue to the venue. Ratan calls Diya to inform her that statue is not in the shop, but she don’t see or receive his call. She looks at the statue as the man brings it hiding his face. Others also looks on. Ratan thinks why Diya is not picking the call. Man unveils the statue and removes cloth from it. Everyone folds their hands with gratitude. Man places garland on the statue. Pandit ji asks man to touches statue with right hand and take his blessings. Bhuvan says Daata hukum ki jai. Pandit ji asks Diya to come forward, keep hand on his hand and takes an oath. Diya comes forward, just then Ratan comes and throws water on the imposter’s colored face to unveil his face. Everyone is shocked. Mohana thinks who is he? Man wipes his face. Diya takes out knife and keeps on his neck. She asks how dare you to take Baap Ji Sa’s idol to bring here and asks who are you?

Man tells that his truth is he is Ratan Maan Singh and shows his passport. Diya and Ratan are shocked.

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