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Love vs Revenge : Chapter 4 {The jobs}

Deep and everyone is shown in jail.He is talking to virat

Deep:Are you not angry with her

Virat:No I am not it is what I deserve

Deep:Virat are you hiding something why are you not looking in my eyes

Virat:Deep you’re my brother

Deep:I know that I am

Virat:No you’re not an orphan you’re the son of Dilip raj Singh me and tara are your siblings

Deep:What are you saying virat

Virat:It’s the truth mom was planning to kill you and dad so I tried to find the truth and when we did the DNA test it was positive

Deep:It’s means that I also have a family

Virat:Yes I am soo sorry for everything that I have done with you

They both hug

Virat:What about arohi Deep she is such a kind hearted girl she forgave me and even tara what about you

Deep:I was soo angry with her so I decided to kill her.But she became so cunning that I even lost to her because of her I got to see mummyji real face


Deep:She knocked me out and when I woke up she was holding a glass of wine in her one hand and gun in other

Virat:I heard that she was about to shoot you but the police came

Deep:She didn’t shoot. ….What you heard is right

He went to his bed and slept.In the mansion it’s been three days since arohi ate something

Vedika:Arohi please eat something

Arohi:No I know you are angry with me because I sent your father to jail

Vedika:No I am not he deserves it

Arohi:I can see in your eyes you are angry with me

Vedika:Yes I am.But I can forgive you if you do this

Arohi:I will do anything

Vedika:When deep Virat and Prithvi I mean das will come out they will live here

Arohi first hasitates but then agrees.She goes from there and locks herself in a room.She starts punching her hands on the wall.She remembers not shooting deep.Blood starts comming out of her hand.She talks to the mirror

Arohi:Only because of you I am that weak. I couldn’t kill deep why.Why did these hands stopped. You should be punished

She breaks the mirror.She takes the broken glass and starts cutting her hand.She starts crying. Vedika tries to open the door.After many tries the door finally opens. She comes inside and sees blood.

Vedika:Stop punishing yourself

She goes and hugs arohi who is crying.She takes her to room and does her first aid.She gives her sleeping pills.Arohi falls asleep

Vedika:I am sorry but you need this

In the jail Deep gets into a fight with some people who insults his wife.They beat deep up.Some jailer comes there and everyone puts blame on deep.The officers starts to beat him up.They throw back him into his cell.He remembers visiting arohi in jail

Deep:I deserve it

He remembers arohi treating his injuries


He falls on the ground closing his eyes


Arohi in her sleeps


Vedika looks at her

Vedika:What type of love is this

Virat looks at deep and feels sad

Virat:God tell me what have these two done wrong

The next day vedika comes to jail to meet deep.

Vedika:How are you


Vedika:But she is not

Deep:What do you mean by she


Deep:What happened to her tell me is she fine

Vedika:She is hurting herself


Vedika:Because she regrets not shooting you

Deep:I know she was punching the wall when she tried to shoot me

Vedika:I am very angry with she is such a nice girl but you ruined her life in the  name of love.She still loves you and that’s why she punishing herself.Whenever she sees you She remembers all the pain that you gave her

Deep:In what ways she is hurting herself

Vedika:She didn’t eat anything for three days. She cuts her hands.I gave her sleeping pills so she could take some rest

Deep:What you want me to do

Vedika:In have bailed you,Virat and dad you three will come at raichand mansion after 10 days.

Deep:Arohi will never let me live there

Vedika:She will.I have talked to her

Arohi comes there both vedika and deep are shocked to see her

Arohi:Thanks for also bailing him

Vedika:Arohi I was just you are thinking wrong

Arohi:I have already bailed virat and Prithvi they are my new managers

Vedika:What and they agreed

Arohi:You said that they all will live in my house so I gave them jobs

Vedika:And what about deep

Arohi looks away from him

Arohi:My new bodyguard



Arohi:Any questions and also bring Prithvi and virat with you

Vedika:And deep

Arohi:He will come after 10 days till the house will be brand new

She leaves from there.Vedika before leaving gives deep a gift box

Vedika: open it when you feel it’s the right time

Deep:Fine take care

Vedika leaves from there. All of them reach home.Arohi is waiting for them in the garden

Vedika:Are you angry with me

Arohi:Go inside I will talk to you later

She greets virat and Prithvi

Virat:Good to see you again

Prithvi:Thanks for saving my daughter’s life and giving me a second chance

Arohi:Straight to work.Since Papaji gave me this empire I want our empire to be the best.First things first renovate the office.I also want a shooting range in the garden. Want a camera in every corner of the house and a room with all the fotage only accessed by me you and Prithvi. I want a bar in my room.New doctor for Papaji and nikku so they can recover fast.Now go and take some rest your rooms are ready

Virat:Don’t worry the work will start from tomorrow

Prithvi:Good night

Arohi goes to vedika room.She goes and hugs her

Arohi:Vedika don’t ever think that I am angry with you.i want to say thanks for taking soo much care of me like a sister.

Vedika:So are you not angry with

Arohi:No without you I would have died by thus time but you helped me and put your life at risk.Now go to sleep tomorrow there is a lot of work to do

She goes to her room and talks to a mysterious person

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