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Porus 25th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Puru and Laachi’s Romance; Alexander’s Dream Of Conquering Faras

Porus 25th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Alexander asks his soldiers if they heard what priest told, whoever wears this war gear cannot be defeated, are they ready to travel with him. He changes gear and returns his gear to priest and says there is no difference between him and Athelete as Athlete was a god’s son and even he is Zeus’ son, at least was past rising sun and he is present rising son, change is constant and whoever doubts about his capabilities, he will close those eyes permanently. Soldiers bend in front of him.

Darius travels on his boat reminiscing Puru’s words that his country’s unity cannot be snatched by anyone. Mauses informs him that Macedonia’s king is heading towards Faras. Darius says kids are getting mischievous, Puru in east and Alexander in past, he has to teach them a lesson, Alexander is doing same

mistake which is father Philip did. Mauses says he heard Alexander is more powerful and brutal than his father. Darius orders to send a message to his army commanders to kill all Macedonian soldiers and not let anyone reach his holy land Faras, gather all his soldiers as he wants to attack Bharath with full power and destroy Porus.

In Porus, royal feast is arranged. Sumer gets excited seeing golden plate. Laachi taunts Sumer that last time he risked his life for diamond. Sumer leaves sadly. Anusuya says they all will have food together as one family. Laachi tells Puru that he should tell what he wants to in front of everyone and not hiding. Mahanandini notices them chatting. Anusuya also notices and says Puru to sit with his Dasyu family, they will feel good. Puru smiles at Laachi and tries to sit next to her, but Laachi makes Mahanandini sit next to him and says Puru he can speak now in front of everyone. Puru says he will serve food to everyone now. Anusuya says servants are there to serve. He says he wants to serve his whole family. Bamni says a father was away from child’s love, he wants to have food with Puru. Kanishk, Shivdutt, and Kadika get jealous. Everyone finish food and walk away. Laachi asks what happened now. Puru says he will speak his heart out before he is coronated as crown prince. She smiles at him and leaves.

Anusuya walks to Bamni and asks if he is happy. He says a lot and their united dream of united bharath is fulfilled by their son, but he failed as a father and husband. Anusuya says he is the best husband and father and king and emotionally hugs him. He says tomorrow will be biggest day of their life as their son will become yuvraj. Anusuya says will people and their family accept Puru as Yuvraj, she never wanted him to. Bamni says Puru proved himself as most eligible person to be future king, he understand people more than him and will keep people and whole country united. He looks into mirror and says he seems old now under kingdom’s pressure. She says he is not. He says he is worried about Kanishk as he does not know how Kanishk will react.

Kanishk tells Shivdutt that a crude dasyu is snatching his right, they have to do something. Shivdutt says at this time, king and people are in Puru’s favor, they have to delay coronation ceremony till he finds a way to clear Puru from their way.

Coronation ceremony arrangements start. Laachi gets Puru ready with orgnmanets. He holds her and looks into her eyes. She reminds that he has to speak his heart out in front of everyone. He says he remembers Anusuya says she is very happy seeing whole Bharath united. Bamni says Puru will write a new history with united Bharath.

Precap: Puru tells Laachi that he is habituated to her and wants to spend rest of life with her. Alexander and his army fight with Farsi soldiers.

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