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Love makes a change CHAPTER 33


swara and sanskar meet offenly without knowing to the elders.

One day ( 4 p.m evening)
Swara and sanskar were in the park.
SWA: Sanskar I want to u to full fill your promise, the bike ride.

SAN: Swara how can we do it now? And what we’ll say to our parents.

SWA: That’s none of my business I’ll be here back at 5 so u better say something to ma and Pa. We r going today and that’s final.

SAN: Swara.

SAN: k bye!

Sanskar also left to his house thinking what can he say. It’s 5 now, both arrived.

SWA: What u said at home?

SAN: Simple I told that I have continuous meetings so I will not be coming home.
And u?

SWA: I said I’m going to friends house.

SAN: k princess can we start?

SWA: Sure my prince.

Now sanskar started the bike swara sat behind him. They first went to Dakshineswar Kali Temple as they r going to start a new journey of their life. After that they went to Millennium Park which has a silent atmosphere and a beautiful view of sunset. Then they watched a movie and had a romantic rooftop dinner. After that they went under the second hoogly bridge where the Ganges is running . Sanskar has already arranged a private boat house so both went in and had a quality time with each other. Then went to Someplace else which is pub and danced happily and by know it’s midnight. Then both were traveling on the bike.

SWA: Sanskar I’m hungry.

SAN: Don’t worry yr favorite Balwant Singh bhaba is near.

Soon they reached and had some paratha feeding each other. Then they had a romantic drive in the park street and they went to floatel hotel as not many r present both admired the beauty of the Stars and river with the moonlight and atlast they went to prinsep ghat and they started walking by entangled theirs hands together. Even though both hated silence till date but today, now they loved this silence, it spoke many things. This feeling was very new to them yet they loved it. Atlast (they went to place where sanskar proposed swara in the serial).
Both were sitting on the rocks. Swara was sitting in between his legs and sanskar was hugging her from back. The cool breeze were hitting their faces gently, the river was very calm yet beautiful and the moonlight added more beauty to it.
Sanskar placed his head on her shoulder.

SAN: Swara

SWA: Hmm?

SAN: did I keep up this date up till yr expectations?

SWA: No………(sanskar face fell) but it was beyond what I thought. (He became happy)

SAN: Swara how much do u love me?

SWA: Ah what question is this? I love u to the core of my heart and like the sea where it has no boundaries.

SAN: I too love u!

SWA: y all of a sudden?

SAN: Don’t know but I feel like saying.

SWA: Im really very lucky to have u in my life sanskar, I have no idea what if u r not there with me.

SAN: I’m dere now na then y r u imaginating a life without me and even I’m lucky.

SWA: Sanskar can I kiss u?

SAN: Swara am I dreaming?

Swara pinches him

SAN: Ah…swara y u pinched me?

SWA: To make u sure that u r in the reality. (swara turned towards him)

SAN: Finally god heard all my prayers.

SWA: Kiss or not?

SAN: I didn’t know my wife is so desperately waiting to kiss her husband.

He pulled her more closer through her waist and placed his lips on hers and shared a passionate kiss. After spending sometime with each other. Sanskar dropped swara in her house and he too left. An unfading smile was their on both of them. Soon they both drifted to sleep.

Suju: Swara tomorrow is sanskar’s bday so we have to do some thing.

SWA: Ha ma even I thought about that only.

Suju: I guess my daughter has already planned something big.

SWA: Ha ma something very big.

Suju: Won’t u share the plan.

SWA: That is…….. ( 😂😂😂 It’s muted guys continue reading to know the plan 😜)

Suju: Wow swara I’m sure sanskar will be very happy. K swara I’ll call u later, I think sanskar is coming.

SWA: K ma bye.

Suju: Bye.

Swara disconnected the call and thought more about her plan and left.


PRECAP: Sanskar’s bday celebration.

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