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Kasam 25th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Ranbir comes to know about his rebirth

Kasam 25th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ranbir gaining consciousness in the hospital. He asks Akki why did he call his parents. His dad asks him not to worry. Ranbir asks what you are doing? Doctor says you fainted many times. Ranbir’s dad says whenever he is with the girls, he faints. Ranbir thanks him for ruining his respect and says I am best foot bowler. Doctor says I need to check your brain mapping. After sometime, his mum asks when will reports come. Doctor says reports are here. He sees reports and is shocked. He says last birth, and says this is rare case, I am seeing this for first time. He says when we love someone very much, then promise to meet each other in all births, and it haunts us in mind. Ranbir’s dad says what do you want to say. Doctor says when we were doing his brain mapping, he might have seen

someone and she is still in his mind. He says he took Tanu’s name, and says may be they couldn’t meet in last birth and that’s why they have taken a rebirth. Ranbir’s dad says rebirth can happen. Doctor says humans die, but soul don’t die and return in a new birth. Ranbir hears and looks on.

Doctor says Ranbir took rebirth to meet her, whenever he tries to get closer to any girl, he gets past flashes and that’s why he stops himself as he is meant for her and not anyone else. Akki laughs and asks Doctor to give photo and asks if he has a daughter with the name Tanu. Rishi says I hope she is as hot as Dips. He goes and tells that he don’t want to see his face again. Doctor tells Ranbir’s dad that very soon they will know about his rebirth. Ranbir’s dad apologizes to Doctor and goes.

Tanuja is seen with her cousin and says baraat will come soon. Her cousin says just 5 mins. She looks at Kalirein and says it is beautiful. Mayu says it is special, the girl gets married on whom it falls. Electricity goes. Tanuja gets angry and says your ghost is coming to take you.

Akki tells Ranbir that Doctor told epic and says if you are made for someone else then what will happen to the girls here. He asks if the doctor’s words are true then? Ranbir says don’t talk stupid. Akki says Doctor said that you had a girl friend Tanu and you had died. He says if Tanu is alive then what will be her age, 65 years? Ranbir asks are you making fun of me. Akki drinks and tells that he is serious this time. He asks him to give him a chance and says he will explain him everything. He says I thought Doctor wants to fix you with his daughter, but I was wrong, he wants to fix you with his old wife. Ranbir gets angry and asks him not to forget that he is Ranbir Kapoor. Akki asks him to calm down. Ranbir says doctor and you….Akki asks him about his choice of girl.

A firefly come and sits on Ranbir’s hand. Ranbir looks at it. Akki asks him not to go and asks what it is called in hindi. Ranbir says jugnu, it is beautiful. Tanuja waits for light to come and sees firefly on her hand and smiles. She says it sits on the persons hand who has love lines in their hand. Mayu says even she wants it, but it flies away. Akki tries to catch it. Ranbir asks him to let it fly and says it is love and nobody can catch it.

Mayu tells Tanuja that love will come in her life and asks if he has someone in life. Kasam tere pyaar ki plays. Akki falls in the pool. Ranbir helps him get out of pool. Akki says I fell hearing your words. Ranbir says he wants all girls to be happy. Tanuja says she is waiting for him, and feels unseen love and knows that she is made for him. She says I can’t express her feelings in words and says she knows that she is made for him for all births and wherever he is, he will come soon to meet me. All girls are surprised. Mayu asks how you will identify him. Tanuja says my heart will tell me. She looks at the moon and says I feel like I have an old relation with it, and it knows me since many births.

Ranbir tells that the call is disconnected. Ranbir calls someone and the call is picked by Tanuja. Tanuja says hello. Ranbir says hello. Both of them senses something.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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