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Piya Albela 25th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Bela and her gang kidnaps Vyas family

Piya Albela 25th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Pooja asking Naren to rest in room and says she will bring turmeric milk for him after they come back home. Naren is about to go to room. Pooja stops and hugs him, says she couldn’t understand Bela’s conspiracy and says our relation is by soul, although you change many hearts. Naren thanks and hugs her, says whenever I am in trouble, you saves me, this life is in debt of your favors. Pooja asks him to promise and asks him not to leave her again else she will kill him and smiles. Harish and Supriya see Naren and Pooja hugging each other and smiles. Naren gets shy and goes to his room. Supriya asks Pooja did you give holiday to all servants. She says there is nobody to get stuff out of bus. Neelima says don’t know where did Rahul go. Harish calls him, and his phone is at home.

Pooja comes to check Surbhi and finds her missing.

Harish says Dada ji is not in the house. Supriya says temple side is messed up and Harsha is not there. Neelima shouts. They all go there and see Servants tied up. Servants tell them and a fb is shown, Dada ji is in garden and waits for their return. Harsha thinks to take off evil eye from Naren and Pooja. Rahul is scared and asks Surbhi to be at his side, recalls his encounter at Yam’s cave. Surbhi asks him to tell him what happened? Dada ji calls Pooja, jus then a woman keeps garden knife on his neck. Harsha, Rahul and Surbhi also get kidnapped by the women. Fb ends. Pooja asks did they tell you something. Servants say no. Pooja goes to check on Naren. Neelima worries for Rahul. Hardik gets worried for their grand child.

Pooja runs to their room. Harish and Supriya think that they can’t tell anything to Naren, and stops Pooja. Naren is in the room. Pooja comes downstairs and asks what happened? Supriya takes her to room and gives them Bela’s letter in which she asked Pooja to come to the written address by evening else she will kill the captive family members. Pooja says it is Bela’s conspiracy. Neelima blames Pooja and Naren. Pooja says she will go and bring them back safely. Harish says no and tells that he will call Police. Pooja says bela is dangerous and tells that she will go alone. She promises Neelima that she will bring back Surbhi, Rahul and others. She locks Naren’s door and informs Supriya that bela wants to kill Naren, and that’s why she has locked him. She asks Neelima to start preparation for the godh bharayi and leaves.

Naren waits for Pooja and thinks why she didn’t come till now. He tries to open the door, but it is locked. He calls Supriya and Pooja. Pooja reaches to the written address. Harish and others reach there and tell Pooja that they will not leave her alone. Pooja walks near there. Two women keep knife on her neck. Pooja says she didn’t come to escape. Bela is standing holding big gun and tells that you came here with your husband. She is with women criminals gang to keep the family captive. Pooja sees Naren coming there in car and gets shocked. Bela says you are very weak. Woman hits rod on Pooja’s head and she falls down. Harish and others get shocked. He says I will go and rescue her, but Supriya stops her. Man wearing blue sherwani and turban and his face hidden come there. Supriya says how did Naren reached here.

Pooja shouts asking Naren to go. Bela says our criminal came, now we don’t need everyone. Pooja asks where is Surbhi? Rahul, Dada ji and Harsha are shocked in Bela’s captivity.. Bela says she is fine and asks her to give Naren, says she will give all family. Neelima says it has been so long. Bela says I know that Pooja came with the baraat to get her family back. She asks all of them to come. She says my enmity is with only Naren’s heart. She says when Naren is coming here, I have no enmity. Harish, Neelima, Supriya and Hardik go infront of her. They ask where is our family. Bela says once naren comes here, I will free them. They see them captive in car. Naren knocks on the door and comes to know from Charan that family went out and instructed them not to open the door. Naren gets tensed and thinks what is the matter?

Bela tells that she will kill everyone and will take out heart from Naren’s body. She stabs Harsha. Everyone is shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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