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Kya Haal Mr. Paanchal 24th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Kanhaiya’s obesity story continues

Kya Haal Mr. Paanchal 24th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kanhaiya getting sarees out of a truck. Basant asks Kanhaiyya to have chaat. Kanhaiya says his wife Panjiri makes world’s best food and says your chaat is zero infront of her food. Basant says when wife don’t make food, then this chaat looks nice. Khatru says Bhaiya will eat roti made by Reshma and not your chaat. Kanhaiya says it is easy to chew the tiffin rather than roti. He says Panjiri keeps 5 dishes to eat with roti. Khatru says I can see your tummy. Panjiri is sad and looks at the dishes. Prarthana asks Panjiri if the food is made. Panjiri says yes and tells that she made two dishes later after he went. Prarthana asks not to worry and asks her to go and give it to Kanhaiya in the shop. Panjiri gets happy and tells that now her burden is gone.


says Kanhaiya will get fat after eating food made with ghee and says in few days, he couldn’t stand also. Prarthana asks her not to talk bitter and says husband and wife’s relation are connected with hearts. Pratibha says she will prove that Kanhaiya is getting fat. Prema comes to Kanhaiya’s shop. Kanhaiya starts eating. He eats laddoos and asks Prema to ask Panjiri to give more laddoos. Khatru asks him to give laddoo to him also. Kanhaiya scolds him. Khatru tells Prema that Kanhaiya runs fast, but gets tired when takes and keeps back the tiffin. Kanhaiya asks him to keep tiffin near his seat. Khatru says ok. Prema gets tensed.

Kunti talks to Sarla over phone and tells that they are having dawat all the time because of panjiri, but churan usage increased. Pari comes and takes selfie with her. She asks Kunti if anyone can walk backwards on water. Kunti says no. Pari drops some water and walks backwards on it, says she can walk. She walks backwards. Kanhaiya comes home and tells that he is tired. Kunti asks if he is hungry? Kanhaiya says he thinks of Panjiri’s food all the time and waits to have food. He says he wants to have pakoda made by Panjiri. Pari jokes. Kanhaiya eats different pakodas made by Panjiri. He asks his wives to eat. Prema asks him to have it. Pratibha says we will have it after something is left. Kanhaiya says nothing will be left. Prema and Pratibha get shocked seeing him bulging tummy. Prarthana and Panjiri ask them not to worry.

Pratap comes indisguise of a servant and asks someone give me something. Kanhaiya asks why he became beggar. Pratap says he has taken up role of beggar. He lifts Kanhaiya and tells him that he is feeling as if his back broke up. Pratibha, Prema and others get tensed. Fb ends. Pari’s mum says Kanhaiya got so fat that Prataps back had pain. Pratap comes playing cricket. Kunti asks which Wasim Akram came. Pratibha tells Pari that Sasumaa likes Wasim Akram. Pratap says he is Sachin tendulkar. Pari’s mum asks if everything is SBI. Pratap asks what? She asks if everything is fine. Pratap says Kunti didn’t let him open bank account. Pari’s mum asks if his back is fine. Pratap says Kunti used to beat him in night. Pratibha tells him that they were talking about Kanhaiya’s obesity. Pratap tells about weight machine on which Kanhaiya weighed himself.

Pratibha asks Kanhaiya to have simple food, but Kunti gives him regular food. Kanhaiya eats it. He gets more fat and obese. Pratap comes and tells that Kanhaiya did a big accident and drags him out.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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