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Kaal Bhairav Rahasya 25th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Indra kills Rahul

Kaal Bhairav Rahasya 25th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Minister beating Rudra and asking him about Shivlings. He beats him a lot. Rudra gets angry and beats the men. He kills the men and also the Minister. He leaves. Indra sits doing the puja. Gauri recalls the incident told by Swami. Lakhan asks will Indra sacrifice all of us after this puja. Gauri says Devendra, we would have stopped this if you agreed to Rahul. Devendra says we want proof to get police force, Yashpal could have helped us.

They hear police coming. Inspector says someone killed our CM, curfew is announced in this area. They all get shocked. Inspector says vacate this ghat soon. People start running when inspector fires in air. Indra asks them to stop, he will kill them and give them a life. Swami ji throws something in havan and creates black smoke.

Everyone faints. Indra runs away. Gauri recalls Swami ji’s words. Swami ji planned to create a poisonous smoke when Indra comes to him to get the puja done. Swami ji says Indra will be there close to havan, there is a Shiv temple there, you will get a helmet and bag there, you have to take Shivlings and run away. FB ends.

Gauri runs to the temple. She wears helmet and mask. She runs back to the ghat and keeps all shivlings inside the bag. People faint by smoke. Indra sees Gauri running away. She goes somewhere and asks them to open the door. Indra follows her. She looks for help. Indra says I should have killed you before itself. Gauri runs away. He runs after her. He throws a stone at her and makes her fall down. Gauri and the bag fall down. Indra comes to her. She gets up to run with the bag. Rahul comes and hits on Indra’s head. He holds Indra back. He asks Gauri to run. Indra beats Rahul. Gauri asks Rahul to come. Indra catches Rahul and Gauri’s neck. Rahul pushes him. Rudra comes there and hits on Indra’s head. Indra sees him. Indra tries to run. Rudra holds him back and asks Rahul to go with Gauri. Rahul and Gauri run. Indra asks his men to catch Gauri.

The goon catches Gauri and takes the bag. Rahul comes there and beats the man. Gauri takes the bag back. Rahul asks are you fine, come we have to help Rudra, he saved our life, come. Rudra beats Indra red and blue. Indra kicks Rudra. Rudra punches his face. Indra tries to take a knife. He picks the knife and stabs Rudra. He scolds Rudra for coming in his way. Rudra falls down. Indra shouts Gauri. He goes. Rahul and Gauri come back and see Rudra dead. Gauri says what’s happening, who was he, was he on our side or on those thieves side. Rahul says he was with us, he didn’t let Indra get those Shivlings, Indra has to bear the punishment. Devendra asks inspector why did he arrest him. Inspector says just stay inside the hotel. Devendra says fine, we shall leave. Thakur says don’t know where are Rahul and Gauri. They leave.

Rahul, Gauri and Namrata are at Rahul’s house. Rahul gets a call and thinks its still working, I thought its not working after dipping in water, maybe its Thakur’s call. Indra says you and Gauri can’t get saved, give the Shivlings to me, else I will give you death. Rahul says you won’t get shivlings. Indra says think this is the last warning, I will kill Gauri and you. Rahul says we shall see, I will wait for you, surely come.

Rahul says we have to hide here and wait for everyone. Indra comes there and loads the gun. He shoots at them.

Update Credit to: Amena

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