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Laado 25th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Komal reveals Shagun’s truth to Anushka

Laado 25th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Shaurya holding Anu’s hand and says it is enough of hide and seek game, now just you and me. Anu looks at him. Shaurya says I want to tell you something and holds her hand, bending down on his knees and proposes her for marriage. Anu is left shocked and asks him to get up. Shaurya asks what happened? Anu switches off fan and asks him. She switches off fan and removes bangles from her hand. She says we are not yet ready for this, specially you. Shaurya says I am ready fully and says your problem is that you think from mind. He says you have taken care of me when I was unwell and came here when you need phone. She asks what you are? A street fighter and asks how you will take care of me all life, if this is enough. Shaurya says if I think about so far then this time will slip. He guarantees

to give her peace and happiness. Anu says stomach can’t be filled with just love, and says it is better for me to leave. She returns bangles and leaves.

Inder comes to Juhi’s room and closes the door. Juhi calls him baba and says it is not her mistake, she don’t know anything. He slaps her hard and threatens her not to lie. He holds her hand and says since when I accepted you, no relation can come in your life. She cries. He keeps hand on her mouth and tells that if any other man comes in her life then she knows what he can do to him. She says if he is a demon then Rantej is poisonous snake and asks her to stay away from him. He goes. Juhi cries and asks Mata Rani, why did she write such a life for her. She asks why did you forget me and wrote such darkness in my life.

Anu comes back home and calls on landline number of Dharam. Dharam picks call before Komal can pick. Anushka doesn’t speak. Komal asks who is on call. Dharam says missed call. Anu calls again. Dharam picks call. Anu tells I will come to Bheema Shankar Park at 6:30 pm. Dharam repeats the same thing. Komal hears him. Dharam says some girl said and ended the call. Anu thinks she shall go there. Shagun comes and asks what she bought? Anu says she didn’t like anything and that’s why didn’t buy anything. Shaurya asks Bunty to tell about career options. Bunty tells him options. Shaurya sees pizza delivery guy and decides to take that job. He takes Bunty’s bike and goes.

Rantej comes to Juhi and asks why she is working and asks her to take Servant’s help. Juhi says Inder don’t want any Servants to touch his sadhna’s stuff. Rantej says but I am your brother and will help him. He takes blanket and tries to fold it. Juhi smiles seeing his inability. Inder looks at them and thinks Rantej wants to trap Juhi, but now he will show him what he can do.

Anu comes to the park to meet Komal and thinks she might not heard her message. She is about to go, when Komal comes there and apologizes to Anu, says Dharam was not letting her go. Anu says I thought I have lost everyone and asks why did you marry Dharam. Komal says but his behavior towards me ended all the difference. Anu asks then why did you stop me. Komal says Rantej’s case is handling by Dharam and they are searching you in Veerpur like a mad dogs. She says if Dharam comes to know that you are Anushka then Rantej and malhari will kill her. Anu is shocked. She tells that she is very lucky to get lovely family, they are very good. Komal tells her that she is thinking wrong about her family, she tells that the family is after Juhi’s property.

Anu thinks about Shagun and says she searches Juhi in me. Komal says wealth and money is the thing which changes anyone’s loyalty, and tells that your new mum is the mastermind. She says Shagun wants to take Juhi’s property from you and that’s why she wants you to sign on the papers. Anu recalls Shagun asking her to sign on the papers. Komal says Amrish is helping Shagun. She says if you sign on the papers then you will be on road or they can kill you. That’s why I didn’t let you sign and asks her to be careful. She says all relations are selfish. Anu recalls Dadi and Shagun’s love.

Juhi sees Rantej taking food for someone and follows him. Anu hugs Shaurya and tells that in the bad world, only he is good and truthful. Shaurya is surprised.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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