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Kriyam ff chapter: Love in Trip (Episode 7)

Since there was not much response to my last episode I have decided to end this FF in two or three episodes. Let’s start

It’s morning

Krishna slowly wakes up rubbing her eyes and she sees Sayyam standing in front of her couch. He is terribly angry with Krishna, she is confused to see him like that. She gets up from her couch and goes near him, he holds her roughly by her neck, while she screams in pain.

Krishna (trying to remove his hand and crying due to pain) – Stop it!  It’s paining Sayyam please leave me.

Sayyam (tightening his grip over her neck causing her more pain) – Let it pain then you will understand what I am going through. I am warning you for the last time Krishna stay away from me and my matters.

Krishna (confused) – What are you talking Sayyam yesterday you also told me na that you want to quit it then why are you behaving (she couldn’t complete her sentence and Sayyam again holds her neck more tightly causing her a lot of pain) Aah Sayyam please leave me it’s painful.

Sayyam (ignores her plead) – Do you really think that I will agree to what you say I will never quit my drugs and don’t you dare tell anyone about it. Give me the packet that you got near the cupboard (He leaves her neck).

Krishna (She puts her hand on her neck trying to lessen the pain which Sayyam had caused, she goes and gets the packet) – (She throws the packet on Sayyam and looks at him with disgust in her eyes) Ye lo Tum kabhi nahi sudhar sakte, you are still that old selfish Sayyam. Ab Dhut raho nashe main (she leaves and goes to the kitchen)

Sayyam – I am not selfish but I can’t leave this addiction

In kitchen

Baby is preparing Lunch and Krishna comes and starts helping her (In my story Baby has understood her mistake and has become a better person)

Baby – Krishna don’t worry I will manage here you go and take rest

Krishna – No I also want to help you after all we are like sisters. (They both laugh)

Baby (hugs Krishna) – Thanks Krishna for forgiving me and…. (Krishna stops her)

Krishna – Ooho Baby How many times have I told you that this sentimental dialogs doesn’t suits you. You look good when you are busy shopping and doing all that stuff (In a playful tone)

Baby (jumps with excitement) – Ooh Krishna what an idea so many days have went but I still haven’t gone for shopping. Come on let’s go today.

Krishna- OK let’s quickly finish this and then go.

They both quickly finish the work and leave for shopping.

Baby – Ooho Krishna I am soo confused in this blue and black dress. Tell me which one should I buy.

Krishna – Why to compromise Baby buy both of them.

They buy clothes and shop for footwear and jewelry to wear with them.

Baby – Krishna let’s go and eat something.

Krishna- yeah let’s go I am dead tired now

Baby – Same. But let’s go to a restaurant.

They both go and sit in a restaurant. They both order food for themselves.

Krishna – Ooho I forgot purse in the car wait I will bring it.

Baby – Ya and come quickly the food must be arriving.

Krishna goes and starts searching for her purse in the front sit but she does not find it. Suddenly she remembers that she has kept her purse with all the shopping bags in the rear sit. (Baby is getting worried as Krishna is taking a lot of time so she gets out from the restaurant). Krishna is crossing the road (as the car was parked on the other side of the road) she is in the middle of the road when her phone rings, It’s Yuvani Yuvani’s call.

Krishna (still in middle of the road) – Hello

Yuvani – Krish you are soo bad.

Krishna – Why what happened

Yuvani – You did not even ask me for shopping na so bad of you.

Krishna – I searched you everywhere but you were not there and you were not even picking up the call.

A truck is coming towards Krishna but she doesn’t notice it as she is busy talking with Yuvani.

Yuvani – Hello…. Hello…… (The phone cuts Yuvani again tries to call but it says switched off). Maybe she is busy shopping let her come.

There outside the restaurant all the people present nearby have gathered. They are talking about how bad the accident was and a woman is crying and asking them to call the ambulance

Precap- All the Birla members go to the hospital. Doctor – “She is very serious only blessings can heal her now”



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