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Mere Sai 25th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Sai Makes Kulkarni’s Men Dig Pandari’s Land For Farming

Mere Sai 25th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Pandari comes to Sai. Sai asks him to come. Pandari falls on his feet and thanks him for saving his land and giving them new life. He says farmers’s life is farm land and thanks him. He asks Sai to bless him. Sai says my blessings are always with you and tells him that suicide is not the solution of any problem and asks him to remember always. Pandari says I got my land back, but I have no seeds. Sai says you will get seeds also and asks him to make the land ready for sowing seeds. Pandari goes to his house. He and his wife thanks God. She tells that kids are having happiness on their faces because of Sai. His wife says we have only one bull. Pandari says we will get another bull from neighbors and asks her not to forget that Sai blessed them.

Kulkarni comes to Sai with Ratnakar. Sai welcomes

them. Kulkarni asks from where did you get gold coins? Ratnakar asks when you have no money, then from where did those gold coins come, and asks if Pandari lied to us. Kulkarni says if Pandari haven’t stolen then Sai has stolen it. Ratnakar asks Kulkarni to have patience and says we can’t accuse Sai without any proofs and says I think you are understanding well. He says Kulkarni is head of the village and he has to make sure that nobody steals in the village. Kulkarni says he has gold coins. Sai says yes, I have many gold coins. Sai smiles.

Pandari asks villagers to give their bull, but they refuse, as Kulkarni bribing them not to help him with Anta and Banta’s help. One of the villager and asks him to take bull in night for farming. Pandari says they can’t work day and night. He thinks what to do now, it will be too late. He talks to his bull and says you are ready to work with me. We will work together. Kulkarni calls thief to Sai. Bayaza warns him and asks why you are after my son. She says until we are here, nobody can accuse him. Ratnakar says just now Sai has accepted that he has gold coins. Appa and Bayaza are shocked. Pandari’s wife and kids come to farm to help him. Ratnakar says Kulkarni is doing his duty. Kulkarni says we shall get Khandar checked. Pandari’ wife gets tired and is about to faint. He asks her to rest. Pandari’s wife says I can’t rest. Their son gives water. Pandari says even bull is tired. She says who will help us. Pandari says only Sai can help us. They all pray to Sai.

Kulkarni asks Anta and Banta to dig the land until they get the gold coins. Sai asks him to stop and says I have hidden gold coins somewhere. Ratnakar asks where? Sai says in Pandari’s farm. Kulkarni says hari om. Kulkarni, Ratnakar and others come to Pandari’s farm. He asks Anta, Banta and other men to dig the land. Pandari folds his hands and says this land is ours now. Kulkarni says I came to know that stolen treasure is hiding here. He asks Anta and Banta to take them. They dig Pandari’s hand. Pandari asks his wife to take kids home. Pandari’s wife tells that they will stay there itself. They all dig the land unknowingly that they are helping Pandari. Om Sai plays. Kulkarni and Ratnakar feels hot.

Pandari offers water to Kulkarni. Kulkarni says if I drink water from your hand then I will get unwell. Ratnakar asks Pandari to give him water. Pandari gives him water. Ratnakar drinks it. Saam Daand Dand Bhed plays. He thanks Pandari and says he will try to make his men finish work fast. Pandari thanks him. Pandari, his wife and kids get sleep. Anta, Banta and others finish digging. Banta tells Kulkarni that there is nothing here. Ratnakar thinks Sai has always fooled them and thinks he must have hidden treasure in Dwarka Maai. He tells Kulkarni that matter is not in his hand now, and he will show Sai’s tamasha to the world.

Kids are playing hide and seek game. A man comes there and releases smoke. Boy gets shocked.

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